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Fedora will be exhibiting at LinuxFest NorthWest

What, When, Where

LinuxFest NorthWest (LFNW) 2018

LinuxFest Northwest (LFNW) 2017 is the 18th annual premier Linux event in the northwestern U.S. Two days of Linux related talks, exhibition space for clubs and vendors, after-fest event on Saturday and the World Famous Raffle. About 2000 people attended in 2015.


The event is free but you will need a badge to get into events, so register online and you can pick up your badge at the Friday Night Party.

Fedora Focus

Choose Freedom. Choose Fedora.

Freedom represents dedication to free software and content. The central goal for the Fedora Project is advancing software and content freedom. By including free alternatives to proprietary code and content we improve the state of free and open source software and content and limit the effects of proprietary or patent encumbered code.

Freedom sometimes prevents us from taking the easy way out by including proprietary or patent encumbered software in Fedora. We provide and promote free software and content with the end result: releases are predictable and 100% legally redistributable; free and open innovation to meet or exceed closed or proprietary solutions; and a completely free project anyone can emulate or copy for their own purposes.

Stop by the Fedora booth, check in at the Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone kiosk, create a pass phrase, connect with Fedora loves Python, check out the Fedora Labs Security spin, and maybe win a Fedora Tee-shirt.

The Fedora Security Lab provides a safe test environment to work on security auditing, forensics, system rescue and teaching security testing methodologies.

The Security Lab spin is maintained by a community of security testers and developers. It comes with clean and fast Xfce Desktop and customized menu that provides all the tools needed for security testing or to rescue a broken system.

The Live image is crafted using the LiveUSB Creator overlay feature so you can install and update software and save your test results.



Session Proposals are due March 1st Submit your presentation

Fedora: Where We Are and Where We're Going Adam Williamson


Our booth visitors can generate a pass phrase with dice and the word lists, to receive a Fedora logo dice.

Guests can use ARM single board computers to enter comments and questions about Fedora.

Fedora Security Lab will be featured with Security Workbooks and Study Guides.

The OLPC will show Pippy for Fedora Loves Python or games for younger guests.


Friday booth setup 3PM to 5PM. Saturday and Sunday Exhibition hall open from 9AM to 5PM.

Who Fri Sat Sun Comments
Jeff Sandys X X X Event Owner Staying at the Hampton Inn
Jeff Fitzmaurice X X X Staying at the Hampton Inn
Adam Williamson X X
John Dulaney X
Laura Abbott X

Event artifacts


Item Budget Bucket Comments Actual
Sponsorship $1500 Ambassador Tier I, 10 ft table $1500
Swag $400 Ambassador 300 Logo Dice $165
Printing $100 Ambassador XKCD poster, word list booklets and passphrase record cards
Shipping $150 Ambassador event box and banners, Round Trip L.A.
Total $2150 Ambassador

Budget ticket


Design ticket for Fedora logo dice Fedora dice sample

Ticket for LFNW2017 badge LFNW 2017 badge

Table Placards Fedora Loves Python on OLPC Diceware Instructions Security Lab Info

XKCD Passphrase graphic

EFF Word Lists Large wordlist Large cover short1 wordlist Short1 cover short2 wordlist Short2 cover

Passphrase record cards (business card size) Diceware card

Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook

Hlacker Highschool Workbooks and Study Guides]


Jan 5 Call for Presentations post

Travel Subsidy Requests

No travel subsidies were requested.

Travel Subsidy Requests
Each attendee requesting travel subsidies for the event should be listed here including the information requested in Sponsoring Event Attendees.