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This test is to check if the browsed pages are displayed and printed out correctly.


Follow up to the steps in QA:Testcase change language to switch the language if it's not what you expected to test.

How to test

  1. Test web-browsers built on different tookits: for instance: Firefox, Chromium, and Konqueror.
  2. Start your web-browser, visit some web sites and check fonts/rendering.
  3. Web sites can be:
    1. Localized web sites which use your language.
    2. General web pages like wiki, bugzilla.
  4. Check if language extensions are installed and properly selected by default (where available i.e. Firefox)
  5. Print out the page to a pdf, and check with evince, or optionally print to a real printer.

Expected Results

  1. Characters/fonts in the webpages are displayed properly and not corrupted.
  2. The printed text appears correctly in the pdf file or printed output.
  3. User interface strings should appear on current locale by default
  4. (Emoji reference files: