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Geunsik Lim is working at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. He is the chief Android expert in the area of ARM S3C64X0 chip and x86 notebook. Currently, he is working to deploy Linux in a Samsung Camcorder that is scheduled to release in April 2010. Also, he is the key member of, which is the biggest institute specializing in Android promotion in South Korea. And he is member of Fedora Korean User Group( in south korea. Prior to that, he engaged in Unix / Linux core of advanced technology R & D work. He had various experiences working on DTV, Camcorder, Printing Service, Web-fax based on Linux. He originally designed and developed gitstat project which is a web based statistics and monitoring system for git. He enjoys spending his time both solving software problems and trying to promote the adoption of Linux and Open Source software for Samsung Embedded devices.

* My GPG key and fingerprint:

[invain-leemgs@fc11 ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 3A003939
pub   2048R/3A003939 2010-01-26
      Key fingerprint = 4AFA 9B0E 2C21 B884 DFF5  A049 FD25 C50E 3A00 3939
uid                  Geunsik Lim (Embedded Developer) <>

[invain-leemgs@fc11 ~]$ 
* email: leemgs[at] , leemgs[at]

* Fedora community
[1] User:Leemgs
[14] L10N_Korean_Team

* South Korea Fedora Community :
* Linkedin:
* Blog :
* Interests:  Opensource , Fishing, Web Technology , W3C 
* Major : Computer Science, Linux OS, Cross Compiler 
* Certificate:
1) Oracle Certified Professional 9i
3) WordProcessor('93) 2(Grade)
4) Info-Processing Engineer ('02)
5) A driver's license 1Class(Normal)
6) e-Test Professional 1st(Valid April 12,2006)
7) Linux Master ( First Class)