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Today's lucky secretary: John Rose


Announcements & welcoming new folks

  • Congratulate Jaroslav on his new role as Fedora Program Manager

Follow-up: Release naming process

  • Come up with new processes for suggesting release names
  • Concern that some proposals are too narrow to be "fun"
  • Is "Having a theme" is a proposal or is "The theme is names of trees" a proposal?
  • Some think that having a new art theme each release makes Fedora fun for consumers to "look" at each release.
  • Critique about current proposals -- should include who/how names would be chosen. For instance, with most theme proposals, there really isn't a need for people to vote on choices like "redwood, sequoia, or oak" every release
  • Action: Eric Christensen to start conversation on the board list on release name process and rules to be taken to the community for input.

New thread: Clarifying fedora positions

  • Board is interested in listing the roles and responsibilities within Fedora but doesn't see the value in specifically listing who is employing them.
    • Many roles are created by a person interested in the role, not necessarily by someone being hired
  • Action: Robyn and Jaroslav to document the responsibilities of the Program Manager Role

Secure Boot ticket

  • Topics
    • FSF criticism of being able to run a non-third party dependent service:
      • Users should be able to run this without the MS key.
      • Be able to give people a key that they can import into their UEFI
      • Have a shim that is signed by our key
      • Questions about whether we can have the installer give the choice or detect which signed shim was needed for a system that it is installing on
    • Legal documentation
      • What are our terms of service with MS for the key?
      • Multiple people unhappy with not having a document that lays out ways that a key gets blacklisted, and so forth. Makes people worried about that the key signer doesn't have to treat all signed keys equally.
    • Fairness
      • Desire to mitigate the unfairness to third party repos/remixes where possible
      • Tools and documentation for how to generate keys in Fedora that can be imported into UEFI
      • Answer to what pjones meant when saying we could build tools to import keys (into the kernel?) and whether we can use that to mitigate unfairness

Open Floor / Your suggestion here / Who's got good news?

Next meeting: IRC, 2012-07-18 at 18:30 UTC