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Meeting details

Regular meetings for Fedora Marketing take place on in #fedora-meeting, every Tuesday

  • At 21.00 UTC in the Daylight Saving Time winter period
  • At 20.00 UTC in the Daylight Saving Time summer period

We're going to try an experiment this week (August 4, 2009) in an attempt to maximize discussion time. Instead of taking most of our meeting to go through the to-do list and get task updates, I'm going to give a one-line task update status at the start of the meeting (having checked with folks beforehand) and then we can spend all of our time discussing topics. Namely:

  • Feedback on our new roadmap/ticket "what are we doing?" system (Mel Chua)
  • Fedora Insight as a ticket tracker: a helpful concept? (Jack Aboutboul)
  • New Marketing participants: how can we engage them? (Mel Chua)
  • If you have a question you'd like to bring up, a topic you'd like to discuss, or something you'd like to do, please add it to this list.

Remember, this format is an experiment - we'll see how it works and adjust for the next meeting if we need to. The motivation is to have as many simultaneous actively participating people in the meeting as possible - ideally, at all times in the meeting, everyone in the meeting should be doing something really cool (and hopefully Marketing-related) - not just waiting for their turn to speak. Thoughts on meeting format welcome too. ;)

Teleconference number

Fedora Marketing has a teleconference number available for when voice meetings are desired.

  1. Visit the Fedora talk server for details on accessing the conference via VoIP or direct dial-in
  2. The Fedora Marketing conference extension number is '2004'

Procedure for Minutes and Logging

  • At the start of the meeting, the meeting chair (usually the Marketing chair or his/her delegate) starts zodbot (a variant of meetbot (see documentation)) by saying #startmeeting in the #fedora-meetings channel.
  • At the end of the meeting, the meeting chair stops zodbot by saying #endmeeting. zodbot will automatically generate a log and post its URL to the #fedora-meetings channel. The meeting chair or his/her delegate then edits this page to add the link to the log below.
  • Use this link to send the link to

IRC meetings archives