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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.4.1 status
    • qt-4.7.0-tp ready for devel/ import ?
    • KDE Target Audience : Hopefully, if we define this first, our path forward and related discussions about updates, etc... can be made more clear.
  • recent bugs:
    • triaging trips/tricks for commonly reported abrt bugs?



rrix blah'ing about dvd/liveimage kde-integration

  • Fedora isn't seen as KDE distro, we need to improve it
  • Colin Walters is improving DVD experience
    • KDE comps
    • Some package splits
    • Firstboot dragging too much of Gnome
  • Ryan Rix to check current status, meaning of this effort

qt-4.7.0-tp ready for devel/ import

  • qt-assistant-adp compat package imported
  • Issues
    • PyQt4/PyKDE4 broken
  • Rex Dieter to commit/build qt-4.7.0-tp1 in devel/

kde-4.4.1 status

  • Agreed: kde-4.4.1 is ready for stable updates

Triaging trips/tricks for commonly reported abrt bugs?

  • Kevin Kofler is closing duplicates
    • Mostly KPixmapCache issue
  • We need better duplicates checks - Karel Klic is working on it

Target audience SIGs/KDE/KDE_Target_Audience

  • KDE SIG meeting proposal to be discussed on mailing list

recent bugs