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* [[User:Ascenseur|Joe O'Dell]]
* [[User:Ascenseur|Joe O'Dell]]
* [[User:plabrop|Panos Labropoulos]]
* [[User:plabrop|Panos Labropoulos]]
* [[User:lvaz|Leonardo Vaz]]
== Communication ==
== Communication ==

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Fedora Astronomy SIG

Astronomy Special Interest Groups aims to work on improving usability of Fedora and Fedora EPEL for astronomers and astrophysicists. Our goal is to ship complete astronomy tooling based on freely available software.


If you intend to use Fedora and are wondering what's available if package collection for you, take a look at list of available packages . All of them can be installed via usual mechanism.

If you intend to use the packages on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or clones, such as CentOS or Scientific Linux), take a look at EPEL. Please note, that very little of the Astronomy stack is available for version 5, though version 6 will be fully supported (in fact, it already is, if you're already running Beta).

If you have question, or want to connect with other users, feel free to join the community mailing list.



The most straightforward way to contribute is to package your favourite piece of software. Take a look at what has been done and what has not:

Packagers/Reviewers/People interested


  • Community around Fedora Astronomy SIG have irregular meetings .
  • For communication about Astronomy in Fedora, we are using our mailing list (archive ).
  • For general astronomy communication, feel free to join #fedora-astronomy @


Thanks to Fedora Infrastructure team, we have our own Trac (svn) at .