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The mktg-FAD 2010 is an event intended to plan the marketing' activities in 2010 and to have some fun together.

Post-F13 Alpha
This event occurs shortly after the Fedora 13 Alpha release. Consult the schedule for details.



We will be meeting for 4 days. The dates are Saturday, March 13, 2010 - Tuesday, March 16, 2010. Out-of-towners will fly in Friday, March 12.


We will be meeting in Raleigh, NC.


If you can host visitors, list yourself here, and what you can provide (should guests bring a pillow? certain gender? only couches available? parking? pets? how far are you from the RH office?)

Ride Sharing / Car Pooling


Please fill in your details .

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Where will you be
during the FAD?
1 Mel Chua Raleigh
2 Henrik Heigl Raleigh
3 Ryan Rix Raleigh
4 robyn bergeron Raleigh
5 MaxSpevack Raleigh
6 Kara Schiltz Raleigh
7 Pascal Calarco South Bend, IN
8 Paul W. Frields Raleigh
9 John Poelstra Portland?
10 Rahul Sundaram India
11 Ben Williams Raleigh
12 Russell Harrison Raleigh (tentative)
13 Neville A. Cross Raleigh
14 Susan Lauber Raleigh (tentative)
15 John Adams Raleigh
16 Chris Grams Raleigh (part-time)
17 Jonathan Opp Raleigh
18 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Manila
18 Aamir A Bhutto Karachi, Pk


For blogs, signatures and the like: buttons! -> later work for artwork ;-)

Other Things we need

  • coffee
  • place to sleep
  • place for work
  • Swag?

Pre-FAD Activities

Anything we need in terms of logistics, materials / tools, content deliverables should be listed here. If you are bringing stuff, please let us know!

Logistics stuff

  • Conference room reserved
  • Conference call phone number - if needed
  • Need a transportation plan for people going to / coming from airport, phone numbers list, etc.
  • Internet access for non-RH people - paperwork, etc? Guest badges?
  • Food Logistics stuff. What are we eating, where are we going? If you're allergic to something, or have special dietary needs, let us know here.

Materials / Tools

  • Whiteboard / markers
  • Software! Let's make sure we all have the needed tools installed before we get to Raleigh. If there is anything specific we need for brand book publishing, video / audio / photo editing, please list it here.
    • Someone fluent in Inkscape (Mel Chua is passable, and can serve if needed.)
    • Perhaps Scribus? (Mel Chua will ask the design list...)
  • Cameras / Video equipment
# FAS Name &
Full Name bringing
1 Robyn Bergeron Flip Video, Leica digital cam, Nikon DSLR, I think I have a mini-tripod somewhere...
2 Henrik Heigl Canon DSLR with extra lens...
3 Your name here....

Content Deliverables

  • Robyn Bergeron would really, really, really like to have the user survey done before the FAD. This means we need to get in gear on getting limesurvey packaged and deployed. If you can package, well, I can buy beer, and worship is not out of the question either. :D Limesurvey status can be found here: Things_to_do_to_finish_Limesurvey
  • Robyn Bergeron would love to see Fedora's Target Audience topic get resolved before the Marketing FAD.


We have four days scheduled for working.

Day 1 (Saturday, March 13)

Strategy and Research. Owner is robyn bergeron. This day will be used for:

  • Discussing market research data results from upcoming Fedora users survey
  • Looking at short-term and long-term strategy, life cycle
  • Revisiting (the) Marketing Plan
  • Reviewing F12 process, successes etc.

Part of the morning will also likely be used for introductions, figuring out internet access for people, generally getting settled, etc.

Schedule proposal (from Mel Chua 06:38, 23 January 2010 (UTC)):

  • 9-10 : breakfast, introductions, orientation
  • 10-noonish : marketing plan, short term and long term strategies, lifecycle.
  • noonish : lunch
  • 1-3 : market research results, marketing research in general
  • 3-4 : F12 postmortem and documentation
  • 4-5:30 : revisit marketing plan, strategy
  • 5:30-6 : go over plan for the rest of the week, revise as needed
  • 6 : dinner

Schedule proposal (from Neville A. Cross 02:59, 24 January 2010 (UTC)):

  • 9-10 : breakfast, introductions, orientations
  • 10-noonish : Review our actual plans and goals, review market research and results (where we are now)
  • noonish : lunch
  • 1-2:30 : Future goals (short and long term), lifecycle. (where we want to be in the future)
  • 2:30-4:00 : strategy and marketing plans (how we go from now to the future)
  • 4-5:30 F12 post mortem and documentation
  • 5:30-6: go over plan for teh rest of the week, revise as needed
  • 6 : dinner

For me makes more sense think about plans after we see de current results

To do before: read again current Marketing Plan.

