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Targetted Spins of Fedora

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-02-27T17:36:58Z)]
  • Owners: JesseKeating
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current status

  • A couple targets have been decided upon, discussion regarding these is happening on fedora-devel. See ["Releases/FeatureFedoraPrime"] , ["Releases/FeatureFedoraKDE"] , ["Releases/FeatureFedoraEverything"]
  • According to ReleaseEngineering/Meetings/2007-apr-16 believed to be ready for F7 (16-APR-07)


Moving all packages into a single repository poses a challange for what to make as a release. Previously we just used what was in Core, Extras was well, extra. Now we get to make real decisions about what we want in the distribution, and we have the ability to have multiple "spins" of the distribution, for specific uses. At the same time we will be providing software so that interested parties can create their own spin of the distribution for their own needs.

Usage cases/rationale

User Bob wants to install Fedora for his Desktop, he doesn't want to download 4 DVDs worth of packages do do this.


Requires determining a package set, generating a distribution profile, and doing testing for each Spin.

Test Plan

Test installs of each spin as well as the default apps in the way that we would test any Fedora release.


Depends on the introduction of pungi to build, and distribution customization support .


The idea is that the distinguishing features between 'spins' are:

  • package set choice
  • defaults, as it relates to:
  • services started
  • default runlevel
  • sysctl?
  • firewall?
  • other things that can be easily parameterized

Where approriate, a LiveCD image will accompany the installable ISO set for the spin.

Each spin will have the same yum repo files that will give them access to the Fedora Package Collective(working title)

Each spin will have installable isos

The installer itself will probably not have different screens for each spin

The directory structure on the download server is still to be determined

Each spin will have access to the Fedora Package Collective at install time, therefor the collective needs to be in a consistant state (no broken deps)

Community generated spins need to talk to the Fedora Project Board about hosting

Those doing the spin call the shots for said spin, be it official Fedora or unofficial (disputes can be raised to the board as a last resort.)

The Fedora Project will provide software and documentation on how to create ones own spin (pungi)