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Recently closed issues can be found in the report of all FESCo issues in Trac.

Old Fedora Development Closed Issues

Task Name Owner Completed Date Notes
Packager Sponsors Responsibilities bpepple 2008-05-29 FESCo Approved proposal
Package Maintainer Responsibilities bpepple 2008-05-08 FESCo Approved proposal
New Maintainer Containment f13 2008-01-11 FESCo approved, just needs to be implemented
ACL Opening f13 2008-01-11 FESCo approved proposal
Changes to Bugzilla All 2007-11-19 FESCo approve proposal from QA
kmods removal from Rawhide All 2007-11-19 FESCo approved the immediate remove of kmods in Rawhide
Permanent mandate for EPEL All 2007-08-30 FESCo voted to make permanent the mandate for EPEL
Default acl for new packages All 2007-08-16 FESCo decided that the default acl will allow access to cvsextras members
Rebuilding Packages bpepple 2007-08-09 FESCo decided that mass rebuilds will only be done when it is technically necessary
Core/Extras Merge rdieter, jeremy, warren May 2007 Merge finished with release of F7
Use comps.xml properly mschwendt No 2006 solved without FESCo -- mschwendt was quicker
Enhance AWOL bpepple, tibbs Nov 2006
When to touch other peoples packages thl Oct 2006 Agreed on in the meeting 20061027
M{ae}ss-Rebuild scop, all Oct 2006 All done as of 2006-10-11.
Activate legacy in buildroots dgilmore Oct 2006 (thl: was done in mid-september afaik)
Future FESCo elections abadger1999 August 2006
Stalled Package Reviews tibbs Aug 2006
Encourage Extras reviews tibbs Jul 2006 We need better documentation of the whole Extras review and sponsor process in the wiki; FAB is looking into this, too, and is watching us; see the section titled "Sponsorship" on the Summary from the meeting on 2006-06-20
AWOL Policy Michael J. Knox Jul 2006 see also the discussions 1 2 on fedora-extras-list
Broken deps report mschwendt jun 06 Work already in progress
Deduping of needsign packages mschwendt jun 06 Not a major headache, but leaving it here for tracking purposes. thl:This is here for a long time now -- can we can this resolved please?
buildsys-build all Jun 2006 What packages shall be in the default buildroot? synchronize the list with the Exceptions in the review guidelines
emacs-muse all Jun 2006 {x,}emacs-muse, emacs-comon-muse or emacsen-muse ?
comps.xml for Extras SethVidal / JeremyKatz Mar 2006
SIGs unknown none Define how SIGs should work -- it was agreed on that we proceed without a defines policy for now -- can be revisited later
separate list for bugzilla-spam warren Apr 2006 fedora-package-review
EOL Policy for FE f13/mschwendt unknown, but soon Fesco Agreed on this
Security Proposal JesseKeating ongoing Fesco Agreed on this
Kernel module standardization ThorstenLeemhuis mostyly done Some fine tuning might still be required
Mass rebuild of Extras for FC5 jeremy/thl 20060326 We'll do it around FC5T3 -- probably the packagers will have to request the build on their own; dep-order is going to be ignored if no one comes up with a proper solution in time
Elect new chair for FESCO GregDeK 12 January 2006 Time to find a new leader for FESCO; thl will do the job from now on
Bugzilla spam WarrenTogami 13 December We need to kill emails for all tracking bugs for FE-NEW, FE-ACCEPT and FE-REVIEW.
Old Package in Repository Purging options SethVidal 08 December All done except for deduping needsign stuff, which will be a separate item
Up-to-date list of FESCO membets GregDeKoenigsberg 10 November [wiki:Self:Extras/SteeringCommittee Page] is now current
Review of comps work by Eric Meyers GregDeKoenigsberg 13 October This item is moot for now, as comps is still way up in the air. This has been communicated to Eric by JeremyKatz.
Weekly build system update SethVidal 1 September Build system is stable redesign SethVidal 25 August Done, pretty!