Day 2 (Sunday, March 14)

Brand book. We can go two ways on this - if we have enough people we'll split into two teams and pursue both.

Option 1: Working on resources, guidelines, templates, slogans, texts and examples for people creating Fedora marketing materials - drawing from Logo and Legal:Trademark guidelines, etc. as content sources.

Option 2: Something like this - drawing from User:Sankarshan/FedoraHandbook,, Foundations, etc. as content sources.

Rahul Sundaram is sending a vision draft to the marketing list.

Deliverable: Brand Book v.1.0 (available freely online, CC-BY, in remixable format, of course). I'd like everyone to be able to go home from the FAD on Tuesday with a printed copy - even if that means "laserjet printer + staples. Mel Chua 06:22, 23 January 2010 (UTC)

Immediate use cases: I'm going to visit a class at Allegheny College that's doing a unit on open source marketing (yep, this is new) right after the FAD; I'd like to be able to bring the book to them and have them analyze/critique/improve it.

Rough schedule:

  • 9-10am : over breakfast, share/pass-around/discuss other brand books and what we like and don't like about them, what we are trying to accomplish with this brand book, history lessons from people who've worked on brand books in the past.
  • 10-11am : table of contents brainstorm, leading to the creation of a table of contents, and division of labor
  • 11am-12:30pm : writing sprint 1
  • lunch, wherein we leave campus and, while eating, or around the same time, try to find passerby who don't know about Fedora to compare some of our design options and give us feedback on the (very rough, at this point) work
  • after-lunch to 4pm : writing sprint 2
  • 4pm : pause for feedback round 2 (either among ourselves, or if we feel the need, going out to find more people)
  • then until 6pm : final sprint, finishing touches
  • 6pm : SHIP IT!
  • dinner, and a test of our shiny new books

Day 3 (Monday, March 15)

Interviews and filming. Owner: Max Spevack

Possible activities:

  • interviewing local developers for feature profile videos
  • a "What is Fedora?" video explaining the project's community and ecosystem
  • 9-10am : breakfast and game-planning, splitting into teams
  • morning : viewing old videos, writing this video's "script" and getting tools ready (and teaching people how to use equipment)
  • lunch : user stories
  • afternoon : go off and do filming
  • dinner
  • evening : those who wish to view video and edit, can view video and edit

Day 4 (Tuesday, March 16)

PR. Owner: Henrik Heigl, with remote backup from Sakis Samaras.

See action items from Kara's "how to monitor PR for a release" class

Possible activities:

  • Fotoshooting for press-photos and picturebook
  • writing some press texts, backgrounder and press-kit
  • putting together some kind of marketing plan

Possible schedule (from Mel Chua 06:44, 23 January 2010 (UTC)):

  • 9-10am : breakfast, meeting people
  • 10-11am : "what have we done so far in PR?" overview from Paul/Kara, plus "what PR resources can RH/others offer?" discussion
  • 11-noon : photo shoot?
  • lunch : Fedora Insight discussion
  • 1-4:30 pm : RH Summit (or Other Major PR Event, if one we want to do something for is coming up sooner) planning and sprinting
  • 4:30-6pm : F13 and F14 PR planning, and how we want to sync with RH PR
  • dinner

Possible schedule (from --Rbergero 05:54, 24 January 2010 (UTC)):

  • 9-10am : breakfast, meeting people
  • 10-11am : "what have we done so far in PR?" overview from Paul/Kara, plus "what PR resources can RH/others offer?" discussion
  • 11-noon : Press Kit - Identify a "table of contents" for a Press Kit, both electronic and hardcopy versions. Discuss cost/benefit relationship to having a hardcopy for press people at Very Large Events, if it is worth the $, etc. Any content going in the press kit - let's develop a schedule and owners to get it out the door.
  • lunch : Fedora Insight discussion
  • 1-3pm: Develop a concrete deliverables plan / schedule of press materials for F13 / F14, to address the groups listed below. On the table: interviews, podcasts, press releases, magazine articles, online webcasts / interview sessions. We should be trying to get into the position of having continuous content throughout the life cycle - not just a rush of it prior to and after final release.
    • General Media (glossy content)
    • Engineers (more technical content)
    • Potential End Users / Community members (community / friendly-focus content)
  • 3-6pm : RH Summit planning. Deliverable: Plan any time / space we have allotted as efficiently as possible. Possibilities on the table: Interviews / roundtables with press members, "fun" with press people (Fedora jeopardy game, or something to that effect) - emphasize the community aspect of Fedora, Shiny Press Kits, etc. I think one of the major goals should be to take the opportunity of having press in one place to have them be more educated about what Fedora -is-, and what Fedora -is not- - this makes for better articles on Fedora by our press friends in the future. Also: anything we come up with can possibly be rehashed / reinvented for Linuxcon, which is in August in Boston.
  • Dinner. nom nom nom
  • Deliverables for day: Press Kit (or beginnings thereof), Schedule of Press-related Deliverables for multiple audiences, RH Summit plan of attack.


