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This is a place-holder page for "Testing Maps" documentation. More to come. This is all very unstructured right now. The goal is to make our testing efforts similar to a Gamebook - instead of making decisions for the protagonist, what hardware you have and what tests you've done determine the next testcase to run.


Below is a rough example of how I decide which tests to do as I work through the matrices.

 Arch? x86_64
   EFI Install -
 Installation Type?
   Graphical -
   Text -
   VNC -
 What kind of drive?
   SATA Drive -
 What kind of partitioning?
   Autopart -
     Data on the Drive?
       Yes - Reclaim Space -
       No - Free Space -
 Encrypting partitions?
   Base Setup -
 Creating a user during Install?
     Yes - Continue testing...
     No - Initial Setup -
 Desktop Environment
     GNOME or KDE
       Login -
       Panel Basic -

Testcase Meta Data

One issue that arises when looking at grouping test cases like this, is how do you add test cases? If this is a manual process, then the work to add a test case could large (depending on how many test maps you had). Manually doing things is hardly what I'm arguing for. I think that by adding some metadata to our test cases we can group these tests relatively easily.