Create a new "SampleNewPackageProcess" document spot 25 Aug Now encapsulated well in the various package process documents.
New package request process GregDeKoenigsberg 4 Aug Done!
Fedora Legacy wiki Ender 4 Aug Done!
Deploy buildsys code to mesa gafton ??? All deployed and functioning
Installing plague-builder on build systems in PHX Sopwith ??? All done on hammers 1->3, ppc1
Vet the current NewPackageProcess document spot ??? spot deems the document acceptable
PPC build box ElliotLee Jul 7 At last, hardware in Mesa! Now if we could only allow community folks access to it...
Write up formalized package review spot Jul 7 new item from fudcon2
Fix broken sudo access for cvs.fedora ElliotLee Jul 7 New item from fudcon2
Add "email-with-link-to-NewPackageProcess" to the accounts system ElliotLee Jul 7 New item from fudcon2
Write up formalized package review spot 30 Jun transcribed from our fudcon2 meeting
FUDCon 2 private meeting agenda GregDeKoenigsberg Jun 23 All done, was a grand time :)
FC4 Extras PPC builds JeremyKatz early June All done
New wiki layout SethVidal early June Gorgeous, isn't it?
Basic build system SethVidal 5 May Seth completed the basic build system some time ago, tweaks are ongoing
Trusted volunteers for maintenance of systems JeremyKatz 19 May Jeremy has recruits!
Publicize as officially endorsed Fedora support site GregDeKoenigsberg 5 May Done
Revamp "projects" section of GregDeKoenigsberg 5 May Cleared away -- what's up there now is good for now.
Repoview for JeremyKatz 21 Apr repoview will be very useful for Fedora Core as well as for Fedora Extras
End-user web forum WarrenTogami 7 Apr We have agreement in principle on using as the "official" Fedora user support forum, but need a bit more info from Warren to announce
Accounts system on public CVS ElliotLee 14 Apr Once SSL is running on, and Sopwith has time to do some QA, it'll be ready
Packaging standards review Spot 14 Apr This is complete enough to call "good" for now; it will be an evolving document
Mach HOWTO SethVidal 14 Apr First version of this document available at UsingMach, comments encouraged
Upload authentication Sopwith 14 Apr Done as part of account system
Create buildsys module in public cvs SethVidal 24 Mar Build system is now in CVS, hurrah!
Build the world for FC4 Extras SethVidal ??? In a holding pattern waiting for gcc4 to land pre: FC4t1 // release bump coordination needed, too
Make FUDCon video available spot 17 Mar Up and in the torrent. in public CVS GregDeKoenigsberg 17 Mar Checked in and ready to go
Extras steering information/purpose publicized GregDeKoenigsberg 10 Mar Info going out in RHM, plus announcements, should be sufficient.
Branch for FC4 Extras ElliotLee 28 Feb gafton has taken this item to ensure that his branch scripts work, but if no progress, ElliotLee will execute by COB 28 Feb -- this includes sending notification to fedora-maintainers
Legacy buzilla DaveLawrence 31 Mar This is apparently on dkl's plate, gdk will follow up in person.
Extras CVS needs make tag JeremyKatz 31 Mar Without it we have no easy way of going back to older versions of packages like we currently can with Core CVS
Fedora Package web site display SethVidal 9 Mar Example in Extras
Review Eric Warnke's to-be-removed-from-core list SethVidal ??? Looks like Notting whacked them all.
Public Fedora Core CVS commits list ElliotLee 17 Mar fedora-cvs-commits
Sponsorship HOWTO JeremyKatz 31 Mar Jeremy has this HOWTO up, awaiting comment
Revamp front page of GregDeKoenigsberg Apr 28 Make sure that front page is correct and includes FUDCon 2 stuff and Extras info
Announce new accounts system ElliotLee ??? Announce the new accounts system to contributors
Mach HOWTO SethVidal ??? First version of this document available at UsingMach, comments encouraged