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Apa itu Proyek Fedora?

Proyek Fedora merupakan kemitraan anggota komunitas perangkat lunak bebas dari seluruh dunia. Proyek Fedora membangun komunitas perangkat lunak sumber terbuka dan menghasilakan distribusi Linux bernama "Fedora."

Misi kami

Misi Proyek Fedora adalah memimpin kemajuan perangkat lunak bebas dan sumber terbuka dan kandungannya sebagai kerja sama komunitas.

Unsur Misi Fedora

Tiga unsur misi ini jelas:

  • Proyek Fedora selalu berusaha untuk memimpin, tidak mengikuti.
  • Proyek Fedora konsisten berupaya untuk menciptakan, meningkatkan, menyebarkan kode dan kontent bebas/gratis.
  • Proyek Fedora berhasil melalui tindakan bersama pada bagian dari banyak orang di seluruh komunitas kami.

Berbasis pengguna (juga dikenal sebagai target khalayak)

Di antara tujuan kami yang lain, kami berusaha untuk membuat distribusi yang tidak hanya terbuka untuk kontribusi tetapi juga melayani kebutuhan penggunakhalayak luas. Dengan memenuhi kebutuhan umum dari khalayak luas, Fedora mendorong penyebaran perangkat lunak bebas, pemahaman metodologi, serta partisipasi dalam proses tersebut.

Nilai Inti Kami

Nilai inti Proyek Fedora, atau Yayasan, ditetapkan pada halaman wiki mereka sendiri.

Kami sangat percaya pada prinsip dasar yang menciptakan semua komponen sistem operasi kami, dan karena ini kita menjamin Bahwa Fedora akan selalu bebas untuk semua orang, dimanapun, untuk menggunakan, memodifikasi dan mendistribusikan.

Komunitas Kami

Fedora lebih dari sekadar perangkat lunak. Ini adalah sebuah Komunitas kontributor dari diseluruh dunia, termasuk relawan dan pegawai Red Hat, Yang bekerja sama satu sama lain untuk memajukan kepentingan gerakan budaya bebas. Setiap orang diundang untuk bergabung dan, apa pun keahlian Anda, kami memiliki tempat untuk Anda di komunitas kami! Komunitas Fedora mencakup teknikal perangkat lunak, seniman, sistem administrator, desain web, penulis, pembicara, dan penterjemah -- Semuanya akan dengan senang hati membantu Anda memulai.

Kami percaya bahwa semua kontributor seharusnya menjadi sangat baik satu sama lain. Dengan menciptakan lingkungan untuk kontribusi yang konstruktif, kita dapat lebih efektif dan berhasil membandingkan dan menantang gagasan yang berbeda untuk menemukan solusi terbaik untuk kemajuan, sambil membangun ukuran, keragaman, dan kekuatan komunitas kita.

Our Method

Fedora is a center for innovation in free and open source software, and creates a community where contributors of all kinds -- developers, documenters, artists, system administrators, and other free software and open source enthusiasts -- come together to advance the ecosystem for the benefit of everyone. The Fedora community contributes everything it builds back to the free and open source world and continues to make advances of significance to the broader community, as evidenced by the regular and rapid incorporation of its features into other Linux distributions. Regardless of which Linux distribution you use, you are relying on code developed within the Fedora Project.

Our Governance

Like any large community, Fedora provides several leadership components to help identify ways to improve, and to resolve conflicts on technical, organizational, and social levels. The goal for community leadership is to provide the minimum oversight required, and the maximum encouragement to community members to succeed in furthering the Fedora Project's shared goals. For this reason, governance of the community largely comes from the community itself. The Leadership page is a good place to start if you want to read about the primary governance entities in Fedora, and how they work.

Why Is the Fedora Project Different?

We try to always do the right thing, and provide only free and open source software. We will fight to protect and promote solutions that anyone can use and redistribute. To this end, we use only free and open source software to power the Fedora infrastructure itself. With this in mind, all of our developers are focused on working closely with upstream development teams, so everyone can benefit from our work and get access to our changes as soon as possible. Due to the huge amount of innovation that Fedora drives, this focus has had significant and long lasting effects. Some of the recent developments in free and open source software that Fedora has driven include:

The reverse is also true: by Staying_close_to_upstream_projects and development teams, Fedora often gets the latest software before anyone else. Not only does this benefit our community, but it also benefits the upstream teams by providing a much larger audience and more feedback for them.

Another striking difference of Fedora is our goal to empower others to pursue their vision of what a free operating system should be. Fedora now forms the basis for derivative distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the One Laptop Per Child XO, and Creative Commons' Live Content DVDs.

And that's not all. It is just as easy for individuals to create their own distribution, thanks to Fedora's easy remixing tools. These tools allow you to quickly select the packages you want, and create live images for CD/DVD or USB, or installation discs. Some official versions, or what we call "spins," of Fedora have grown up this way, including:

  • Fedora Electronic Lab (installable Live DVD)
  • Fedora Xfce Spin (installable Live CD)
  • Fedora Games Spin (installable Live DVD)

We believe software patents are harmful, a hindrance to innovation in software development, and are inconsistent with the values of free and open source software. While tightly integrating proprietary and patent encumbered components might superficially improve ease of use, this practice does not benefit the community in the long run. The Fedora community prefers approaches that benefit the progress of free software in the future over those that emphasize short term ease of use.

Joining the Fedora Project

Like what you see and want to help out? That's easy too! This page has all the information you need, and don't forget that all our contributors get access to some awesome tools to help them get their work done:

  • Fedora People provides free webspace for hosting Fedora related content
  • Fedora Planet is an aggregation of contributor blogs so you can see what everyone is up to
  • Fedora Hosted is the perfect location for hosting your free and open source projects
  • Fedora's own Gobby server, so we can collaboratively work on documents in real time
  • Fedora Build System to build your software across multiple architectures
  • The skills and experience of hundreds of fellow Fedora contributors!

What is the Fedora Distribution?

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure and easy to manage form. Fedora is the largest of many free software creations of the Fedora Project. Because of its predominance, the word "Fedora" is often used interchangeably to mean both the Fedora Project and the Fedora operating system.

How do I get the Fedora Distribution?

Easy, just visit this page and download it. You can try it without installing anything on your computer, thanks to our Live images on CD or USB - in fact, you can even create a Live USB stick from within Windows!

If you have a slow internet connection, or no internet connection at all, then you can still get Fedora thanks to our volunteer Free Media program.

Where does it come from?

From a community of people who want to put great free software to work around the world. Got something you want to do with Fedora? Download a copy and try it!