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Step 1: Find the English version of the page

English is the base language for the Fedora Project wiki, so there needs to be an English version of the page you are working on. (If there isn't an English version of the page you are working on, see #Handling translations without an English version.)

If there is already a language template at the top of that page, click [edit] on the right side of the language box and move to step 4; otherwise, continue to step 2.

Handling translations without an English version

If the page you create doesn't have an English version, create a new page for the English version, add the {{autolang}} template as noted above, and then add the {{needs english}} template. This will flag the page for needing an English translation as well as create a base page.

Step 2: Add the language template to the English page

Edit the English page, and at the top of it, add the {{autolang}} template:


The base=yes part is required for the English page. Save the page.

Step 3: Create the language template

The {{autolang}} autolang template should provide a link for you to set up the language box. Click it, and an edit page will come up. Don't change any of the content and save the page. Then click the [edit] link on the right side of the language box.

Step 4: Add your language to the template

At this point you should have an edit box open with template syntax that looks similar to this:

{{lang|en|page=Base page name}}

The text between lang and page= is the list of language codes. Add the language code that you are translating to this list. Use this list to determine the proper MediaWiki language code.

Please keep the list alphabetical
Keep the list of language codes alphabetical by code. This means German (de) should come before English (en), for example.