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People present (lines said)

  • jlaska (99)
  • maxamillion (29)
  • kparal (17)
  • halfline (9)
  • zodbot (5)
  • daumas (3)
  • robatino (3)
  • jskladan (1)
  • Viking-Ice (1)
  • etank (1)
  • shanks (1)



Previous meeting follow-up

  1. wwoods and adamw to discuss tooling needs for priv esc. test
    • Adamw and Wwoods discussed several short-term and long-term plans over email. Not clear where to proceed next?
  2. maxamillion will work on second draft of provenpackagers proposal
  3. adamw will provide a draft for the update test plan
  4. jlaska to post meeting time change request to
    • Meeting time changed to follow localtime instead of following UTC -- still need to notify test@l.fp.o

Fedora 13 test status

Upcoming test milestones:

Remaining unMODIFIED blocker bugs:

  • RHBZ #577196 - Freeze when installing bootloader
    • inprogress
  • RHBZ #577789 - Transition to GDM does not work, screen hangs
    • Package-x-generic-16.pngplymouth in updates-testing causing hang. Updated Package-x-generic-16.pnggdm pushed to updates-testing. Once confirmed that plymouth and gdm in updates-testing are resolved, we can remove this from F13Beta.

Upcoming test days:

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Upcoming QA events

Action items

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA Meeting 14:59
zodbot Meeting started Mon Mar 29 14:59:59 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 14:59
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Gathering 15:00
* kparal greets everyone 15:00
* jlaska waves 15:00
* daumas sits in a corner out of the light 15:00
jlaska daumas: hi there 15:01
daumas jlaska: hello 15:01
* jskladan waving 15:01
* maxamillion is here 15:02
jlaska greetings all 15:02
jlaska just a heads up, we'll be minus adamw today 15:02
maxamillion bummer .... am I the only Adam in the room now? 15:02
jlaska I pinged wwoods to remind that the meeting time has changed, so he should be here shortly 15:03
jlaska maxamillion: the one and only! 15:03
jlaska okay, let's get started ... we've got a short agenda for today 15:03
jlaska Proposed agenda - 15:04
maxamillion jlaska: feels weird, don't have a "oh no no no, you wanted to assign that action item to AdamW" cop out anymore :P 15:04
jlaska haha 15:04
maxamillion #link Proposed agenda - 15:04
maxamillion hrmm... not sure I can do that one, might be meeting owner/leader only 15:04
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:05
jlaska I'll skip the first item until wwoods is here ... 15:05
jlaska #info maxamillion will work on second draft of provenpackagers proposal 15:05
jlaska maxamillion: I saw some list activity on this topic recently? 15:05
kparal proventesters? 15:06
maxamillion 15:06
kparal ok 15:06
maxamillion yeah, I for some reason got it in my head that it was ProvenPackagers and I was writing that up like it was normal 15:06
maxamillion I'm waiting for the confusion to subside 15:06
maxamillion actually, let me re-send the email with a correct title 15:06
maxamillion jlaska: I just sent it last night ... so I imagine it will get attention on list and we can hash out the rest next week 15:07
jlaska awesome, thanks for taking another stab at it 15:07
jlaska maxamillion: what would you be looking for next with that? 15:07
maxamillion happy to do so :) 15:07
maxamillion jlaska: I think just a group +1 on the procedure 15:08
* Viking-Ice jumps in on a new time.. 15:08
maxamillion unless there is any other outstanding issues people have with it 15:08
jlaska Viking-Ice: welcome 15:08
jlaska maxamillion: you also had a thread out about adding more details on the mentor process, are there any things to chase down there? 15:10
maxamillion jlaska: no, only got 1 response and I had already read the wiki page that response suggested I read 15:11
jlaska maxamillion: okay, cool 15:11
maxamillion jlaska: so I honestly just kinda made it up and was hoping others would provide feedback to what they thought of what I came up with 15:11
jlaska so hopefully folks get a chance to review the updates and provide thoughts to the list this week 15:11
