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Fedora is returning to the annual Southern California Linux Expo!

What, When, and Where?

Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) is a yearly Linux, free software, and open source conference that takes place in Pasadena, California. Find out more about this event at: [1]

SCaLE 16X – the 16th year of the Southern California Linux Expo – takes place on Mar. 8-11, 2018, at the Pasadena Convention Center

Why does Fedora attend SCaLE?

SCaLE covers a region that spans the west coast, but also includes many guests worldwide. We as Ambassadors see the event as a focal point that draws visitors from all over the state of California and around the world. Since this event is the only one of its kind in this geographical area, we can provide Fedora outreach and education to the Greater Los Angeles area. Most of the attendees are from locations that have and participate in Linux User Groups in their local states.

Each year, we bring forth the vision that Fedora is more than just another distribution. We interact with guests to see how they find Fedora useful, versatile, and feature-rich in their daily lives demonstrate how helpful the community is. Also the venue is in proximity to Pasadena, drawing locals and neighboring communities.

What is the focus of the event?

We plan to provide booth demonstrations of the distribution and to entertain feedback and discussion. Our goal is to educate attendees about the various spins and environments available.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions and why are those particular solutions strategically important?

Our enthusiasm to educate inspires guests to contribute their time and expertise to teach and help with Fedora and to give back to the community.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to the Fedora platform's overall measured success?

Our outreach and networking fosters awareness that Fedora provides a positive addition to the Linux realm.

Booth visitors have the opportunity to provide verbal and written input about Fedora.


Full event registration covers booth exhibitors, including Fedora volunteers.


Fedora traditionally has a handful of speakers at the event. If you'd like to give a talk, the Call For Papers was August 15 - Oct 31, 2017.


Speakers, add your name, topic, and link here:

Date and Time Location Speaker Topic Link
Fri, Mar 9, TBD Ballroom TBD Perry Rivera/Alex Acosta Fedora Day: Highlights, How You Can Help Fedora, Work Session and General Meetup TBD
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 16:30 to 17:30 Room 101 Langdon White Fedora Modularity: Lessons Learned, Next Steps & Demo


The exhibition hall has traditionally been open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Booth and Fedora Activity Day Setup Schedule

Date Time Location Task Comments
3/8: Thursday 9:00 AM Exhibit Hall Assemble and Set Up Tablecloth, Banner
3/9: Friday 10-10:30 AM (Setup: 9:30 AM) Ballroom TBD Set up laptop for presentation: Fedora Highlights Speaker: TBD
3/9: Friday 10:30 AM-11:00 AM Ballroom TBD Set up laptop for presentation: How You Can Help with Fedora Speakers: TBD
3/9: Friday 11:00AM-12:00 PM Ballroom TBD Set up laptop for presentation: Work Session and General Meetup Facilitators: TBD
3/9: Friday 12:30 PM Exhibit Hall Set up laptops and displays
3/9: Friday 2:00 PM Expo Hall Opens
3/9: Friday 6:00 PM Expo Hall Closes Pack up laptops and displays
3/10: Saturday 9:00 AM Exhibit Hall Set up laptops and displays
3/10: Saturday 10:00 AM Expo Hall Opens
3/10: Saturday 6:00 PM Expo Hall Closes Pack up laptops and displays
3/11: Sunday 9:00 AM Exhibit Hall Set up laptops and displays
3/11: Sunday 10:00 AM Expo Hall Opens Set up laptops and displays
3/11: Sunday 2:00 PM Expo Hall Closes Pack up laptops and displays All Remaining Ambassadors Please Help Out...Thanks!

Fedora Activity Day

Fedora Activity Day will be taking place on Friday, March 9th, Ballroom TBD. Time is Friday, 10a-12p PST.

Fedora Activity Day Setup Schedule:

See Setup Schedule Above. Fedora Activity Day has been rolled up into the Setup Schedule for clarity.

Fedora Volunteers

16X Event Owner: Perry Rivera

Volunteers, add your name to the table below:

Name Thurs (8th) Fri (9th) Sat (10th) Sun (11th) Comments
Brian Monroe ? ? ? ? ?
Perry Rivera X X X TBD I intend to help with the booth and facilitate Fedora Activity Day. I will be planning to stay at a Sheraton Pasadena hotel.
Alex Acosta X X X X I intend to help with booth duties, participate in FAD and talk with attendees about Fedora and DevOps. Fluent in both English and Spanish
Scott Williams X X X Booth and FAD. I do not need a hotel room or any funding from Fedora - I will commute locally from home.
Clint Savage ? ? ? ? ?
Adam Miller ? ? ? ? ?
Michael Singh X X X X Happy to contribute!

General Pricing

  • Parking: $19-$23 [as of 1/11/18] [2]
  • Hotel: $184/night + $27.97 (city taxes) (TBD) --> $211.97 [as of 1/11/18] Hotel

Event Budget

FAD Budget is totally Separate and has to have a purpose and a clearly set of returnables

  • $$$$ is requested
Item Cost 'Bucket' Comments Sub-total Actual
Ambassador team lodging $212 Ambassador est $212/room per night + taxes. Rivera/Acosta ($212+$212+$212=$636) *Acosta may need additional night depending on flight availability $636.00 $640.88
Travel See Comments at Right Ambassador Flights for Acosta (etd$650), Gas for Rivera ($35) $685.00 $8 for Rivera
Parking $23 Ambassador Parking for Rivera for 4 days ($23*4=$92) [subject to change, per Sheraton Pasadena website...) $92.00 $57 for Rivera
SCaLE Pass1 $0 Ambassador Rivera, Acosta $0.00 $0.00
Basic Exhibitor (10x10) booth)1 $0 Ambassador Rivera, Acosta $0.00 $0.00
Ambassador sub-total Ambassador $1413.00 $705.88 for Rivera

1SCaLE will be providing these as part of a community-sponsored package.


No live streaming scheduled to take place this year.

Event Reports

Alex Acosta's event report

Perry Rivera's event report