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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-12-16


  • jds2001
  • John5342
  • quantumburnz
  • poelcat
  • stickster
  • tk009

Follow-up To Last Week

FUDCon F11 Ideas

  • go through triage examples
  • work on tooling for metrics

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, 2009-01-06 @ 15:00 UTC/10 AM EST

IRC Transcript

John5342 hi 07:01
quantumburnz good mornin' 07:01
John5342 and afternoon 07:01
poelcat quantumburnz: John5342 hi 07:01
poelcat jds2001 tk009 ping 07:01
* jds2001 here 07:02
poelcat howdy 07:03
jds2001 hey 07:03
poelcat followups from last week... 07:03
poelcat jds2001: BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Trackers 07:03
jds2001 doing it now :) 07:04
poelcat that still counts :) 07:04
* jds2001 overslept this morning and was gonna do it this morning :) 07:04
John5342 tk009: hi 07:05
tk009 hello John 07:05
tk009 hello all 07:05
poelcat tk009: hi 07:05
tk009 poelcat =) 07:06
poelcat okay next task, i was going to file ticket with eng ops to auto close F8 bugs at the proper time 07:07
poelcat BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10#Fedora_8_EOL_Closure 07:08
poelcat essentially i opened a ticket that points to this URL 07:08
poelcat so whatever we have here is what they will execute 07:08
poelcat any final feedback on the plans/wording in that section? 07:09
jds2001 did part of it get cut off? 07:10
quantumburnz looks a-ok to me 07:10
jds2001 What does the first sentence say? 07:11
tk009 looks cut off to e as well 07:11
tk009 me* 07:11
jds2001 for me it says "Bugs related to the components of the Fedora distribution" 07:11
John5342 does seem a little misleading having that box near the top 07:11
jds2001 as the first sentence with zero content 07:11
poelcat hm 07:12
* poelcat looks above to section we did for GA 07:12
poelcat oh, i know what that is 07:12
quantumburnz i think it makes sense in context if you look at where it'll be used 07:12
quantumburnz it's talking about fedora 07:12
poelcat the table in on web page starts with *Fedora*: 07:13
jds2001 Oh, you're changing the product description! 07:14
* jds2001 looking at wrong section :) 07:14
John5342 am guessing that everyone is looking at top box but what we should really be looking at is the next one. 07:14
quantumburnz haha, that's what I was asking poelcat about last week and why we added the link in there. =) 07:14
jds2001 OK, yeah - looks great :) 07:15
tk009 the bottom one looks fine 07:15
poelcat next followup was quantumburnz was going to take a shot at PackageMaintainers/Policy 07:15
quantumburnz yes -- i have a few things to show but i haven't put them up on that page 07:16
quantumburnz i'll paste them here, it's not a lot but hopefully it's a start 07:17
quantumburnz BugZappers' Role 07:17
poelcat quantumburnz: better yet, put them in a wiki page 07:17
poelcat under your namespace 07:17
quantumburnz oh, ok, i'll do that real fast, come back to me then 07:18
quantumburnz sigh... how do I go about doing that? 07:19
* stickster here, just a bit late 07:19
poelcat quantumburnz: or a pastebin temporarily.. 07:21
poelcat quantumburnz: let us know when you're ready 07:21
poelcat next topic was "what to do at fudcon" 07:21
jds2001 anyone have any suggestions? 07:22
poelcat has anyone had any thoughts since last week? 07:22
jds2001 last two times we had barcamp sessions 07:23
poelcat if i recall we were heading in the direction of wondering if it is the right venue 07:23
jds2001 Not sure if that's the right thing to do again. 07:23
jds2001 yeah 07:23
John5342 one thing that gets people immediately involved is going through a few examples. 07:23
poelcat John5342: excellent point 07:23
jds2001 did that last time in Boston :) 07:23
poelcat i wonder about just projecting a laptop on a big screen 07:24
poelcat during the hackfest 07:24
poelcat and doing a few that way 07:24
poelcat kind of like how a crowd built around looking at testopia 07:24
stickster I think we'll have projectors in many of the rooms 07:24
stickster Should be easy to do that 07:24
poelcat stickster: will there be a "grand hall" like last time? 07:24
poelcat that was were we'd get the most exposure 07:25
stickster I believe one of the rooms is a ~120 seat hall, and the rest seat between 30 and 60 07:25
jeremy stickster: which rooms do we have? 07:25
stickster jeremy: A ton of rooms in E51, the Tang Center 07:25
John5342 it just demonstrates how simple it is to do. plus you get a few done at the same time 07:25
stickster Third floor, nice space. 07:25
stickster I believe it's where the GNOME Summit was held. 07:25
jeremy stickster: I know e51 and its rooms quite well :) 07:26
poelcat maybe if we have some VIPs like stickster and jeremy that would help too ;-) 07:26
* stickster apologizes for going OT in QA meeting. 07:26
* quantumburnz interjects with the BugZappers' Role Policy: 07:26
stickster poelcat: I would like to participate! 07:26
poelcat quantumburnz: okay, we'll do that next 07:27
poelcat any other thoughts/ideas/criticisms/public shaming/etc about FUDCon? 07:28
poelcat (as it relates to bug triage) :) 07:28
jds2001 dont think so.... 07:30
stickster Is there anything we can do at FUDCon in the way of tooling that we can't do "virtually"? 07:30
poelcat stickster: good question 07:30
