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Special guest star: Rex Dieter

Today's lucky secretary: Garrett Holmstrom



Mate Desktop/personnel issues

Rex Dieter, Dan Mashal's sponsor, guest starred here.

Action: Toshio will update the trac ticket with information about what has already happened. (summarized version of what Rex has done about the problem)

Action: Dan's Ambassador and Packaging sponsors are going to continue working with him to help ensure the level of courteousness has improved.

Action: Robyn will send a message to the upstream developer about what we've done so far. They can contact the [[1]] mailing list or Rex if there are any further issues.

End-user Survey

142: DRM Free

Open Floor / Your suggestion here / Who's got good news?

John talked to the State solar car team about using Fedora/RH.

141: Publicizing Board votes

The board will vote next week and in the trac ticket.

Next meeting: IRC, 2012-09-12

Board public IRC meetings

Peter will miss the next two weeks' meetings.

Garrett might miss next week's meeting.