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People present (lines said):

  1. jlaska (75)
  2. wwoods (29)
  3. j_dulaney (23)
  4. kparal (18)
  5. vaschenb (8)
  6. zodbot (6)
  7. fenris02 (4)

Unable to attend:

  1. Liam
  2. Rhe
  3. Newgle1
  4. Adamwill


Previous meeting follow-up

  1. User:j_dulaney discussed possible proventesters from his OS class

F14 Alpha test milestones

Owner - User:rhe
F-14 Alpha test compose CD and DVD images are available for test (see
Testing currently blocked by RHBZ #620274
Next steps...
Create F-14-Alpha 'test compose #2' with newer anaconda (anaconda-devel and rel-eng)
Help testing the F14 Alpha installer (qa)
Help testing the F14 Alpha desktop (qa)

Accepting Test Day Proposals

Owner - User:adamw
Adamw notes that we're looking very light on test days for this cycle, so if anyone has any ideas, please pitch in.
Current list of proposed test days
Next steps...
Propose a test day topic
Add planned events to the test day schedule

AutoQA update

Owner - User:wwoods
vaschenb's helloworld patch committed, kparal followed up with some cleanup to address bugs
kparal's control.autoqa patchset accepted into master. Enables multihook tests, new test scheduling and autotest labels support (i.e. "all inclusive"). More details available at Managing_autotest_labels
Next steps...
Wwoods continuing to test jskladan's proposed AutoQA base class patch set
Update Writing_AutoQA_Tests once pending patchsets have been pushed to master
Upgrade path test -- autoqa ticket#123
Build depcheck unittest scenarios -- autoqa ticket#202
More depcheck activities (see roadmap)

