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The Insight Team is prioritizing the articulated use cases to near term items and longer term items.

For the near term items, we will work towards implementation of these during FUDCon Blacksburg[1], in January 2012.

Near term calendar functional use cases

Fedora Team Meetings

For any given Fedora Project team, any CLA-signed member of the Project will be able to check availability and schedule IRC meeting rooms on

User will be able to filter on team, as well as other Fedora event and other happenings, such as release schedule.

Key People to Consult

  • Adam Williamson, Fedora QA Team; initiator, Fedora Calendar Project[2]
  • Clint Savage, Fedora Ambassadors Western USA Region Mentor; initiator, Fedora Calendar Project[3]
  • John Rose, Fedora Ambassadors Central USA Region Mentor

Questions to Ask

  • if a calendar widget were available on Insight to browse/search for team meeting information, how should this work? What would the workflow look like?

Fedora Release Schedule

For Fedora releases beginning with x, Insight will provide ability to enter key dates for upcoming release cycle milestones.

User will be able to filter on team, as well as other Fedora event and other happenings, such as team meetings.

Key People to Consult

Questions to Ask

  • what data points do you need to keep track of around release schedules that a calendar widget in Insight could help with?
  • how, ideally, would you see this working for you and others?

Fedora Events

For Fedora Events[4], any CLA-signed member of the Project will be able to enter upcoming Fedora Event details into the Calendar.

User will be able to filter on Region for events, as well as other happenings, such as release schedule and team meetings.

Key People to Consult

Here are some of the folks who have recently edited the Fedora Events wiki page, and who are attending FUDCon Blacksburg; they would be good to get feedback from regarding requirements for an Insight Calendar solution:

Questions to Ask

  • are there any other data points that are important to keep track of for Events beyond what is recorded on the wiki now for these?
  • from your perspective, how would you like to enter Event information into a calendar widget on Insight?
  • who should be able to enter Event information into Insight?

Longer-term Use Cases and Enhancements

Add Zodbot automation support to Insight

  • In the initial iteration of Insight, users will be able to use Insight to check and schedule meetings.
  • In the next iteration of this, we envision Zodbot reading RSS and announcing meetings, and Zodbot scheduling things for users with the right permissions.
  • if it would be possible, it would be great if we could send zodbot a configuration file/script of all of the regularly-scheduled meetings and change the topics based on that

Add timezone support to Insight

  • for all use cases, users can set their local timezone, and have Insight calculate dates/times from UTC to their local time, for scheduling convenience.

These are use cases for calendar that we might want to provide through Insight.

Add functionality for specific teams

  • for Ambassadors, also define additional fields for eventbox and Ambassador kit requests, eg. dates, shipping addresses, etc.

Use cases without classification or there is no clear classification

  • I'd like to publish and calendar of all scheduled upcoming planned

infrastructure outages. Folks could then subscribe to this via rss/ical/whatever and see easily if there's an outage coming and when.

  • I'd like to publish a 'infrastructure events' type of calendar,

seperate from the above thats things that are not outages, but may need notice to other team members or coordination of them.

  • In the event someone (I don't seem to have time these days :) starts

fedora-classroom back up, it would be nice to have a schedule a upcoming classes and titles and intros.

(by Kevin)

  • Have the Fedora development schedule that the Fedora Program Manager (Robyn Bergeron) updates available as a calendar in Insight.
  • For each task in the list, have at least one person responsible for the item.
  • Allow the responsible party to mark that item as "not yet in progress", "in progress", "completed", or "not going to be done".
  • Allow users to easily see overdue items that have not yet been completed.

(by Jared)

  • The schedule already outputs in .ics format, so, assuming that those are easily importable (and a quick glance at some of the drupal calendar documentation shows that it can be done), at least *showing* the major milestones should be easy, and with more thought we could probably make it so that people can see schedules for either (a) FAS groups they are part of after login, (b) Schedules they are subscribed to after login, or (c) anyone can click on any schedule to see it. Either way, that would be super cool.
  • I worry about the overhead of having people needing to go and close / track things in multiple places. A lot of groups already use trac for their schedule items, and it just seems like additional process overhead for those folks, particularly when many of their tasks in trac are organized by major milestones, etc. and are already easy to check progress on.
  • I also have concerns about "task tracking" starting to diverge a bit from the major purpose of Insight, which was to publish news and marketing type stuff. I think that "Finding events where Fedora will have a presence" is a great idea, along with providing a pretty-calendar way for that audience to see things like Freeze dates, Alpha/Beta/Final release dates, etc. I think that having the entire schedule there is *convenient*, though perhaps not really applicable to the target audience, but when we start talking about task-tracking and checkboxes it really starts feeling like maybe it should be another drupal instance/project/etc. elsewhere altogether (, or something like that) -- I hate to essentially air our dirty laundry about who's not done, or who hasn't clicked a box, to press and so forth. But I could be wrong. :)

(by Robyn)

  • My main idea is to get a better workflow for organizing FUDCons and other events.

(by Hiemanshu)

  • The ability to update a past event, with the logs or meeting notes relevant to said meeting.

(by Juan)

  • Send invitations, reminds and status updates to those involved in some activities (also send those boring remind mails that take time from great people).

(by María)