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Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2008

The FAD 2008 is an event intended to plan the ambassadors' activities in 2009 and to have some fun together.




  • City: Basel, Switzerland
  • Airport: EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL)
  • Train station: Basel SBB

Basel was chosen by MaxSpevack and SandroMathys after weighing various options, including travel distance and time for people all over Europe.


  • Hotel (with sleeping and working rooms) to be dated in August.
  • We'll most probably get triple/quad rooms for everyone, without exceptions.
  • We'll try to get bedrooms with a shower/toilet.

Ride Sharing / Car Pooling

People who drive to the FAD by car or get to the airport by car and have some free seats available are asked to help others to get to the FAD. Please add below how many seats you have available, where you start the journey and where you could possibly pick up folks.

Driver Seats available Starting point Destination Possible pick up points
Henrik Heigl 1-2 Pirmasens Basel all the lane down, Flughafen ZW, maybe France
Joerg Simon 3 Stuttgart Basel Stuttgart, Strasbourg, and so on
Peter Reuschlein 3 Stuttgart Basel TBB, Stuttgart

People who'd like to join one of the drivers above, please ask the driver if he's still got a free seat and where he could pick you up. If you both agree on the terms (e.g. time, location, cost sharing, etc.) add yourself to the list below in order for other people to see which driver still has free seats available.

Driver Passenger Pick up point
Joerg Simon Robert Scheck Stuttgart
Peter Reuschlein Marco Ziesing Stuttgart


Now that we have a location, please indicate whether or not you will be able to attend. Please add a note if you have no choice but to arrive later/leave earlier (i.e. are not there on Friday and/or Sunday) or can't attend the dinner on Friday evening.

Responsible Ambassadors

  • Sandro Mathys (Contact him for organizational questions, remarks and rants)
  • MaxSpevack (Contact him for budget questions, e.g. if you need help with your travel costs)


  1. Sandro Mathys
  2. MaxSpevack
  3. FabianAffolter (I will arrive late on Friday...depends on my schedule at the UAS)
  4. GeroldKassube (no hotel needed)
  5. Henrik Heigl +1 (hotel, meals; pays for)
  6. PeterReuschlein
  7. Marco Ziesing
  8. Jens Kuehnel
  9. Jeroen van Meeuwen
  10. JoergSimon
  11. FrancescoCrippa
  12. GianlucaVarisco
  13. ThomasWoerner
  14. RobertScheck (Only if all people in my room are really non-snorers!)
  15. Simon Wesp
  16. Christoph Wickert
  17. LucaFoppiano


  1. ThomasCanniot 80% (+1)
  2. PierreYvesChibon (If possible according time/money)
  3. MarekMahut
  4. Francesco Ugolini (it's quite difficult but still tuned)



Feel free to add important topics to the list. But keep in mind, that we're very limited in time!

  • Status update for FOSDEM 2009.
  • Planning the Fedora EMEA priorities for March 2009 - February 2010, to coincide with Red Hat's budget year.
  • What do we want to focus on in addition to events?
  • What do we need from Red Hat?
  • What can we do (longtime Planing)?
  • What are the biggest problems Fedora faces in EMEA?
  • How are our smaller communities doing?
  • Fedora EMEA donations/sponsorship
  • FAD EMEA 2009: new concept idea
  • Linux day Italy:
    • Report about Linux day 2008
    • Linux day 2009

Other things:

  • Keysigning
  • CAcert Assurances? Henrik Heigl will bring CAP-Forms.


Feel free to add your own ideas. Please note, that we most probably won't make this decision public before the FAD has begun - see it as a little surprise. We might or might not take anything that was suggested here. But your ideas are a great help for brainstorming, anyway.


  • Augusta Raurica (old Roman city) -- red
  • Feldschloesschen Brewery, which is inside a very nice castle -- red
  • Eat some local food speciality on Saturday for dinner -- GeroldKa / red
  • Visit of the St. Jakob-Park station -- fab
  • Make a Birsig tour -- fab
  • Make one of the city tours -- fab
  • Visit the Zoo or the Port of Basel -- fab


Maybe it will be time to hold some short workshops

  • howto organize events --wonderer
  • package builing --???


Where from

  • $2000 out of the Fedora Ambassadors budget. As we get closer to the end of FY08's Q3, this number may go up if other events didn't spend all their budget.
  • Fedora EMEA e.V. indicated that they might help with several hundred EUR if needed and asked for.
  • FUDCon might not need all of its separate budget. Max is trying to save $1000 which would go to the FAD.
  • Puzzle ITC has been asked for some financial sponsorship, as they use Fedora for parts of their business and they told Sandro earlier this year that they'd be happy to sponsor us once in a while when we have a certain need/project.

Where to

Budget will be used in the following order (as far as it reaches):

  1. Working room
  2. Accommodation
  3. Dinner at Saturday night
  4. Fun event(s)
  5. Dinner at Friday night

We're 99% positive, that we'll get a free working room at the University of Basel. Additionally, we might be able to organize 1-2 great fun events that are free of charge. This way, we save around $600-$800 all together.