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Fedora Prime spin

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-02-27T19:44:41Z)]
  • Owners: JesseKeating, JonathanBlandford, ChristopherBlizzard
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current status

  • Prime spin was used for Fedora 7 Test 2. Awaiting lots of feedback. For Test 2, KDE packages were included due to not having a KDE specific spin. Whether these packages stay in the Prime spin once a KDE spin is available has not been decided.
  • According to ReleaseEngineering/Meetings/2007-apr-16 believed to be ready for F7 (16-APR-07)


We need a desktop/workstation/developer/server release of Fedora 7.

Usage cases/rationale

Aloysius is a desktop administrator who wants to install Fedora on the 30 desktops he admins for his company.

Jerome wants to install a desktop for his home machine.

Bill wants a developer workstation to work on Fedora packages.

Ed wants to run a webserver for his house.


Requires determining a package set, generating a distribution profile, and doing testing.

Test Plan

Test installs of Fedora Prime, as well as the default apps in the way that we would test any Fedora release.


Depends on the introduction of pungi to build, and distribution customization support .


This spin started as the Desktop spin for Test1, but that wasn't well received so the Fedora Board decided on a larger spin, to target Desktop, Developer Workstation, and Server usage cases. This is the Prime spin. The manifest for the Prime spin is of course always being adjusted. We'll try to keep an updated copy here .