Open discussion - <Your topic here>

Upcoming QA events

Action items

  1. adamw and jlaska to propose artwork final release criteria

IRC Transcript

jlaska #startmeeting Fedora QA 15:00
zodbot Meeting started Mon Aug 2 15:00:01 2010 UTC. The chair is jlaska. Information about MeetBot at 15:00
zodbot Useful Commands: #action #agreed #halp #info #idea #link #topic. 15:00
jlaska meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
jlaska #meetingname fedora-qa 15:00
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:00
jlaska #topic Gathering in the lobby 15:00
jlaska Will wait a few minutes for folks to join 15:00
* kparal joins on time 15:00
* fenris02 waves 15:00
jlaska kparal: fenris02 vaschenb hi there :) 15:00
* vaschenb uff, 1 minute delay :-) 15:00
fenris02 g'morning 15:00
* jlaska notes ... adamw won't be around today ... today is Civic day in Canada 15:01
jlaska if we see adamw respond in the meeting, we get to shush him ... he's supposed to be taking the day off 15:01
* j_dulaney is a pirate today 15:01
jlaska j_dulaney: pirates welcome 15:01
j_dulaney sweet 15:01
jlaska vaschenb: adjusting to life back in Brno? 15:02
vaschenb jlaska: everything is so fast and every drink is alcohol-free :-D 15:02
kparal jlaska: I can tell you vaschenb now lacks a lot of wine :) 15:02
jlaska haha 15:03
jlaska well, glad to have you back 15:03
vaschenb kparal: psst :-) 15:03
jlaska I think wwoods is lurking ... we may need to lure him out with some treats 15:03
j_dulaney .bacon 15:04
zodbot I love bacon, you love bacon, WE ALL LOVE BACON! 15:04
jlaska that should do it, as long as it's soy bacon 15:04
jlaska okay ... let's get started 15:04
jlaska #topic Previous meeting follow-up 15:05
* wwoods appears in a puff of vegetarian bacon 15:05
jlaska eeew 15:05
jlaska :) 15:05
jlaska first, kparal, many thanks for wiki-zing the minutes from last week 15:05
jlaska I have an item for adamw and I, but I'll save that for when he's back 15:05
jlaska only other item ... 15:06
kparal jlaska: ah, I really wasn't good at it 15:06
jlaska #info j_dulaney discussed possible proventesters from his OS class 15:06
jlaska j_dulaney: any updates on this topic? 15:06
j_dulaney Classes start up late August 15:06
jlaska kparal: funny, I think the same thing about my notes each week too! 15:06
j_dulaney I want to say around the 22nd 15:07
jlaska okay ... anything you'd need in prep for classes? 15:07
jlaska feel free to raise in the meetings here, or on the list 15:07
j_dulaney Not sure just yet, still trying to work that out with Mr. Edwards. 15:08
jlaska Like adamw mentioned last time, we've had some experience with organizing QA events in a university setting ... but always looking for more opportunities 15:08
j_dulaney I'm thinking you'll get a flood of proventester requests 15:08
j_dulaney Of course, this is also assuming that enough people sign up for the class, which hasn't always happened. 15:09
jlaska okay, as we get closer, we may want to come up with some ideas to quickly process the flood 15:09
j_dulaney Righteo. I'll keep up on this end 15:10
jlaska j_dulaney: cool, let us know how we can help :) 15:10
jlaska alright ... a few quick #topic updates ... 15:10
j_dulaney Roger 15:10
jlaska #topic F-14 Alpha Test Compose -- it's dead Jim 15:11
fenris02 is there a new anaconda image coming rsn? 15:11
jlaska #info F-14 Alpha test compose CD and DVD images are available for test (see 15:11
j_dulaney I still have not been able to succeed in yum updating to it 15:11
kparal dead Jim? 15:12
jlaska fenris02: there is a new anaconda already in koji ... I'll need ot catch up with anaconda-devel to see if an even newer version is expected 15:12
j_dulaney Star Trek 15:12
kparal meaning it's completely broken? 15:12
jlaska #info Current F-14-Alpha blockers - 15:12
fenris02 kparal, yes. py fail on bootup 15:12
jlaska kparal: yeah ... there's a ugly remnant of the python-2.7 migration .. 15:12
kparal fenris02: alright. little less work for me then :) 15:12
jlaska .bug 620274 15:12
zodbot jlaska: Bug 620274 pyconfig-32.h is missing, anaconda fails - 15:12
jlaska I'll try an updates.img after the meeting (although this might not be updates.img-able) 15:13
j_dulaney I posted a similar bug, let me see if I can find it 15:13
jlaska will post to the mailing list if that helps get tests further along 15:13
jlaska so stay tuned ... we'll likely have new media for testing fairly soon 15:15
j_dulaney .bug 620082 15:15
zodbot j_dulaney: Bug 620082 Python dependance broken. - 15:15
jlaska #info Testing currently blocked bug 620274 15:15
jlaska j_dulaney: your bug is different, but similar to what newgle posted on the install matrix (I think) ... 15:16
jlaska j_dulaney: still more fall-out from python-2.7 15:16
jlaska so stay tuned gang ... 15:16
j_dulaney Indeed 15:16
jlaska #topic Accepting Test Day Proposals 15:17
jlaska As adamw noted during open-discussion last week ... 15:17
jlaska #info Adamw notes that we're looking very light on test days for this cycle, so if anyone has any ideas, please pitch in 15:17
jlaska Hurry (rhe) gets the prize for the first F-14 test day on the schedule 15:17
jlaska #info Installer translation/keyboard test day scheduled (see 15:17
jlaska Only thing I wanted to point out here was that we have a few proposals for events 15:18
jlaska #info Current proposed test days -- 15:18
jlaska But if you have a good idea for a test day, or want to host one ... please submit an idea 15:19
jlaska #link 15:19
jlaska alright ... flying through the agenda today 15:19
jlaska #topic AutoQA package acceptance update 15:19
