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Fedora Update System rewrite

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-03T21:51:04Z)]
  • Owners: LukeMacken
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7
  • Needs done by: GA
  • Needs to be testable by: Test2

Current status

Bodhi is almost ready for production, and should be fully deployed and tested by F7. It currently needs a few more tweaks, such as improved Koji integration, and dependency closure checking support (this code is written, but needs more testing).


Rewrite the update system in a manner usable by the new combined universe.

Usage cases/rationale

We would like to be able to push updates. Tends to be a security problem if we can't.


Requires rewriting the update tool.

Test Plan

Push test updates. Push real updates.


Depends on the new build system .


More information can be found at Infrastructure/UpdatesSystem