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Time: 2009-08-18 0500 UTC

Place: #fedora-meeting at Freenode


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juhp #startmeeting Fedora I18n meeting 05:02
tagoh3 hi 05:03
pravins hi 05:03
juhp hi tagoh3 05:04
dychen hi 05:04
phuang hi 05:04
fujiwarat hi 05:04
juhp welcome all 05:05
jni hi 05:05
sflanigan hi 05:06
juhp #topic I18N/Meetings/2009-08-18 05:06
juhp so I believe f12alpha is frozen and coming out next week 05:07
dychen just hope glibc-2.10.90 x86 bugs will be fixed. 05:08
juhp rc1 seems to be on alt anyway 05:08
juhp dychen: hmm - is it in bz? 05:08
dychen juhp: Not yet, still looking. 05:09
juhp worst i18n issue I noticed is caused by google-droid-fonts afaict 05:09
juhp not sure yet why it is installed by default 05:09
tagoh3 juhp: no clue in logs? 05:12
juhp at least it is clearly visible in the livecd logs: 05:13
juhp tagoh3: not really 05:13
juhp (at least it is bad for japanese) 05:13
juhp .bug 517789 05:15
buggbot Bug medium, low, ---, nicolas.mailhot, NEW, Droid Sans overrides default Japanese desktop font 05:15
buggbot Bug 517789: medium, low, ---, nicolas.mailhot, NEW, Droid Sans overrides default Japanese desktop font 05:15
juhp anyway 05:15
juhp 05:17
juhp ah while i remember should probably mention another change we made to comps yesterday making some secondary fonts for CJK optional 05:20
juhp I think it is good since it brings Fedora installs and Live closer together and reduces the core package set 05:21
juhp after alpha we should see new ibus-qt and imsettings in rawhide :) 05:22
juhp and also new m17n packages I guess 05:22
juhp and probably other stuff too I am forgetting - ibus-anthy 05:22
paragan yes all new after F-12 05:23
paragan Alpha released 05:23
juhp anyone have any bugs they want to discuss? 05:25
pravins unicode 5.1 compatible lohit-fonts 05:25
pravins as well :) 05:25
juhp cool 05:27
juhp 3 target bugs:,ASSIGNED&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=exact&email1=&emailassigned_to2=1&emailreporter2=1&emailqa_contact2=1&emailcc2=1&emailtype2=exact& 05:27
juhp no blockers right now 05:27
juhp ok I added the droid as a blocker... 05:29
juhp bug 05:29
juhp 8 package reviews open:,ASSIGNED,MODIFIED&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=exact&email1=&emailassigned_to2=1&emailreporter2=1&emailqa_contact2=1&emailcc2=1&emailtype2=exact& 05:30
juhp paragan: any comments on those? 05:31
paragan will check that again 05:31
pravins juhp: i will take bitmap-fonts 05:31
juhp paragan: guess those fonts are still in limbo? :) 05:31
juhp pravins: cool 05:32
paragan actually nim-nim is on vacation till 7th sept so I have to wait for him to complete font package reviews 05:32
juhp I can can probably do the hyphen packages quickly by next week unless someone beats me to it 05:32
juhp whoowns bitmap-fonts 05:33
juhp .whoowns bitmap-fonts 05:33
paragan juhp, thanks 05:33
juhp paragan: looks like it needs work though at least going by the comments 05:34
paragan yes 05:36
juhp dychen: returning to your glibc probably good to file a new bug if it is reproducible and unfiled 05:37
juhp paragan: ah yeah (nim) 05:38
juhp well maybe that is enough for today 05:38
juhp anyone have anything else to bring up? 05:39
dychen juhp: will do. Still investigate and try to narrow down. 05:39
juhp dychen: is it easy to reproduce? 05:39
dychen juhp: I can reproduce it with gob2 and ibus-chewing, but it is not very concise. 05:40
juhp next meeting is in two weeks 05:40
juhp hmm 05:40
juhp perhaps it is not glibc? 05:41
dychen juhp: I just replace glibc with older version and it works like normal. 05:41
juhp ok let's end the meeting in a minute or so unless someone has another topic 05:42
juhp dychen: aha 05:42
juhp ok 05:42
dychen juhp: Any glibc testing suite? 05:42
juhp dunno - maybe check the spec file? :) 05:42
juhp dychen: anyway if there a problem better to alert the glibc team early :) 05:43
dychen juhp: sure. 05:43
juhp ok thanks everyone - we can continue off discussions in #fedora-i18n 05:44
juhp etc 05:44
juhp #endmeeting 05:44

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