jlaska maxamillion: should we keep this on for discussion next week? 15:11
maxamillion jlaska: maybe just a quick mention or hopefully finalization 15:12
jlaska alrighty, will do 15:12
jlaska next up ... 15:13
jlaska #info adamw will provide a draft for the update test plan 15:13
jlaska Adam initiated discussion on this topic (see thread 15:13
* kparal planning to read it today 15:13
jlaska I'm not up to date on the feedback, but it looks to be inprogress 15:13
jlaska just like maxamillion's topic, this will likely be an ongoing discussion this week 15:14
jlaska next ... 15:14
jlaska #info jlaska to post meeting time change request to 15:14
jlaska Egg on me, I just changed it for today 15:15
jlaska keeping the meeting time to localtime (instead of following UTC) seemed fine with folks when we last checked in 15:15
jlaska so if that's still the case, let's just keep this time 15:16
kparal certainly works for me 15:16
jlaska okay, I'll update the the list when changed 15:17
maxamillion works for me, but $dayjob will trample occasionally because that makes the meeting 10am local time and that seems to be popular for meetings around here 15:17
jlaska yeah, that's prime meeting time huh :) 15:17
jlaska okay ... last up ... 15:17
jlaska #info wwoods and adamw to discuss tooling needs for priv esc. test 15:17
jlaska adamw and wwoods discussed this over a few mails, I'm not sure who has the ball now. But I believe there was agreement in a small script to identify potential priv. escalation packages 15:18
jlaska there seems to be some tie-in to potential rpmguard tests, so heads up kparal, I asked for any future plans to land as tickets for later discussion 15:18
jlaska okay ... diving into agenda 15:19
jlaska #topic F-13-Beta Testing 15:19
jlaska I'm sure no one needs a reminder, but just a heads up that we are knee deep in the Beta release candidate phase 15:19
jlaska You can find (and add) test results on the wiki at: 15:20
jlaska * Desktop results - 15:20
jlaska * Install results - 15:20
kparal it seems like there will be another RC? 15:20
jlaska definitely 15:20
jlaska not sure if Oxf13 is around, but I planned to ping him later today for an update 15:21
jlaska we'll need an updated RC today if we want to have enough test progress for the go/no_go meeting 15:21
jlaska speaking of ... 15:21
etank if i have a F13 install from Alpha do i need to do a fresh install of Beta to test the bugs or just update what i currently have? 15:22
maxamillion jlaska: when is the go/no_go meeting scheduled for? 15:22
jlaska #info Beta Go/No_Go meeting scheduled for 2010-03-31 (20:00 EDT) 15:22
maxamillion etank: depends on the test case, some of them a reinstall will be needed, others an upgrade would probably suffice 15:22
jlaska The F13Beta blocker list has 2 unmodified bugs - 15:23
jlaska I know pjones and dlehman were working bug#577196 aggresively on Friday ... I've not worked down my bugzilla mail yet for the latest 15:24
jlaska .bug 577196 15:24
zodbot jlaska: Bug 577196 Freeze when installing bootloader - 15:24
jlaska and kparal has an addition to the list today ... 15:24
jlaska .bug 577789 15:24
zodbot jlaska: Bug 577789 Transition to GDM does not work, screen hangs - 15:24
kparal that may be resolved later today 15:24
jlaska kparal: oh that's great! 15:24
kparal I spoke with halfline and he said it could be caused by gdm 15:24
kparal which is currently pending in bodhi 15:25
kparal I will try the update and report back 15:25
jlaska does this feel like a Beta release criteria issue? 15:25
kparal well it breaks X, kind of 15:25
maxamillion yeah... I think the ability to get to a login prompt is expected by beta release (imo) 15:26
jlaska kparal: right, I'm not up on the latest in that bug. I'll need your feedback on the impact the changes in the new gdm, with the # of impacted users of that bug 15:26
jlaska agreed ... but we'd need to get some data on whether this affects everyone, or some subsets of users 15:27
kparal I don't know how to find out :) 15:28
jlaska kparal: I'll find you this meeting, we can chat further 15:28
