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Mentoring strategy is different from a mentor to others. This would be common guidelines for mentors to ensure that their candidates are ready or not before making the final decisions. When they are ready, follow this process to sponsor them: Ambassador_Candidate_Ticket_Management.

What mentors should do

  • Provide and explain all necessary information to candidates. This would be a good start: Ambassadors/MembershipService
  • Check if candidates read through all supplied information and understand them all
  • Maintain a check list (no template) to ensure that candidates passed all required steps
  • Support them to do their new job whenever they want/ask for
  • Limit the acceptable candidates by mentoring time (candidates are appling for slots), mentor can fix the amount of mentees that he can carry
  • IRC office hour $time periodically as necessary on #fedora-mentors
  • Make IRC lessons with logged sessions - this gonna proof lot of things

What candidates should be asked to do

  • Provide links from earlier activities within Fedora to your mentor - to see what you have know, or you do, did multiple times
  • Create personal wiki page
  • Read through all supplied information
  • Ask mentor any *dummy* questions whenever they want
  • Attend at least one regional IRC meeting
  • Organize at least an event/activity or attend/help a few ones organized by others

Theme ideas that you have to ask/teach to mentees

  • As introduction: Experiences, and known infra and connections, communications
  • Lesson one: Fedora 4F, FOSS basics, our targets, community build-up, communications (ML, Meetings, IRC), personal page check
  • Lesson two: Fedora Project Leadership and infrastructure, Marketing (Presskit, Artwork), Legal stuff (Fedora logo guidelines)
  • Lesson three: Contribution, Ticket work, inventory, swag
  • Lesson four: Events, events handling, Cooperation with RH members and teams (Hiring desk, Tech desk)
  • Lesson five: Closing session online - named survey session, quick questionary as final exam?

Ideas for Mentoring infra improvements

  • Single static webpage, single hub for mentors and approved mentees that publically provides structural and progress informations (Active mentors, available slots, timing, monthly office hour by FAMA leader, running session, and status (right now we have only a series of wiki, and trac witch is just partially/not really covers our needs IMHO)) - perhaps extracted trac information
  • Single static webpage with FAS-OpenID login
  • We have to provide an flyer for ambassadors, where we clearly define our quality line - what is that we awaiting from ambassadors, if someone wants to be