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What is the Marketing Brain Dump? This is where Marketing keeps new ideas, as well as older ideas that need an owner to move it forward.

Ideas in the marketing brain dump should get moved to the Marketing Plan if they will further our goals there, and added to the appropriate spot in the schedule for each cycle.

Working with Ambassadors

  • Talking Points Slide Deck.
  • Marketing Flyer
  • Future marketing deliverable: poster for a USB filling station to be used anywhere by anyone
  • Working with Ambassadors:
    • sync with FAmSCo as a way of strengthening the mktg <--> ambassadors comm link
    • have a joint mktg/ambassadors meeting once or twice a release on IRC
  • Talking Points - Enhance Generic Talking Points
  • Laptop Show - What to show on your laptop when you are at an event
  • Marketing Kits: (from marketing FAD 2010) 20:27:48 <mchua> So going along with the idea of "Marketing can make materials for Ambassadors to deploy at events," maybe some kits and HOWTOs for people who want to run those sorts of things?

Press Coverage / Relations

  • press.fp.o landing page (mchua)
  • Virtual Press Conference. mailing list thread / info]
  • Corey Mulls[1], looking at the project from a new user perspective, sees that we are doing a good job marketing to users who are already Fedora users, or generally more technical people, but users who may be new to GNU/Linux or not even know about it aren't getting the necessary press coverage.
    • One key thing we should be promoting is the kind of things the Windows or MacOS X have been touting as new features, and how many of them have been around for a long long time in many Fedora releases. <coreymull> But the whole idea of piggybacking on a competitor's announcement is part of that
    • To expand on this idea, it was presented in IRC that we have no page like [1] in our arsenal. Such a page is a really helpful thing for all teams involved in recruiting new users, and we should have more pages like these.
    • We should be spending more efforts, even as unofficial marketing, to make it easy to contribute, to break the stigma that you have to be a 133t h4x0r to contribute.

Infrastructure and Information

  • make use of new F-Eng services queue
  • link tracking and other tools to help figure out what to eliminate and what to keep
  • Fedora video archive
  • Fedora slides archive
  • larger display for above slides/video looping
  • Fedora-tour
  • Fedora_Insight
  • Spin Chooser.
>     On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 08:54 -0430, María Leandro wrote:
>      > Hello all! :D
>      > I found this awesome test to choose your "Linux Distribution" and we
>      > could do something like this but to users choose which Fedora .iso
>      > download.
>     This would be a really cool kind of thing to put on
> <> to point
>     people to a spin that fits them...

Making Marketing Better

  • clarify purpose of various announcements/notes and target audience / need to fix background about audience and purpose of each of the release announcements
  • Marketing materials archive location
  • actually use our ticket queue
  • "Maturity model" for tosw to get a notion of where mktg team is along this process
  • Foundations-based Marketing goals. A potentially useful framework for thinking about Marketing is the Four Foundations. See this email for a more detailed proposal.
  • Time Based Schedule
  • Membership / Fellowship
  • Wiki Cleanup
  • SOPs on how to make all Marketing deliverables
  • Making Deliverables Measurable.
  • translations and i18n workflow for Marketing stuff

Onramps to working with Marketing

  • <-- Easy to use, we should promote this for our contributors?
  • use for links on the wiki to encourage lower entry access
  • mediawiki exporter to also lower barrier (rrix)
  • Clean-up the wiki - we need better info for newcomers. (mchua)

Content Deliverables

  • Face of Fedora
  • deliverables for promoting the community in addition to the distro
  • Fedora Print Magazine
  • User Stories / Fedora Success Stories
  • Podcast :Max Spevack, MooDoo (Paul Mellors) and PhrkOnLsh Ryan Rix are (seperately at first, hopefully they will unite) interested in creating a podcast that is designed to give The Fedora Project as a whole more of a community face, with contributor interviews and other such items.

Community Involvement

  • Fedora Women - needs publicity / leadership.
  • trying to work with a class of Marketing students (to see how we can on-board a large group of contributors with that domain knowledge, all at once)
  • Draft page for connecting potential Fedora Joiners Looking for some marketing expertise on the "How do you see your self?" section so that we can better communicate. Feedback welcome!
  • Fedora Test Days - do some feature profiles sooner to incorporate information about participation in Fedora test days during F14 cycle

Measurable Goals

  • Convert 100 users of non-Fedora distros to Fedora as their primary desktop OS
  • Have 1 Fedora-specific article a month until F.x's release dugg up to the front page of
  • Get 20,000 views of Fedora video content in a month. (I've gotten over 1,000 on my Fedora 5 fun things videos alone in two days)
  • Encourage 100 college students to sign up as Fedora contributors and each contribute at least one thing.
  • Talk up Fedora at at least 20 different LUG meetings worldwide. ('Fedora worldwide tour' hehe). Give away at least 200 copies of Fedora across these meetings.


New ideas brought in mid-cycle should go here. At the end of each cycle (or sooner if needed), ideas will be sorted and and brought into Marketing_plan as needed. See the Marketing_life_cycle for more information on this process.

  • Feature profile on the feature process itself -- how any Fedora contributor can create and shepherd a feature. (courtesy John Poelstra, on list)