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2009-07-21 0500 UTC on #fedora-meeting at Freenode


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  • no f12alpha i18n blockers
    • reviewed Alpha schedule
  • FESCo review of YumLangpackPlugin pending testing with installers/spinners etc
    • feature freeze in a week
  • 87 bugs in NEW


juhp #startmeeting 05:02
juhp hi tagoh3 05:02
juhp #halp 05:02
juhp anyway 05:02
pravins hi 05:03
fujiwarat hi 05:03
paragn hi 05:03
asgeirf hi 05:03
juhp #topic I18N/Meetings/2009-07-21 05:03
juhp ping phuang 05:04
phuang hi 05:04
juhp Ding and Sean are away this week 05:04
juhp hi jni_ and asgeirf 05:05
juhp ah 05:05
jni_ hi juhp 05:05
juhp #topic f11alpha 05:05
juhp I had put the alpha blocker bug up but actually nothing i18n related and rawhide doesn't currently install which makes it a bit hard to test 05:06
juhp recent rawhide Live has booted though (though not current) 05:06
tagoh3 nod. wonder why it's so broken every time :) 05:08
* juhp mumbles something about python backtraces 05:08
juhp though jeremy fixed mkinitrd so hopefully the next tree will boot again :) 05:09
juhp Alpha devel freeze is currently 4th Aug 05:09
juhp Feature Freeze is next week 05:09
juhp 05:09
juhp okay let's move on 05:10
juhp ah that should have been f12alpha... 05:10
* juhp fixes the wiki page 05:11
juhp #topic Features/YumLangpackPlugin 05:11
juhp hmm that feature freeze is pretty eminent... 05:12
juhp FESCo reviewed the future but requested more info on the interaction with installer and spinner etc 05:12
juhp I prepared a metapackage package yesterday will start testing with it today 05:13
juhp so I should have something to report back this week 05:13
paragn cool 05:15
juhp #topic NEW bugs 05:15
juhp 87 bugs found. 05:16
juhp 05:16
juhp anyone have any bugs to talk about? 05:16
juhp very quiet 05:21
juhp ok I am touching a few bugs here and there looking down the list 05:21
juhp I played a little with DroidSansJapanese earlier - it looks quite nice 05:23
juhp filed an rfe to get it included in fedora 05:23
juhp tagoh3, fujiwarat: let's try to triage the ibus-anthy bugs this week 05:24
juhp I guess most of them apply to rawhide too 05:24
tagoh3 sure 05:24
fujiwarat ok 05:25
juhp going back to to the langpack-support package, notting suggested using iso-codes to automate some of the packaging metadata 05:25
juhp but I am not sure how (well) that will work 05:25
paragn I am not getting why we need iso-codes here 05:26
juhp at least in my limited experience using scripts for package fields is hard 05:26
paragn its basically for getting lang-code or translations for language 05:26
juhp paragn: I guess for the language names (and ideally their translations)? 05:27
paragn ok 05:28
juhp #topic open 05:31
juhp anything else to discuss today? 05:31
juhp next meeting is in two weeks time around the time of alpha freeze 05:33
juhp ok thanks for the meeting then 05:34
paragn thanks 05:34
juhp #endmeeting 05:34

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