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Die Fedora-Webseiten-Initiative soll das Bild von Fedora verbessern und die bestmögliche Verbindung für Nutzer und Mitwirkende im Internet herstellen.

Beitragende Rollen im Website-Projekt

Beitragende Rollen
Dies sind nur Vorschläge dafür. Nur Deine Vorstellung setzt die Grenze.


Website-Entwickler oder Administrator

Über Fedora Websites

Die wichtigsten Ziele:

  • Zusammenfassen aller Fedora-Websites in ein einheitliches Schema
  • Aufrechterhaltender Inhalt, der nicht unter ein Unterprojekt fällt
  • Hauptsächlich, die Seiten so lustig und interessant zu machen wir das Projekt, das sie repräsentieren

Um diese Ziele besser zu erreichen, sowie zum nutzen der Allgemeinheit, wird die Arbeit dieses Projektes Drittanbieter-Website-Betreuer einbeziehen, wo es möglich ist. Die direkte Arbeit beschränkt sich auf die offizielle Fedora Seite.

Die Arbeiten an bestimmten Abschnitten der Seiten wird durch die entsprechenden Projekte koordiniert. Ein großer Teil der Koordination wird notwendig sein mit dem Fedora Infrastruktur Team ,dem Fedora Dokumentation Projekt und dem Fedora Marketing Projekt .

Für eine Liste der Community Websites, sieh dir die CommunityWebsites Seite an.

Tritt dem Fedora-Website-Projekt bei

Um zu Erfahren, wie du beitreten und helfen kannst, sieh dir die Beitreten Seite an.

Wenn du nur einen kleinen Vorschlag hast, oder Fehler korrigieren möchtest, sieh dir diese Seite an und lese Wie man Fehler auf der Fedora-Prrojekt-Website korrigiert .

Bugs (Fehler)

DU kannst helfen!
Wenn du auf der Website einen Fehler findest und meinst, du könntest helfen ihn zu beseitigen, versuche das! Hier ist eine Seite im Wiki, die dir zeigt, wie du Fehler auf der Fedora-Website beseitigst.

Die Fehlerverfolgung der Fedora-Webseiten ist gehandhabt von der Fedora-Websites-Trac-instance auf

Oder schreibe eine E-Mail an: webmaster AT fedoraproject PUNKT org[1] was von websites list verwaltet wird.

Fehler, die mit dem Fedora-Dokumentation-Projekt zu tun haben, können auch hier berichtet werden.

Eine Liste von aktiven Seitenbau-Zugriffen von anderen Projekten innerhalb Fedora sind hier aufgezählt.

offene Aufgaben

Wenn Du interessiert bist, an einigen unserer offenen Aufgaben zu arbeiten, sieh dir unsere Tickets an:

Diese Aufgaben können von html/css Änderungen bis zum Phyton-Porgrammieren reichen.


These are projects with specific goals actively being worked on for the F12 release cycle. They're in rough order of the priority discussed at the 2009-06-19 meeting, But remember, you decide priority by voting with your feet and doing things to move these projects forward.

Decision making process

Articulate and document the consensus-based decision making process of the websites team.

Team: Ricky Zhou (lead)

Next steps:

  1. Ricky to send a draft here's-how-to-present-your-patch-to-the-list checklist to the mailing list

This is going to be redesigned and its targeted for F14. We anticipate using 960 fluid framework to facilitate implementation/design. Current schedule is based on the release schedule:

Contact: Sijis Aviles

Increase the number of first-time Fedora contributors working on F12 by putting a support system behind this page and tweaking it to reflect that.

Team: Mel Chua (lead)

Currently stalled.

Next steps (for the week of June 28, 2009):

  1. Create a project (wiki) page for this.
  2. Make a map of "entry routes" to Fedora participation, using websites as a framework - join.fp.o goes to what other pages, which go to what other pages, and so on... and what actions do people take at each page? What sequence of webpages is a new contributor likely to see? Post this to the wiki, send to list for comment.
  3. List the communication channels used by Fedora contributors (IRC, wiki, lists, etc) and resources that already exist to explain their usage. Post to wiki, send to list.
  4. List the location, for each team, where newcomers can go and pick up their first encapsulated task (clear objectives, clear deliverable, clear person-to-deliver-it-to).
  5. interviewing people to find how they got involved with Fedora, and writing up those stories
    1. Ricky: experiences with packaging/infrastructure/web
    2. Hiemanshu: web/sysadmin/sysadmin-test
    3. nb: sysadmin/sysadmin-devel/sysadmin-test/web
    4. Mel: web, packaging
    5. Mel: find at least one feedback-writer from each Fedora team

Further down, here are some things we are considering:

  1. creating "how good is this join process?" heuristics - probably with a lot of help and advice from the design team


Make sure all webpages are translated for the F13 release.

Team: Nobody yet! Please help!

(We aren't actually worrying about this until the end of July, but if you are interested in picking this up and keeping us from panicking then, that would be awesome. Please email the list if you are keen on this, and someone will respond to you.)

User gallery

Create a gallery for mini-interview-style user profiles and stories. This may end up being in conjunction with existing projects/frameworks/pages such as Community.

Team: Hiemanshu Sharma (lead)

Please refer to the Fedoraproject Blogs page to get started on your blog.


Team: Nick Bebout (lead), hiemanshu, onekopaka

Next steps (suggestions by mchua)

  1. From the signup screen, when you click the “create blog” button, it takes you to a screen that shows you incorrect urls for your blog (it shows instead of Fix has been included in puppet (sijis).
  2. left sidebar: “create a blog” may be better link text than ’sign up’
  3. once I create a blog there’s no obvious way to get to the dashboard. If I log out and log back in,I’m taken to the dashboard; it’s just that there’s no way to get there from logged-in state on except manually typing in the url (


Coming up with a list of suggested guidelines and tests against which new and modified websites can be evaluated - things like checking that it works on various browsers, screen resolutions, etc. See /Heuristics. Nobody is working on this.

Fedora Insight

Assisting with the launch of Fedora Insight, in particular the CSS-related work that needs to be done before initial launch; after launch, the back-end infrastructure maintenance will transition to the Websites team, with content and workflow remaining the responsibility of Marketing and FWN. Hiemanshu and Tatica are working on the initial release CSS and are good contact points.


For things we're thinking about, images we're kicking around, and posting thoughts that might not yet be well formed, see /Brainstorms - a lot of this discussion also happens on the mailing list.


Mailing List

The mailing list behind this effort is the websites mailing list. All contributors to this effort and interested third-party site maintainers should join this list.


The #fedora-websites channel on freenode is the best place to go for chat.


Details about the regular meetings for the Fedora Websites team can be found on the Meetings page.


CSS and Images

One can find all CSS files and images used in the Fedora sites on the web and we encourage the community to use them directly from our urls in a cascading implementation.

This is especially true when working on official domains ( things on this list ):


Fedora CSS in your application

Load the main Fedora CSS file


And then load your custom css file and override elements as needed. Something like:


Fedora Images in your application

Images simply need to be loaded via their 'href' attributes' url:

<a href="">

results in a webpage:


Boilerplate responses to common mailing list inquires

Boilerplate Responses

Completed Projects


The current agenda for the Fedora Websites initiative is tracked on the Tasks page.