poelcat maybe someone with good xmlrpc/bugzilla foo that could help w/ weekly stats, etc. 07:31
poelcat i know comphappy is working on something currently 07:31
jds2001 dmalcolm will be there :) 07:32
tk009 are you talking about stats for bug triage? 07:33
poelcat tk009: yes 07:33
poelcat easier ways to do BugZappers/F10Triagers 07:35
poelcat and other types of encouraging feedback 07:35
John5342 noticed in notes on page that we still need tk009 bugzilla id 07:36
tk009 I'm not sure what it is 07:37
poelcat yes, we probably need to setup the triagers table a little differently to capture that 07:37
jds2001 your email address for bugzilla :) 07:37
poelcat well, it should be the same email address you use for FAS too 07:37
tk009 07:37
tk009 I figured we needed another john =) 07:38
jds2001 :) 07:38
John5342 :) 07:39
poelcat fantastic 07:39
stickster poelcat: With the new python-fedora stuff that Luke has started to build, we might be able to tie BZ stats in to an auto-generated report on the wiki. 07:39
poelcat stickster: nice! i'll make a note to talk to him 07:39
stickster I'm told that the Infrastructure guys may be upgrading our MediaWiki software in the foreseeable future to a version that offers a much richer writing API 07:40
* stickster may be exaggerating, but ianweller seemed to be very excited about it. 07:40
jds2001 that would be cool :) 07:40
poelcat back to 07:41
poelcat quantumburnz: thanks for putting these together 07:42
quantumburnz no problem, it's not much but hopefully it's along the lines of what we were looking for. 07:42
poelcat are there any things we should change before adding them in? 07:42
poelcat i might suggest softening a couple of the words: "Control" and "Rebase" 07:45
poelcat in the context of the maintainers policy i think we want to convey 07:45
poelcat that we help to keep bugzilla running smoothly or containing relevant bugs 07:46
poelcat something like that? 07:46
jds2001 yeah 07:47
quantumburnz So maybe instead of using the word Rebase, change it to 'Assist with all rawhide Bugzilla...' 07:49
quantumburnz i see what you're saying, just trying to think how to word it 07:49
jds2001 Soemthing more like 'ensuring that the rawhide version is populated with relevant bugs' 07:49
poelcat yeah, we also want to give enough information or link to it so that when changes happen 07:50
poelcat to their bugs they aren't surprised 07:50
quantumburnz right 07:50
poelcat ... which usually happens anyway 07:50
quantumburnz but they have the link to the bug flow page in the first bullet so hopefully that should help 07:51
poelcat but then we at least have a place to point to 07:51
mcepl here 07:52
mcepl sorry, I have just came -- what's on the agenda now 07:52
mcepl ? 07:52
jds2001 mcepl: discussing maintainer policy 07:52
quantumburnz mcepl: 07:52
jds2001 i.e. what to put on the maintainers policy page. 07:52
poelcat mcepl: BugZappers/Meetings/Minutes-2008-Dec-09#Policies 07:53
quantumburnz what suggestions do we have for the second bullet to replace 'Control'? 07:53
John5342 Manage? 07:54
poelcat guide, enable, facilitate ? 07:54
poelcat a word that implies we are here to help vs. boss things around :) 07:54
quantumburnz I like guide. I threw that in. 07:54
John5342 probably not guide because guide implies we are helping somone else to do it. 07:55
quantumburnz we should have used the interactive text editing program we used before so we could all edit this. 07:55
poelcat :) 07:55
poelcat good point 07:55
poelcat quantumburnz: i think what you've got is good 07:55
poelcat i suggest you add it to their policy 07:55
poelcat and then we can ask for feedback 07:56
quantumburnz poelcat: ok. John5342: how about facilitate or manage? 07:56
tk009 assist 07:56
quantumburnz assist still implies we're helping someone do it 07:56
mcepl well, I think the problem is that a) the first point needs to be hugely expanded, b) the rest is either automagical or not done by the triager newbies, so the audience of this document (if it is a bug triager newbie) doesn't care. 07:56
John5342 i think poelcat was right about not using manage. 07:57
mcepl I don't care about exact words 07:57
quantumburnz mcepl: it's to the package maintainers to let them know what we do and why their bugs change 07:57
mcepl I had yet another "fight" about NEW v. ASSIGNED yesterday (with anaconda folks), and I think the thing which might be interesting is if we show them some real tangible help. 07:58
poelcat we're about out of time 07:59
mcepl the last three points are IMHO just "do housekeeping" and I don't think we neeed to ellaborate on it too much 07:59
poelcat there will be no meeting for the next two weeks 07:59
mcepl yeah, let's move to #fedora-qa 07:59
poelcat unless someone else would like to lead it :) 07:59
mcepl don't look at me :) 08:00
poelcat are there any volunteers? 08:00
tk009 come, on someone =) 08:00
quantumburnz will we have things to cover? it'll be tough for me to make it next week... 08:00
* John5342 would like to but doesnt have the experience and is gone for christmas 08:00
poelcat okay. happy holidays everyone and we'll see you in 2009 :) 08:01
poelcat thanks for all your help this year! 08:01
John5342 thanks. bye 08:02
mcepl yup, Merry Christmas or whatever else you celebrate!!! 08:02
tk009 be well brothers, happy holidays 08:02
quantumburnz happy holidays everyone! 08:04

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