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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-12-09


  • jds2001
  • John5342
  • quantumburnz
  • poelcat

Unfinished Tasks From Last Meeting

  • jds2001 to add enhanced query for excluding rawhide bugs from rebase which block tracker for next release
  • jds2001 to create tracker bugs
  • poelcat to draft EOL Fedora 8 ticket for Red Hat Engineering Operations
  • check back next week


FUDCon Fedora 11

  • What should we do from a bug triage perspective?
  • One year since Bug Zappers relaunched
  • Still not as effective as we would like to be
  • Does FUDCon draw the people that are likely to help with triage or is that not the case because most are developers?
  • Think about more and discuss next week


  • Add your name to BugZappers/ActiveTriagers
    • thanks to tk009 for preparing it and sending out message last week and John5342's help as well

IRC Transcript

NOTE: the published version of this trascript has been edited to remove the distraction of inappropriate off-topic discussion

John5342 hi 07:01
poelcat ping tk009 jds2001 jlaska John5342 quantumburnz all bug Triagers 07:01
poelcat John5342: hi 07:01
quantumburnz hello 07:01
poelcat quantumburnz: good {morning,afternoon,evening} 07:02
quantumburnz hehe, still bright morning here 07:03
* jds2001 here, sorry im late 07:03
poelcat jds2001: just the person I was picking on, I mean waiting for :) 07:04
poelcat first topic--BugZappers/Meetings/Minutes-2008-Dec-02 07:04
poelcat follow up to last week 07:04
poelcat jds2001: were you able to add the new query? 07:05
* jds2001 looks, i cant remember so likely not :( 07:05
jds2001 oops, i forgot :P 07:05
quantumburnz hehe 07:06
poelcat jds2001: np 07:06
poelcat jds2001: can we check back w/ you next week? 07:07
jds2001 sure thing! 07:07
poelcat next followup was creating the trackers BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Trackers 07:07
jds2001 John5342 updated the FindingBugs page with Fedora 10 07:08
jds2001 grr, i havent done that either 07:08
jds2001 fire me. 07:08
jds2001 :) 07:08
* jds2001 should get on that today, but I'm busy this evening :( 07:08
poelcat John5342: thanks for doing that! 07:09
John5342 poelcat: no probs 07:09
* poelcat was delinquent and did not draft the F8 EOL ticket 07:10
poelcat though it was on my todo list all week and we still have a month :) 07:10
jds2001 seems like we're just a bunch of delinquents this week :) 07:10
John5342 at the same time modified the queries to exclude package review 07:10
poelcat John5342: brilliant :) 07:10
poelcat well tk009 was on the ball and updated the ActiveTriagers page :) 07:11
quantumburnz ya, tk009 was quick on that too. i saw an email to update the page the next day i think it was. 07:11
poelcat everyone should add their names to that page 07:11
poelcat BugZappers/ActiveTriagers 07:11
John5342 and then i moved the old active triagers to the pasttriagers 07:11
poelcat John5342 was on the ball too :) 07:12
poelcat jds2001: how did the classroom session go? 07:12
jds2001 pretty well I think, attendance was not what I'd have hoped. 07:13
jds2001 but John5342 was there, as well as a few others :) 07:13
jds2001 I think having it at the a$$ crack of dawn US time didn't help... 07:14
* John5342 was superhuman and appeared everywhere :P 07:14
jds2001 and that's for me, for you it was at like 5AM :P 07:14
poelcat next topic PackageMaintainers/Policy 07:20
poelcat nirik was asking if we could add a section about some of our policies here ^^ 07:21
poelcat so that package maintainers aren't surprised when certain things happen to their bugs 07:22
jds2001 but some of our policies like closing at EOL 07:24
jds2001 is what we're talking about. 07:24
quantumburnz poelcat: i'm not jumping up to do this b/c i'm not exactly sure what i'd write about. however, if i had a list of topics you guys wanted me to cover, i could try to crank something out. 07:26
jds2001 quantumburnz: sure 07:26
John5342 was just about to say the same. 07:27
jds2001 quantumburnz: the parts about closing at EOL, rebasing rawhide, etc. 07:27
quantumburnz no kidding. ok, i'll write up something about those. 07:28
poelcat quantumburnz: probably helpful to refer to BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow 07:29
poelcat quantumburnz: thanks for taking that on 07:29
quantumburnz poelcat: you're welcome 07:29
poelcat are there any other topics people would like to discuss? 07:30
jds2001 quantumburnz: let me know if you have any problems 07:31
jds2001 I *think* that page is editable by anyone. 07:31
quantumburnz jds2001: ok, thanks. i'm sure i'll be looking for help if it's not. ;) 07:31
jds2001 if not, it needs to be a FPC member 07:31
quantumburnz FPC? 07:32
quantumburnz package contributor? 07:32
jds2001 fedora packaging committee 07:32
quantumburnz ahh 07:32
jds2001 i normally bug abadger1999 about it :) 07:32
tibbs|h Only things under Packaging/ are restricted. 07:33
jds2001 OK, cool :) 07:33
* bpepple sees he got pinged, and reads back a bit. 07:34
jds2001 bpepple: spot took care of it, need an op in here :) 07:35
