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This is the main page for the Fedora Diversity FAD, which focuses on reviewing and finishing our current goals, and defining the next plans to improve diversification efforts in our community.

At a glance:

  • Location: TBD. Ideally near a Red Hat office to reduce costs.

Potential cities include:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Brno, Czech Republic
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Munich, Germany
  • Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Puteaux, France
  • Waterford, Ireland
  • Dates: May 1,2 and 3 [Tentative]

Logic Model


Fedora Diversity is an initiative in the Fedora community. The Fedora Diversity and Inclusion team supports and encourages all kinds of different people to join and contribute in Fedora. We also aim to better understand the diverse community that composes Fedora and the unique needs and wishes of the groups that make up Fedora. Since our team is new, we plan to accomplish primary and secondary goals of the Diversity and Inclusion Team for this year.

In our very first FAD, we have our major objectives to accomplish: (0) Refine Team's goals (1) Build the strategy to On-boarding new team members (2) Mini D&I event packages (3) Planning to create outreach Materials (4) Core team members to work on D&I Governance Tickets to complete them. We will achieve these goals with brainstorming, exchanging experience, holding sessions and discussions, presentations, video production, and blog posts.

Primary Goals

  • A retrospective of D&I team's work
  • Defining D&I team's goals
  • Define strategies for on-boarding new team members
  • Building mini D&I event packages
  • Planning to create outreach Materials
  • Core team members to work on D&I Governance Tickets
  • Clean the ticket queue
  • Plan a yearly schedule for events and activities based on important dates (FWDs, Fedora Anniversary, IDPwD, etc) that we could easily fix on time/date worldwide and.
  • Create, organize and have a ready swag package (either digital/physical or both) ready for this already planned activities.
  • Define the D&I Governance Structure. Either we will have an advisory position or we will have a round table.

A retrospective of D&I team's work

It has been a bunch of years since D&I team formed, it is good time to do a retrospective of the efforts team has put-in so far and how it impacted Fedora community overall. It will be nice to sit together in a room and try to answer these questions as a team :

  • What kind of work D&I team thinks was more effective and important in the space of diversity and inclusion?
  • What it was which did not work so well and did not have an impact?
  • What were the roadblocks?
  • What was helpful?
  • What is that we should just stop doing and what is that we should continue to put our efforts in?

Defining D&I team's goals

  • Review exiting team goals
  • Revisit the need of existing goals - which one to keep and which one to leave
  • Adding new goals which team thinks are important
  • Create a strategy or plan for all events to follow that help us visualize more how Diverse and Open our Fedora community is

As a team, we all are self motivated to walk on the path of diversity and inclusion and committed to keep Fedora a welcoming community as it is now and even more. But, Defining the goals always help us to be more active and regular and easy to measure the success rate somewhat :) Some of the existing goals we have are : Outreachy Summer 2018 Defining policy for room sharing or single room booking for being more inclusive with the help of council Fedora Women Day Fedora Diversity Team Presence in Flock At least one more new diversity event, which we would like to introduce or Do on bigger scale like FWD

This is time to revisit these goals and refine them according to need of the hour.

Define strategies for on-boarding new team members

  • Encourage participation to other Fedora subprojects

For example, they can explore and collect Fedora Badges to get to know different areas in Fedora community. We should also encourage them to get involved and communicate with different teams in Fedora to better aid their D&I oriented efforts.

  • Seek help for tasks where we need support from other Fedora subprojects

For example, these contributors can support us with Design, translation, video creation and captioning.

  • Facilitate cross-team communication across Fedora
  • Leveraging their local network and FOSS involvement for outreach events
  • Members who are also involved with other open source projects beyond Fedora can help us learn more about successful D&I practices in other projects.
  • Pathways to get more community members involved
  • Have one action item for community members during Fedora podcast. Broadly, we can publish a 'call for help' with clear and concise action items at some intervals.
  • This initiative can help - . Currently this initiative is in its planning/development phase.

