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The Marketing Life Cycle is used for several purposes:

  • To ensure that existing processes and deliverables continue to be executed during each release cycle.
  • To ensure that new ideas have a road to permanency in each cycle, depending on success.
  • To ensure that each cycle's successes and failures are identified, and that actions are taken accordingly.

Reference Documents

The following documents are often used in conjunction with the Marketing Life Cycle.

  • Marketing_plan: The Marketing Plan shows the basic, generic outline for each cycle. For an individual cycle's marketing plan, see F14_marketing_plan, etc.
  • Marketing_brain_dump: The Marketing Brain Dump is where all ideas go. Ideas should be migrated from the brain dump into the marketing plan.
  • Marketing_postmortem: The marketing postmortem is a post-cycle process where the marketing team reviews the overall completed cycle, and individual successes and failures. Feedback from the postmortem should turn into ideas on the marketing brain dump, and then converted into actions / plans on the Marketing plan. Refer to F12_marketing_postmortem until a Marketing_postmortem and accompanying Marketing_postmortem_SOP are created.