jlaska Quite a bit of movement in recent days ... wwoods, can you walk through recent updates and next steps? 15:20
wwoods well, we've been working on some patches to lay groundwork we need for advanced testing 15:20
wwoods kparal wrote some patches that rework how tests handle their arguments and how they can label themselves as requiring certain capabilities 15:21
wwoods like what arch they want to run on or whether they need virt capabilities 15:21
kparal or distro 15:22
wwoods right 15:22
jlaska there's a friendly wiki doc for that ... 15:22
jlaska #link 15:22
wwoods it lets the tests use various labels that we've defined in autotest for the test hosts 15:22
wwoods which is awesome. there was also a patch from jskladan that moved all the tests to using a common base class 15:23
wwoods which lets us define some default behaviors for autoqa tests, like sending mail and/or reporting to a future resultdb 15:23
wwoods without having to add code to every test 15:23
wwoods which is also awesome 15:23
* j_dulaney likes less work 15:23
wwoods and (IIRC) vaschenb wrote a 'helloworld' test that we can use to be sure that tests are running properly 15:24
kparal the changes are not really documented on our wiki yet 15:24
jlaska that is a nice improvement ... I was getting worried with maintaining all that results mail code in each test 15:24
wwoods which has been really useful in testing all the (fairly invasive) changes we've made here 15:24
wwoods so - huge thanks to kparal, jskladan, and vaschenb for all their work 15:25
wwoods there's more than this but those are the hilights for the moment 15:25
j_dulaney When can we expect some Wiki love so that us newbs can get in on the fun? 15:25
wwoods so the next steps are to finish testing, merge the code into the master branch, and write some docs on the new changes 15:25
kparal j_dulaney: sure. in the meantime just look at the doc/ directory 15:25
kparal (that is new there) 15:26
j_dulaney kparal: Roger 15:26
wwoods once the new code is deployed I'm going to resume work on getting depcheck up and running as promised 15:26
jlaska jskladan mentioned he was looking into updating once those patches all land in master 15:26
wwoods I think I saw some test code kicking around - using rpmfluff(?) to generate RPMs with certain dependency structures that we can use as tests cases 15:27
* kparal has a question 15:27
wwoods so that'll probably be the next major target - using various resources (like to design test cases for depcheck 15:27
wwoods to make sure it's handling everything as expected 15:27
j_dulaney I was going to work on that, but my lack of python knowledge got in the way 15:27
* j_dulaney is working on learning Python 15:28
kparal wwoods: what's the current status of post-bodhi-update hook? 15:28
wwoods there are a lot of other important things in the works - they might be able to be done in parallel with that effort, if we have enough free time. but we'll see. 15:28
wwoods kparal: should be merged and functional, I believe? 15:28
wwoods if it's not, we should fix that. it has a couple of known shortcomings but should be good enough for what we want to do 15:29
wwoods and now that we can have multihook tests we can wire up rpmlint/rpmdiff there, if we like 15:29
kparal wwoods: well I thought it's not finished yet. I'll look tomorrow, now I'm remotely connected 15:29
wwoods kparal: I'll check and make sure it's there - I haven't gotten to testing it yet 15:30
jlaska vaschenb: have you had a chance to start thinking about designing depcheck unittests? 15:30
wwoods it will be tested and confirmed working before we push new code to production 15:30
kparal wwoods: but everything should be already in master, right? 15:30
vaschenb jlaska: not yet, now i'm working on upgradepath test 15:31
vaschenb jlaska: but some skeleton I already made, but I need more specific information... 15:31
jlaska vaschenb: oh right, forgot about that test ( 15:31
wwoods kparal: I thought it was 15:32
kparal jlaska: I think vaschenb will be our upgrade path guy nowadays, so I can look at rpmfluff instead 15:32
wwoods kparal: hooks/post-bodhi-update exists in master, anyway 15:32
wwoods the code at least exists - whether or not it Does The Right Thing is unsure 15:33
jlaska kparal: vaschenb: exciting, sounds like a plan 15:33
vaschenb jlaska: so upgradepath test is not my business now? 15:33
kparal vaschenb: I believe it is :) 15:33
vaschenb kparal: me too :-) 15:33
jlaska vaschenb: correction, sounds like you have the upgrade path, and kparal was going to take depcheck unit tests 15:33
jlaska did I get that right? 15:33
kparal yep 15:33
vaschenb jlaska: ok, now I understand, uff :-) 15:33
jlaska roger ... okay ... back to wwoods 15:34
* jlaska </tangent> 15:34
j_dulaney Ooh, squirrel 15:34
kparal hey, I'm loosing you 15:34
jlaska wwoods: anything else you wanted to include today? 15:35
wwoods that's all I had in mind for the near future - there's more, of course, but we'll have another meeting before we get to any of that 15:36
jlaska roger, alright ... thanks for the update gang 15:37
jlaska #topic Open Discussion - <your topic here> 15:37
jlaska Any open discussion items this week? 15:37
jlaska if not ... we'll close this puppy out and let everyone get back to rockin! 15:38
* j_dulaney notes that he already has Oasis going 15:39
j_dulaney Looks like we have a buggout in progress. 15:40
jlaska alrighty, let's close it out 15:41
jlaska thanks gang ... talk to you all online :) 15:41
jlaska as usual, I'll send the minutes to the list 15:41
jlaska #endmeeting 15:41

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