The list below is just the collection of items we will discuss about and does not say anything about the time or order they're discussed about.

  • F12 - what did we do there
  • F13 - how far we are
    • Start of release cycle
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • GA
    • Start of release cycle
  • upcoming releases
  • measurement
  • build up an press and picture archive
  • everything else

=> goal: have a big picture of a possible marketing plan we could use during Fedora cycles.

Proposed by Neville A. Cross

How to push articles/news? Fedora News Distribution Network

  • How RedHat does this?
  • What we have done?
  • How to translate/localize articles
  • How we can tap into a global network of ambassadors?


  • storytelling
  • what is open source marketing?
  • events we should go to (as Ambassadors as well)?
    • marketing conferences
    • RH Summit (Boston)
  • FI articles brainstorming
    • idea: each article should be tagged with at least one of the four Foundations.
    • Fedora-contributions-to-upstream profile(s)
    • user stories


Maybe there are questions who want to be answered... collect them.

    • RH Marketing:
      • How do you plan new marketing campains?
      • how was the workflow on the campaign on [product xyz]?
      • how works an international campaign? local departments? centralized?


  • How about something like a conference-Package, T-Shirt or basecap or some other kind of "reminder" of that event? ... maybe there are some RH Backpacks (max carring around some nice ones ;-) ) or other bags laying around in some office with some cool nice tiny black notebooks and some pens with laserpointer or so in it <- makes a nice package ?!
  • make some pictures for the picturebook (photoshooting -> theme)


depends on where we are (e.g. springbreak, bikeweek, etc.)


  • how to write press releases (see day 4)
  • overview over PR in Opensource (talk from Henrik Heigl ) - also on day 4.
  • Fedora Handbook - Rahul Sundaram
  • ideas?!
  • trifold brochure


We have a $3k budget for this FAD.


Name Coming from Budget needed Flight constraints Status
Mel Chua PIT (coming from another conference) $0 arriving Delta 4198 11:48pm, departing Delta 1591 10:45am Funded via another budget, leaving up here for reference.
Henrik Heigl Germany, Saarbrücken (SCN) $852.34 Arriving US Airways 1917 7:59pm Thursday 3/11, departing US Airways 768 3:45pm Wednesday 3/17. PURCHASED
Robyn Bergeron PHX $285.40 Arriving Southwest 621 10:35pm Friday 3/12, departing Southwest 296 3:05pm Wednesday 3/17 PURCHASED
Ryan Rix PHX $285.40 Arriving Southwest 621 10:35pm Friday 3/12, departing Southwest 296 3:05pm Wednesday 3/17 PURCHASED
Neville A. Cross MIA $199.40 Arriving AA 1004 12:40pm Friday 3/12, departing AA 1541 7:25pm Tuesday 3/16 PURCHASED
Total so far: $1622.54
Your name Your location Approximate cost of plane ticket (overestimate, pls) What's the earliest you can leave and the latest you can return? pending approval


Location TBD. Let's assume $80/night, which gets you something pretty decent in Raleigh.

Roommate 1 Roommate 2 Check-in Check-out Nights Cost ($80 x $number_of_nights)
Mel Chua Robyn Bergeron 3/12 (Fri) 3/17 (Wed) 5 $400
Ben Williams Ryan Rix 3/12 (Fri) 3/17 (Wed) 5 $400
Paul Frields Neville Cross 3/12 (Fri) 3/16 (Tue) 4 $320
Henrik Heigl David Nalley 3/11 (Thu) 3/17 (Wed) 6 $480
Name Name Date Date Nights Cost
Total so far: 20 $1600

Other expenses

Expense Cost Status
SuperShuttle for Henrik from RDU to hotel, as he's coming Thursday night. $18.00 PURCHASED (needed to go with plane, and under budget)
Gas for Paul (driving instead of flying) $50.00 APPROVED
Gas for Ben (driving instead of flying) $50.00 APPROVED
Total so far: $118.00


  • How many days do we have for work?
  • some leisure day? ideas for the fun parts...
    • Hockey game!


Here is a Place where anybody can place the media from the Event (Blogentrys, press texts, flickr Photostream, etc.). If your BlogEntry or Photo is missing here, please add it.


stub section, to be filled in


Things to do to plan the FAD