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  • Weekly CommArch call-in
  • Dropped Jono an email to find out how we can help with CLS (Mako doesn't know either.)
  • Got swag donated for POSSE! O'Reilly rocks!
  • Chatted with Sebastian to make sure we are set with the Edu SIG and POSSE spin.
    • Both those pages have been overhauled pretty substantially. I plan to use them as examples of good - or at least becoming-good - wiki pages later.
    • The spin has also been blogged.
    • And announced on the POSSE list for feedback.
    • Also, can I say again that Sebastian is awesome?
  • responded to all the RH intern feedback on POSSE. Yay more leads!
  • took a quick pass/listen through what's happening with Fedora docs/marketing to get context for website work.
  • read Karsten's and Greg's book (outlines) over lunch. Next pass will contain commentary.


  • edits to Greg's edu strategy slides
  • fold this and this into notes on this - proceeding slowly as I learn my way around.
  • followed up with Marsee on POSSE swag. Yay O'Reilly! (Yes, I'm doing a lot of rejoicing. I have a lot of happiness. Get used to it. ;)
  • inbox zero! inbox zero! ahahaha! (This will last... about 2 minutes.)
  • lunch with Mo; talk Fedora website - see notes here and here
  • and then introduced myself to the website team, and otherwise joined it (except for group membership, which I will request as soon as I have actually Done Something Real.) (Update: actually, I think I'm moving fast enough to ask for this. Done.)
  • started edu sig spin production work with Sebastian. (oi, I want momentum to build faster here...)
  • made some wiki shortcuts to get around easier, shared them
  • got the edu sig's pages into (what I think is) wiki standard goodness, see Talk:SIGs/Education#Following_wiki_standards - asking ianweller to take a look and see if it's done right, also sent to edu sig and wiki team.


  • Greg's slides on edu strategy, again
    • and again
    • and again (but really, I think I'm done now)
  • more website conversations
    • attacked tasklist with Ricky. now with actual useful information!
    • met Mark - pinning down a first shot at a concrete goal and a first round of deliverables to move towards them
    • update meeting scheduled for Fri 1800UTC #fedora-websites, future meetings being scheduled
    • websites game plan drafted, in many conversations, slowly being filled in as bits and pieces by other people... ;)
  • prep for POSSE call tomorrow
  • Greg beat me on following up with Kara on POSSE press, but watching that ready to ping again if needed
  • played piano like a maniac - first jam session of the summer!


  • another overly ambitious "hey Kara, here are lots of academic publications!" email...
  • POSSE chat with ctyler, humph - logs sent to posse2009 and commarch list. We're looking good; there are no blockers that aren't en route to being totally fixed by next week.
    • followup with mmcgrath on VMs
    • followup with Kim/Colby on brand/video presence (again, Greg beat me to this, dammit ;)
    • POSSE update to planets TOS, Fedora
  • commarch has gotten website updates (I still have to make sure the websites wiki reflects these... will just do that at tomorrow's meeting since there'll be more updates then)
  • email
  • ...geez, what else did I do today? I guess I didn't do a great job of keeping track today. (I think the answer was "a lot of back and forth on POSSE stuff that perhaps I didn't actually need to do *right then*, in retrospect." How realtime should transparency actually be?)


  • introduced Marsee and Karsten
  • websites "meeting"
    • websites wiki page should be shiny and updated
    • Make sure Websites meetings start (poking ricky...)
    • poked Mo to make sure the Design team sends (or gets) a rep to that meeting
    • Mark is learning fast
    • and we're bringing older contributors out of the woodwork (juank_prada)
    • Ricky has started us off on improving the "new contributor" experience
    • In general, momentum-building - see
    • I dislike MediaWiki table syntax (but can't think of a better way to do it in plaintext either)
  • couple edu sig conversations
    • spin moving forward, Sebastian making kickstart tonight
    • warren is moving back to k12osn
  • intern community building!
    • shot out an internal wiki intern projects list suggested by dlang on IRC (some folks are working on stuff that's still under wraps)
    • fascinating conversation about community-building on interns IRC channel (forwarded to commarch list)
  • CLS call with Karsten and Jono
    • CLS wiki ninjahood
    • and talk ideas
  • remembered timesheets, bane of my life...
  • tried to wade through intranet docs on expense reports. Failed. I'll ask the next CommArch person I see online to point me in the right direction.
  • started learning how to package (but got too sleepy to finish; will do that tomorrow)