Leveraging their local network and FOSS involvement for outreach events like FWD

Mini D&I event packages

  • Packages for meetups, socials, local hackfests, film screenings, skill shares etc.
  • This ties into Mindshare $100-150 events.
  • This also ties into one of the goals the FPL mentions here for 2020:
  • Putting together a package might mean different things. But the basis would be: how to request and receive resources (money & swag), marketing materials for before the event, materials for the event. Strategy plan on how to achieve favorable outcomes (new contributors/users & also a general D&I welcome). And also tips and hints on running an event in general.
  • This also ties into the resource pack we share with FWD organizers. It's not very detailed but it's the start of what we want to do to help empower local organizers to put together more Fedora events in their own communities. . This is kind of content with a need for: social media templates for advertisement of the events, posters, ready to go slide deck, suggestions for swag, and also a “how to” to get enabled to do this.
  • Create a digital folder with swag available for locations that can receive physical swag (FADs, FWD, D&I Meetups, etc)

D&I Governance Tickets

  • Core team members to work on D&I Governance Tickets
  • There are many such tickets pending since long time due to lack of better direction and common consensuses. Like :
  • Evaluate Summer Coding internship expectations
  • Determine workflow for status updates to Fedora Council
  • Define Fedora D&I team lead role, responsibilities and term
  • Diversity decision making process
  • Defining Fedora Council Diversity Advisor term

Team need a common platform to get together and resolve these long pending important tickets.

Secondary Goals

In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:

  1. D&I or women's event for Flock : Planning a D&I or women's event for Flock should also be on the list(women’s lunch). This idea can be broadened. The idea that Fedora promotes D&I for D&I sake. For example, we do a session at a *different* events that are not Fedora specific. Say Devconf, or an open source summit, a D&I social "sponsored by Fedora".
  2. Creating Outreach Materials : Another cool agenda item/idea would be to try to focus some outreach. Create some materials (email, blog posts, social media posts) that are strategically sent to groups that would be interested in what we are doing. For example, internal Red Hat Pride group for those of us Red Hatters, local pride and ally groups, diversity in open source groups, diversity in tech groups. Etc
  3. Social Hours for Fedora by D&I : Calling for Fedora contributors on remote social hours and sharing thoughts/ideas/chatting etc. To make it more engaging/interesting for people to attend, we had the idea to use as an activity to bring people together.
  4. Make adjustments to the work-flow of the Diversity and Inclusion Team to improve productivity and timeliness of future, upcoming tasks
  5. Work towards clearing out the Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Team tickets queue (see: tickets)
  6. Collect pictures and video assets from various locations and contributors for later video production


  1. Why do we need a D&I FAD?

Add your question here and we're happy to answer! Make sure you let us know in #fedora-diversity if you have left a question here.


The purpose, goals, and deliverable outlined above help further the project-wide Objectives identified by the Fedora Council. The on-going objective that this FAD focuses on most is building open source software communities.

The completion of these objectives will create the following positive changes within Fedora: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

These outcomes connect with the Fedora Community Objectives by innovating the focus towards diversity-related issues as an open source project and being a leader across the open source world by devoting time and resources to addressing these needs and tasks. By supporting this FAD, Fedora is sending a clear message that it supports building an inclusive, diverse community and supports the team in the above mentioned purpose and goals planned for the FAD. The end result of the FAD is intended to bolster the community's engagement with underrepresented groups and bring more contributors with a variety of ideas and unique perspectives into the project. The long-term vision that would be supported by this FAD is project that is more representative of people from various parts of the world and a range of identities that are committed towards growing and developing Fedora with their time, ideas, and energy.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


Travel days
Travel days are Thursday and Monday. On-site participants are leaving early on Monday morning.
Name Remote? Fri Sat Sun
Justin W. Flory No X X X
Amita Sharma No X X X
Tatica Leandro Depend on Funding X X X
Marie Nordin No X X X
Jona Azizaj No X X X
Alisha Mohanty Depend on Funding X X X

Planning Prerequisites


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