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No./Nr. Name $$$ Veg Size Comments
1 Paul W. Frields XXL Back in Boston in January. So happy.
2 Tom 'spot' Callaway Veg XXL Grand vizier. (no crash space, sorry!)
3 Máirín Duffy Veg S mens / M womens
4 Scott Fitchet
5 Matt Domsch XL I love Boston in January. It's why I moved to Austin. Looking forward to reliving those snowy memories!
6 Russell Harrison L
7 Jon Stanley X XL
8 Chris Tyler XL Considering bringing ~12 Fedora folks from Seneca by bus. If you're interested in a cheap/free charter coach seat from Toronto area, let me know.
9 Ricky Zhou X XL Jan 9-11 should be perfect :-)
10 Ian Weller X L Needs hotel room Sunday night for departure on Monday.
11 Clint Savage X XXL Can likely make this based upon advanced notice.
12 Mike McGrath X You can take my life. But you can't take my FREEDOM!
13 Jesse Keating XL Arriving on the 3rd, departing on the 12th.
14 James Laska No preference at this point
15 Jeroen van Meeuwen XL
16 Luke Macken M
17 Bernie Innocenti X Veg M Depends on availability of good tasting coffee
18 Brian Powell X XL
19 Xavier Lamien X S
20 Kevin Kelleher
21 Michel Salim X Might be driving from Bloomington, IN -- any carpoolers, email me
22 David Nalley X XL Might bus several contributors (GDK is at least interested) from SC up - if you are interested in riding, contact me
23 Steven Parrish X XXL Got transport just need a place to stay.
24 John Rose X L
25 Seth Vidal X Veg Wow, Boston, who would have thought it!
26 [[User:]]
27 Dennis Gilmore X XXL Would like to crash at some ones house.
28 Paul Stauffer M
29 Jared Smith X L Am happy to catch a ride from the Washington D.C. area and/or share a room
30 Will Woods Veg S
31 Thibault North X M Anybody coming from Canada ?
32 DaveJ M (pre-baconator)
33 Andrew Overholt X Veg S Looks like I can do about $300 return for bus to Buffalo and flight
34 Jeremy Katz S
35 Greg DeKoenigsberg L Hey Dave Nalley! If you're coming up 85, stop in Durham to get me!
36 Deepak Bhole X L To be confirmed
37 Kyle McMartin X XL what, no bojangles?!
38 Susan Lauber L
39 Bill Nottingham X XL Have spare hotel bed through Saturday
40 Toshio Kuratomi X M
41 Matthew Miller Veg M Chicken is a vegetable.
42 Nalin Dahyabhai Veg XL
43 Harpreet Singh XL
44 Bill Peck Veg L
45 Dave Malcolm M
46 Tim Burke M
47 Jon Masters Veg M Can possibly offer a ride from Cambridge, in the unlikely event that it's very far away. I bet it's in Cambridge.
48 Dan Walsh XL
49 Andy Lindeberg S
50 Jarod Wilson XL
51 Mike Bonnet XL
52 Eve McGlynn S
53 John Poelstra XL
54 Stephen Gallagher L
55 Chris Lumens M THUD
56 Rebecca Sobol X L Will share a room
57 Chuck Ebbert L The cake is a lie
58 Ed Hill XL May (?) have a convertible couch available
59 Dan Winship M
60 Karsten Wade XL Sharing hotel with $someone from CommunityArchitecture
61 Rags Srinivas Veg XL
62 Chris Ball Veg L
63 Bill Cattey M
64 Chuck Anderson M Will there be any cellular peptide cake?
65 Jeff Arnold M
66 Greg Smith L Boston based so let me know if you need anything while in town.
67 Jim Gettys XXXL
68 SJ Klein N Y S May have futon avail in Cambridge
69 Walter Bender XL May have a couch or two available (but in Newton)
70 Ben Schwartz M
71 Caroline Meeks XL