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Official Fedora Spins

Name Summary Updated Status
AOS Spin Appliances are pre-installed, pre-configured, system images. This Spin is intended to make it easier for anyone (ISVs, developers, OEMS, etc) to create and deploy virtual appliances. The AOS (The Appliance Operating System) is a scaled down version of Fedora with a small footprint containing only the packages necessary to run an appliance. 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring Spin Due to a brand layer introduced in 3.0, Fedora now has the brand for the office suite, starting with Fedora 10. This spin is intended to be a Brazilian Portuguese localized spin that provides the legal brand for in Brazil. It will be based on Fedora 12 Desktop Spin. 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring
Education Spin The purpose of this spin is to create a ready-to-go development environment for contributing to educational projects inside, but also outside of the Fedora ecosystem. 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring
Electronic Lab Spin Fedora Electronic Lab is Fedora's high-end hardware design and simulation platform. This platform provides different hardware design flows based on the semiconductor industry's current trend. FEL maps in three methodologies {design, simulation and verification} with opensource EDA software. Release Notes 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring
Games Spin The Fedora Games spin offers a perfect show-case of the best games available in Fedora. The included games span several genres, from first person shooters to real-time and turn based strategy games to puzzle games. Not all the games available in Fedora are included on this spin, but trying out this spin will give you a fair impression of Fedora's abilities to run great games. 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring
LXDE Spin The Fedora LXDE spin is meant to be a lightweight but yet complete desktop based on LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring
XFCE Spin The Fedora Xfce spin showcases the Xfce desktop, which aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. Xfce is a full fledged desktop using the standard. 2009-07-27 APPROVED, recurring

Upcoming Spins

Name Summary Status
Geo Spin Fedora Geo Spin is a collection of mapping tools that run on Fedora. This includes tools for map making, integration into OpenStreetMap, and components that can be run on a GPS enabled device. .ks goes to custom-kickstarts RPM package. No official release
Haskell Spin This spin provides GHC, libraries, cabal-install, Hugs and other related tools. It could be used in Uni CS labs, etc and by people who want a portable Haskell development environment. .ks goes to custom-kickstarts RPM package. No official release
Security Spin Provides a fully functional LiveCD based on Fedora for use in security auditing, forensics, and penetration testing. Not yet approved by Spins SIG at July 27th 2009, but wants to go the full 9 yards