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* [ Developer Conference 2013] at Brno, Czech Republic
* [ Developer Conference 2013] at Brno, Czech Republic
* [[Chemnitzer_Linuxtage_2013| Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2013]] at Chemnitz, Germany
* [[Chemnitzer_Linuxtage_2013| Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2013]] at Chemnitz, Germany
* Tibetan L10n effort at Dharamsala, India -- [ Report]
==== 2012 ====
==== 2012 ====

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Fabian Affolter

Fabian Affolter

My Name is Fabian Affolter and I'm living in Berne/Switzerland. Formally I was a Red Hat Linux 7/8/9 user but since the first release of Fedora Core I changed my mind and use this wonderful "thing" on several systems. My first system was a Amiga 2000 and my first contact with Linux was Suse Linux 4.4 :-). After I graduated from school I entered the mechanical engineering sector. But during all those years I was still interested and involved in the information technology area. Today my areas of interest are computer aided design (CAD), computer algebra system (CAS), provisioning, automatic configuration management, version control systems, software packaging, and microcontrollers. In my spare time I like hiking in the Swiss mountains and to read on rainy days.

In the past several years I was engaged in the citizen wireless LAN sector and the wireless LAN communities at Berne. I wrote some articles for the German fedora wiki and some articles for it-related magazines in Switzerland about Wireless LAN.

Some other project where I'm still involved...

A long time ago I thought that it's time to give something back to the Fedora Community and so I have decided to become a more active human in this project. In June 2006 I joined the Ambassadors project to promote Fedora during events unfortunately a long time I was the first and only swiss ambassador. But now the Ambassadors Project is growing ...

more personal stuff


  • Postal address :
ask for the street
CH-3000 Bern
to import my gpg-key:
    $ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x36A4397F
  • Jabber : fab AT swissjabber DOT org
  • IRC : fabian_a (or fab_A)
  • Fedora Account : fab

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