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=== 2010 ===
=== 2010 ===
* June
** 2010-06-01: [] F14 Marketing Postmortem
* May
* May
** 2010-05-25: [ F14 ticket triaging afterparty and marketing leadership transition (mchua to rbergero)]
** 2010-05-25: [ F14 ticket triaging afterparty and marketing leadership transition (mchua to rbergero)]

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Meeting details

Regular meetings for Fedora Marketing take place on in #fedora-meeting-1, every Tuesday at 20.00 UTC (4pm EST in the Daylight Saving Time summer period, 3pm EST in the Daylight Saving Time winter period).

We use IRC for our meetings. If you don't have an IRC client (yet), you can use webchat - go to and connect to #fedora-mktg as seen in the screenshot below. (Replace "your_name" with your name, FAS nick, or some other nick you'd like to be known by.)


How we run Marketing meetings

With as much involvement as possible at all times.

The motivation is to have as many simultaneous actively participating people in the meeting as possible - ideally, at all times in the meeting, everyone in the meeting should be doing something really cool (and hopefully Marketing-related) - not just waiting for their turn to speak. Think of it as a virtual version of the law of two feet.

Are YOU running a marketing meeting? Take a look at How to run a fedora marketing meeting for an example of how a meeting is run, with commands listed out.


We're trying out Trac queries for meeting topics! See the trac query for this meeting.

  • Future agenda item: web referral optimization. 10 min, every other week, starting in F14.
  • Microblogging (Twitter/
    • Establish a mail alias, or a group?
    • Who has access, and how? Document it.
    • How to transition users?
    • When to transition users? (after RH Summit)

Teleconference number

Fedora Marketing has a teleconference number available for when voice meetings are desired.

  1. Visit the Fedora talk server for details on accessing the conference via VoIP or direct dial-in
  2. The Fedora Marketing conference extension number is '2004'

Procedure for Minutes and Logging

See the instructions on how to run a Fedora Marketing meeting.

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