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This page holds all the ideas suggested by community members for the Fedora Summer Coding 2010 program.

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Other ideas that were incomplete or worth considering from the past are found at Summer coding ideas for 2009.

Looking for ideas?


  1. Think in terms of use cases.
    If you provide a use case and some ideas of how to solve, you give more room for students to put in their own ideas and passion.
    Consider if that is possible for each of your project ideas.
  2. Prepare a project idea page, part of which is included on this page.
    To learn how to add an idea to this page, read How to create an idea page for Summer Coding.
  3. Use talk page to discuss ideas and proposals.
    Use the discussion tab (Talk:Name of idea) page for all discussion about an idea.
    Idea pages should be renamed as proposals when accepted, and all discussion about the proposal should also go in the talk page.

Idea page sample

The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - Idea page sample.


Summary of idea:





The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - RHQ.

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Various ideas related to RHQ:

Contacts: Heiko W. Rupp <hwr @ >, pilhuhn on

Mentor(s): Heiko W. Rupp

Notes: Ideas are e.g. better visual representation of the inventory (graphical forests), new graphing code for metrics (as DOM+CSS+JS versions), allowing different availability check interval for 'important' resources, separating agent heart beat from availability messages or combining data from different resources and types to trigger alerts on this combined data ("Correlation units"). Other ideas are very welcome. Also check the Ideas wiki page at

KDE Netbook Spin

The main page for this proposal is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - KDE Netbook Spin.

Status: Accepting Applications

Summary of idea: The creation of an official KDE Netbook Edition Spin for Fedora 14

Contacts: Ryan Rix < rrix >, rrix on

Mentor(s): Ryan Rix rrix on, Jaroslav Reznik jreznik on

Welcome Wizard

The main page for Summer Coding 2010 ideas is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - Welcome Wizard.

Status: Idea

Summary of idea: A step by step process of joining the Fedora Project.

Contacts: Mike McGrath

Mentor(s): Mike McGrath

Notes: Right now when new users sign up for an account, they have NO idea what to do next. One common thing is applying for a bunch of seemingly random groups, then trying to ssh to fedorapeople. Then just having your applications sit there... forever never getting approved.

I'd like for the account system to have a simple wizard interface (via a plugin), welcomes users, explains how Fedora works and explains how to apply for groups and what to expect. We may have to come up with a standard way to apply for groups, to be discussed.

PackageDB Enhancements

The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - PackageDB Enhancements.

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: The Fedora PackageDB contains information that both developers and end users would find useful about the applications and packages in Fedora. There are a large variety of changes that could be useful for it ranging from the mundane (example: porting to TurboGears2, adjusting the way we link between the Application and Package interfaces) to redesigning the database model, or including new features.

Contacts: Toshio Kuratomi

Mentor(s): Toshio Kuratomi

Notes: Some ideas are listed on


The main page for this idea is Summer Coding 2010 ideas - Copr.

Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Copr (Cool Other Package Repo) is a Fedora project to help make building and managing third party package repositories easy. Copr is being implemented this summer by Seth Vidal and Toshio Kuratomi. They would welcome help from interested students.

Contacts: Toshio Kuratomi(abadger1999)

Mentor(s): Toshio Kuratomi(abadger1999)

Notes: More information about Copr


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