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Fedora Test Days
Gnome 3.14

Date 2014-08-28
Time all day

Website Fedora Calendar
IRC #fedora-test-day (webirc)
Mailing list test

Can't make the date?
If you come to this page before or after the test day is completed, your testing is still valuable, and you can use the information on this page to test, file any bugs you find at Bugzilla, and add your results to the results section. If this page is more than a month old when you arrive here, please check the current schedule and see if a similar but more recent Test Day is planned or has already happened.

What to test?[edit]

Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day will focus on new features in Gnome 3.14.

Who's available[edit]

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

Prerequisite for Test Day[edit]

  • bootable USB key or CD/DVD disk with latest Fedora 21 live image or:
  • machine or VM with updated Fedora 21

Known issues[edit]

How to test?[edit]

Test Cases[edit]

GNOME Shell[edit]

Control Center[edit]


Features to test -- use for notes[edit]

  • New Features (P1)
* captive portal support in nm/gnome-shell
* better rdp support in vinagre
* etc
  • Older Features (P2)
* New search providers for clocks, calculator
* Geolocation support in gnome-weather, gnome-clocks, gnome-maps, gnome-initial-setup (timezone), gnome-control-center (date & time)
* Google support in gnome-photos
* etc