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This is the main page for the Fedora Council 2023 Hackfest, with a focus on reviewing our next 5-year strategy, the Council charter, a Code of Conduct Committee, and also some team-building for our first face-to-face meeting in over three years.

At a glance:

  • Location: Red Hat Frankfurt office, 11th floor of MesseTurm. More information here.
  • Dates: 2023 February 6-10


The Fedora Council is our top-level community leadership and governance body. It is responsible for stewardship of the Fedora Project as a whole, and supports the health and growth of the Fedora Community. The Council is ultimately accountable for the Fedora Project as a whole, and is responsible for providing advice to and oversight of other Fedora governance bodies and teams as needed.

This hackfest is the first time the Council has met face-to-face as a group in over three years. A lot has happened since we last met. The main goal for this hackfest is to set a clear direction forward for Fedora's next 5-year strategy and align the Council on a timeline for launching the new strategy. There are also supplementary goals like formalizing a more transparent and clear structure for the Code of Conduct Committee and revisiting the Fedora Council charter. Additionally, we also want to spend time doing fun things together, because we haven't met in-person in so long and we want to connect as people, not just on Fedora.


Fedora 5-year strategy


  • Review the published material about the 5-year strategy to-date and the things we have discussed with the community.
  • Review a timeline for key next steps on getting feedback and moving toward a final strategy.
  • Determine key stakeholders who should be represented at a high-level in the community for the strategy to be successful.

Matthew can expand this section to scope the discussion, key topics to cover, and other details.

Code of Conduct Committee Structure & Add License to Code of Conduct


  • Review a proposal for a formalized structure for the Fedora Code of Conduct Committee
  1. Responsibilities of the Committee
  2. Processes for adding and removing members to the Committee
  3. Code of Conduct Committee Agreement
  • Suggest edits, changes, or request clarifications as needed
  • Ratify the proposal (Note that RH Legal did a preliminary review of this documentation. If any significant changes are made, a final review and approval will be needed.)
  • Make a publishing plan to share the new structure transparently with the community
  1. Proposed: publication as a new "Code of Conduct Committee" page under "Code of Conduct" drop down in the Fedora Council Docs
  2. Proposed: Link to this new Committee related page as needed on the main Code of Conduct page
  • Proposal to add an explicit license to the Code of Conduct. CC BY 4.0 was recommended by our Legal support in 2020, though the Council is free to discuss and decide which license would be best. Adding an explicit license to the "Attributions and License" section of the Code of Conduct is the end goal.
  • From RH Legal support, quote:
  1. "Copyright license issue: the "Attribution" section of the document lists various source material with links. Assuming it is adapted in a copyright-relevant sense from the Contributor Covenant 1.4 and the PyCon CoC: those are licensed under CC BY 4.0 and CC BY 3.0 Unported, respectively. As I read those licenses, they require the adapted material not only to provide attribution but also to mention and link to the applicable licenses. The Fedora document itself would be licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported by default under longstanding (somewhat outdated) Fedora licensing policy, but I think it might be better to explicitly put it under CC BY 4.0 like the Contributor Covenant."

Marie Nordin expanded this section to scope the discussion and the aims that she would like the Council to consider around the Code of Conduct Committee and license for the Code of Conduct. These recommendations are based on her experience managing Code of Conduct for Fedora and in her new role at Red Hat working on Code of Conduct Outreach.

Fedora Council charter updates

  • Change "FCAIC" name
  • Drop "auxiliary" designation -- just make everyone equal
  • Put DEI role back to being more than just "team rep"
  • Add executive sponsor bit to objectives
  • Minor changes -- IRC to Matrix (or more generic terminology), remove FPL obligation to do IRC hours :)
  • POSSIBLY some things for Engineering and Mindshare reps (but this is really part of another topic)

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


Travel days
Travel days are Monday and Friday. On-site participants will leave on Friday morning.
Name Remote? Tue Wed Thu Council role
Justin W. Flory No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Fedora Community Architect
Vipul No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png DEI advisor
sumantro No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png [1]Elected Rep
Akashdeep Dhar No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png [2]Objective Lead, Fedora Websites and Apps Revamp Objective
David Cantrell No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Engineering Representative and FESCo member
Ben Cotton No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Program Manager
Aleksandra Fedorova No Checkmark.png (arrive on Tuesday morning) Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Elected Rep
Matthew Miller No Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Chair, I guess, technically

Checkmark.png : available Warning.png : unavailable Questionmark.png : pending / undecided


To be determined.