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Freemedia program is for GIVING freemedia, if you join this, you will have to GIVE free media, you will NOT receive any media yourself. If you wish to receive freemedia, see Request Media
We will like to thank you for your interest in Fedora Free Media Program. This is a volunteer initiative under Fedora Distribution Project that aims to distribute Fedora Media (DVDs) for free to individuals who can't afford to buy or download. Please note this is a volunteer initiative by local Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors. More Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors are invited to participate . If you have any question about Freemedia Program please contact Buddika or Ankur. Please do not write directly to program coordinators requesting media

What to expect

We expect from you to provide time and resources to:

  1. get the ISO of the current Fedora Release. 32\64 bit DVD, 32\64 Gnome Live, 32\64 KDE Live
  2. do what you can to help out. 1 or 2 discs p\m, is all we ask.
  3. pay the wrapping and postage to ship those disks.

You are not expected to provide boxes, printed sleeves or printed labels. Writing with a soft tip marker and a standard CD mailer will be enough.
A FreeMedia Mailer has been created to aid this process and it is available here.

Feel free to donate more media and send printed disk if you wish. You can even send media to other countries if you wish. But remember that this is a volunteer initiative. There are no refunds. Do not expend more that you can afford.


Obsolete, link for historical purposes. If all these expectations are too much, you can still help us by Making a donation to the program.

How to join

First four steps are MANDATORY. In absence of any one, your subscription will not be approved. The process is reviewed personally, so allow at least one day for program coordinators' response (can take longer, busy person)
Please do not join Freemedia for requesting disk. For requesting media see Request Media
If you seek help please contact the coordinator for more info and support, Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera

If you do not complete the first four steps as mentioned your request would not be entertained. Therefore please make sure you have followed the steps correctly.

  1. Create an account at Fedora Account System (FAS). If you already are a Fedora Contributor, the go directly to the second step. (Please make sure to include Country Code in your FAS profile)
  2. Apply for "freemedia" group via Fedora Account System. Do 4 straight after this
  3. Please make sure your personal wiki page is in place with your contact details. Please include your country of residence. Your personal wiki page will be located as the following example:<FAS_account> You can find out the template for personal wiki page here.
  4. Subscribe to Fedora Free Media Program Mailing List and wait for an approval. If you don't apply for 'Freemedia' group in FAS first, (as described in step 2) your subscription to the list will be rejected!
  5. Optional:If you want to receive every ticket updates, you may subscribe to Freemedia Trac List

Why two lists?

  • Freemedia list is a low traffic list where you can ask questions and communicate ideas related to freemedia. Being on this list is mandatory.
  • Freemedia Trac list is a high traffic where every single transaction on the trac system is emailed. If one person open, assign , comment, or close a ticket one email is generated. This should be about 1750 mails every month. Being in this list is optional.

After you have Joined

  • Please read Standard Operating Procedure before you handle tickets.
  • A screen-casting is here .
  • After you are familiar with the process, you may go to Freemedia Ticketing System to take care of the request.
  • You may use the FreeMedia disc mailer to save on postage costs, it is available here.
  • You can use this message to comunicate with people you will serve in order to clarify what FreeMedia is about.
  • Add yourself to the Member List

Members of Freemedia Team

You can check if there is a freemedia contributor on your country at the Member List

Existing Freemedia programs

These have been removed in favour of the trac form: []