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Meetings of the Fedora Websites team will be held regularly.

Meetings are typically an hour in length, but may be terminated early if all business is concluded.

Time and Place

Our weekly meetings are on Friday's at 20:00 UTC in #fedora-websites (IRC). For those needing web clients, visit

To convert UTC to localtime, execute
date -d '2010-01-22 20:00 UTC'

Google Calendar users: Click here to add this event to your Google Calendar.

ICS file: Import File:Fedora-Websites-Meeting.ics file into your calendar client.

In each meeting, we will run down the current tasks list.

If meeting logs are not published, they can be found on the Meetbot website.

Note: Meeting logs are sent to the mailing list.


This weeks topics are the following

  1. F13 Release day follow-up
  2. Websites_Release_SOP update
  3. SEO project update
  4. Design document
  5. New fp.o website -- pipeline