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This page details my proposal for the Fedora Medical GSoC project

Contact Information

All relevant contact information can be found on my user page.


  • Inclusion of packages to the fedora repos.
  • Easy installation of packages using the default package manager (yum/packagekit).
  • In the long run : A fedora medical spin with all of the important packages included.

Intended workflow

  • Start by checking the current status of the review queue
  • Package the more important applications first.
  • Packaging implies the following:
    • Make an rpm package (I'll do this)
    • Submit a review request (I'll do this)
    • Approve package (A reviewer needs to do this : takes maximum time)
    • Add package to comps (I'll do this)
  • Easily installable PACS and DICOM viewers are higher priority.
  • Instead of submitting one review per week, in sequence, I'll submit many in parallel in a period over 2-3 weeks. This way, we won't need to wait on one package before diving into another.
  • I will have maximum time to work on this during May, the whole of June, July. End of July and August will be just a little restricted.


This will be discussed with my mentor and edited as required.

Start date End date Goal Details Comments Status
May 23 May 30 Adding package wishlists to bugzilla : Check up, update and review currently open review requests bugs : gnumed server, rhbug:573910, rhbug:539387, elastix, praat, ledgersmb, InsightApplications, vxl, InsightToolkit, (others?) Start with housekeeping. This would also give us a good idea of the current status of packages
May 31 June 15 Begin packaging PACS and DICOM software from the Medical_Imaging page dcm4che and ginkocadx (Initially, it was decided to package mayam, but dcm4che contains more than just that apparently and needs looking into.)
June 16 June 23 Package conquest, cmedic and ANTS Also complete git processes of previous weeks packages. Push to testing, (bribe some testers to quickly push to stable? :P) These are the last PACS/DICOM softwares remaining on the list
June 24 July 1 Practitioner_workflow packaging Package oemr, freemedforms, openhre, aeskulap Also look for other software to fill in current voids
July 2 July 9 Dental_software packaging (phase 1) Package opendental, openmolar, and the others present in the list. (There are a total 7, two days for each?)
July 10 July 15 Mid term evaluations We'll need some time to prepare the mid term reports and submit them to google
July 15 July 26 Dental_software packaging (phase 2) Task before the submission to be continued.
July 27 August 3 Complete any pending packages Space to cover up delays Since delays are inevitable, use this week to make sure all packages on the TODO list before this are complete
August 4 August 14 All packages complete. Coding tasks begin.
August 15 August 22 "Pencils down" state. All packages/coding tasks will be complete by this date. Preparation of final report begins

Other information

Relevant timeline dates for GSoC can be found here

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