jds2001 needed 07:35
bpepple ah, ok. 07:35
* bpepple goes back to work. 07:35
quantumburnz there looks to be a decent section about EOL under 'Fedora Maintenance Lifecycle Policy.' what else were we hoping to talk about? 07:38
jds2001 I think that Patrice put that in there, actually. 07:38
jds2001 iirc 07:39
poelcat next topic 07:40
poelcat is anyone going to FUDCon? 07:40
* jds2001 07:40
* poelcat will be there 07:40
* John5342 is on another continent 07:40
poelcat in fact it will be the 1 year anniversary of the bug zapper's relaunch 07:40
* jds2001 will be in better health for this year's fudcon than last one :) 07:41
jds2001 that was not a fun event :( 07:41
jds2001 for those that dont know, I broke my shoulder the day before the last FUDCon :( 07:42
John5342 jds2001: thats real bad luck :( 07:42
quantumburnz eek :( no kidding... 07:42
jds2001 and I went anyways! :) 07:43
poelcat i don't have clear idea of what we should do at this fudcon from a bug triage perspective 07:44
jds2001 I'm actually hoping that this FUDCon is more productive, as poelcat mentioned, the last one was held in conjunction with RH Summit and I was an attendee there too 07:44
jds2001 trying to split my time turned into fail. 07:44
jds2001 and the fact I was in agonizing pain only added to the fail. 07:45
poelcat so how about if we think about what we might want to do at fudcon and discuss that at next week's meeting? 07:47
jds2001 sure thing. 07:47
* poelcat isn't sure another barcamp presentation is the answer 07:47
poelcat but maybe it is 07:47
* John5342 wont be at fudcon but agrees with the idea 07:47
jds2001 John5342: i think we 07:48
quantumburnz i'll give it some thought and see if i can't give any suggestions next week. even tho i won't be there. :( 07:48
jds2001 will be trying everything we can to enable remote attendees 07:48
jds2001 but the times might be a tad inconveinent 07:48
poelcat overall i don't think we've found the right ways to effectively draw in and motivate lots of people 07:48
poelcat but they've got to be out there :) 07:49
quantumburnz my intuition would be you're not going to find a lot of people at FUCON that would be interested in doing triaging/bug zapping. i think the people who will be most interested are those who are looking to learn more about fedora and it's packages. 07:50
quantumburnz and those who maybe don't have a lot of programming/packaging experience but want a place to start. 07:50
poelcat quantumburnz: that's insightful 07:51
poelcat i hadn't considered from that angle 07:51
poelcat it is pitched as a "user" and "developers" conference, but I think you're right 07:51
jds2001 so where we could get bang for the buck is something like OLF 07:52
poelcat the sense I get is that it is mostly developers 07:52
jds2001 poelcat: you and I both know it's 99% developers :) 07:52
jds2001 but last time, we had folks like notting and davej sit in on our talk and offer really useful insight too. 07:53
poelcat jds2001: hm... maybe boston '08 was, but raleigh '08 seemed more of a mix 07:53
quantumburnz jds2001: OLF? 07:53
poelcat jds2001: you do point to one thing I have thought of which is to find a way we could partner or work along side folks like that more 07:53
Kevin_Kofler Brno 2008 was almost all developers. 07:54
poelcat we need some rock stars :) 07:54
jds2001 quantumburnz: ohio linux fest 07:55
jds2001 or maybe linuxfest northwest up in your neck of the woods, poelcat :) 07:55
* jds2001 thinks that's in Seattle area, though. 07:55
poelcat jds2001: that's compappy's neighborhood 07:55
poelcat 5-6 hours north of me 07:56
John5342 i think the problem with end user numbers at linux events is the fact they may be seen as geeks. not an issue for programmers but end users is another story. 07:56
* quantumburnz misses Seattle 07:56
jds2001 quantumburnz: where you at again? 07:57
quantumburnz John5342: I'd also think it's expensive to travel to something like that if it's not near you. Also, an end user may think they have little to contribute. I must say though, I don't know much about FUDCON's or what goes on there. 07:58
quantumburnz jds2001: I'm in Pensacola, FL now but lived in Seattle until I was 16 07:58
jds2001 ahhh 07:58
jds2001 i lived in phoenix for five years when i was a kid, i think I'd like that :) 07:59
John5342 quantumburnz: am talking about linux events in general. even applies to local user groups such as the one in my own local town 07:59
* jds2001 not a fan of cold weather, and I live in the wrong part of the country for that :) 07:59
John5342 i may be mistaken but i think we are out of time 07:59
jds2001 yeah, KDE sig meets next 08:00
quantumburnz jds2001: yup, moved to phx to finish high school after living in seattle too 08:00
quantumburnz John5342: I didn't know there were local things. Perhaps I should check something like that out. Have a good day everyone! 08:01
John5342 thanks and bye all. see you next week. 08:01
poelcat thanks John5342 quantumburnz jds2001 and anyone else I missed 08:01

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