kparal ok 15:28
* maxamillion adds an "after" to that 15:28
jlaska maxamillion: thanks for the assist :D 15:28
maxamillion jlaska: doing what I can :) 15:29
halfline it should only affect users who have updates-testing enabled 15:29
jlaska ah, so it's specific to a gdm that isn't on the RC1 media, but is in updates-testing 15:29
halfline sort of 15:30
halfline the back story is... 15:30
halfline i pushed a plymouth update to updates-testing 15:30
halfline that quickly exposed a problem in gdm 15:30
halfline i added a fix for gdm ot the same update 15:30
halfline but the gdm bit never got pushed to updates-testing 15:30
jlaska aha, I see 15:31
halfline so people running hte plymouth update from updates-testing are affected unless they grab the gdm update as well 15:31
halfline i basically forgot to click "Push to Updates Testing" in the web form after adding the gdm package to the update 15:31
jlaska halfline: does this affect anyone using that plymouth, or just specific scenarios? 15:31
jlaska well, we can tackle that after the meeting 15:33
jlaska anything else on the beta folks wanted to discuss? 15:33
maxamillion I still can't get X in virtualbox, but I don't know if that's a F13 issue or a vbox issue 15:34
daumas maxamillion: have you tried adding ignoreabi to your xorg.conf ? 15:34
jlaska maxamillion: I gather that's ? 15:34
maxamillion jlaska: yeah, I added that to the wiki page :) 15:34
robatino maxamillion: you need to use the vesa driver 15:34
robatino it's a vbox bug 15:34
maxamillion daumas: no, I have not 15:34
maxamillion robatino: ah, epic 15:34
jlaska maxamillion: yeah, wasn't sure if itwas the same issue still 15:34
jlaska > Should be fixed in xorg-x11-server 15:35
robatino was fixed in RC1 15:35
jlaska well that's good news 15:35
maxamillion ah 15:36
jlaska kparal: halfline noted that your issue would affect all users with the updated plymouth, but a downlevel gdm ... seems like a valid blocker 15:36
kparal jlaska: until the gdm update is pushed out 15:36
maxamillion I'm apparently running an older version of vbox ... :/ 15:36
jlaska kparal: right, so seems like we just need that newer gdm in updates-testing for the beta 15:37
jlaska okay ... just a quick reminding on upcoming test days .. 15:37
jlaska #topic Upcoming Test Days 15:37
jlaska on Tuesday we have ... 15:37
jlaska #info 2010-03-30 - SSSD by Default Test Day -- 15:38
jlaska we're in good shape for this tomorrow ... the wiki has updated test cases (thanks shanks!) 15:39
jlaska and I'll be building updated live images later today to post to the iwki 15:39
jlaska s/iwki/wiki/ 15:39
jlaska Also this week ... 15:39
jlaska #intof 2010-04-01 - ABRT Test Day -- 15:39
jlaska kparal: how are things shaping up for Thursday 15:40
jlaska #info 2010-04-01 - ABRT Test Day -- 15:40
jlaska good lord, I can't type today 15:40
shanks jlaska, anytime :) 15:40
kparal jlaska: jmoskovc complained he had really much work to do, but the test cases should be ready by thursday 15:40
jlaska kparal: lemme know if you need help from others to knock out those test cases 15:41
kparal will do 15:42
jlaska so busy week with Beta and test days 15:42
jlaska next week we'll have the Virt Test Day ... 15:42
jlaska #info 2010-04-08 - Virtualization test day - 15:42
jlaska there aren't any test cases yet, I spoke w/ llim today who has someone who can work with jforbes to outline some high-level test instructions for the event 15:43
jlaska so that should start to flesh out this week 15:43
jlaska alrighty ... that's all I had on the agenda today 15:44
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:44
jlaska Trying to keep things light today, since I know everyone is busy trying to make sure the Beta is outstanding 15:44
jlaska anything we didn't mention already that folks would to discuss today? 15:45
* kparal watches silence... 15:46
maxamillion nothing I can think of 15:46
jlaska alright then ... let's get back to the Beta :) 15:46
jlaska As usual, I'll send minutes to the list 15:47
jlaska thanks for your time everyone 15:47
jlaska #endmeeting 15:47

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