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== Summary ==
== Summary ==
* Minutes:
* Minutes:
* Minutes (text):
* Minutes (text):
== Next Meeting ==
== Next Meeting ==
* See [[Ambassadors/APAC/Meeting_Minutes#Next|APAC Meeting Minutes]]  for the next meeting date and time.
* See [[Ambassadors/APAC/Meeting_Minutes#Next|APAC Meeting Minutes]]  for the next meeting date and time.

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[edit] APAC Bi-Weekly Meeting Time

  • 2011-10-15 04:00 UTC Click here to convert to local time
  • #fedora-meeting on
  • Meetings go for just over one hour, but sometimes go longer.

For Help on IRC

[edit] Participants

This week's APAC Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by Dramsey, Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera, bckurera and Truong Anh Tuan, tuanta.

[edit] Meeting Protocol

[edit] Agenda

  • Ambassador Pinging - Your name, Where your located, etc.
    • For example ".fas asmartgoat My name is Luke, from Australia and I use Fedora 15 from a DVD."
    • For example ".fas dramsey My name is dramsey, from Japan and I use Fedora 15 from a DVD and Fedora 16 from an .ISO."
  • News from FAmSCo
    • We will skip this topic if there is no news from FAmSCo or a FAmSCo representative
    • Any word on the APAC Stickers???
    • Please place news here.
  • Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting
  • Talk about the Fedora Stickers. ==> helps Kaio and Gerard with getting numbers on to plan for stickers
    • How many stickers would be useful for you? Quantity!!!
  • Reimbursements Blank Media as well as Fedora13/14/15 Release Party dinners??? ==> dramsey

* LCA 2012

    1. And so it begins. ==> Luke Martinez
    2. Budget
    3. Interest in attendance?
    4. Sponsorship?
  • FUDCon Pune 2011
    1. [1]
  • Open Floor
    1. Brainstorming
    2. Any Ideas that you have in your mind?


[edit] Transcript

[edit] Summary

[edit] Next Meeting