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Today's lucky secretary: Garrett Holmstrom


Announcements & welcoming new folks

Thanks to our new Board members emeritus!

Action: Christoph and Eric to work on election documentation/wiki pages.


It's spins day!

95: Request: please consider clarifying the project's position on Spins

Robyn to beep at Adam for one more week and then we'll close it.

136: Request for clarification on localization of Spins

Need exists for ambassadors to have Fedora with their local language to hand out at local events.

What about a way to create spins automatically? (otherwise we have to host and bless many spins... how many languages are there in India?)

  • Board could revisit the things that are necessary for being an "official spin" to make this possible. For instance, "If it comes out of the web app spin creator that we host, it can be called Fedora"

App shown at FUDCon Blacksburg based on

Action: Christoph will contact the Spins SIG with a proposal

Follow-up: Release naming process

IRC meeting minutes

Suggestions for Fedora Codename Theme

Idea: if the release naming process changes, consider re-thinking the way we involve the community.

Action: Everyone with ideas will write up a list of suggestions for improving community involvement in naming.

Open Floor / Your suggestion here / Who's got good news?

Next meeting: IRC, 2012-06-27

Board public IRC meetings

Robyn will be out; Jaroslav will lead next week's meeting.