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There are 5 seats open in this election. The seats open are currently held by Kevin Fenzi, Dennis Gilmore, Bill Nottingham, Brian Pepple, and David Woodhouse.

Kevin Fenzi (nirik)

  • Mission Statement: To help improve and guide Fedora in continuing to be the best Linux Distro out there.
  • Past work summary: Xfce Maintainer for fedora along with many other packages. I have been on FESCo since it was established. Very active on irc trying to improve support in places like #fedora. Many other things as well.
  • Future Plans: Try to improve communitcation between Fesco and contributors. Try and improve end user support and communication. Try and improve EPEL support and package coverage. Try to help out with the package review backlog and sponsorship backlog.

Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)

  • Goal statement: To help enable everyone to reach there personal goals in fedora
  • Past work summary: Former board member, Fesco member, EPEL Founder, Secondary arches implementer, OLPC , Infrastructure, spacewalk, general wrangler, package maintainer.
  • Future plans: Ensure that Fedora continues to reach into new markets and that is seen as the best platform for new open source development.
  • Anything else you want to add: I work really hard on those things I believe in.

Kevin Kofler (Kevin_Kofler)

  • Mission Statement: KDE as a first-class citizen! I plan to represent KDE SIG in FESCo and to ensure KDE enjoys a first-class role in Fedora.
  • Past work summary: Fedora contributor and KDE SIG member since the KDE SIG's inception in 2007, comaintainer of the core KDE packages in Fedora, maintainer of the CalcForge repository for Fedora, KDE developer (maintainer of Kompare).
  • Future plans: Continue to make KDE in Fedora great. Merge as many of the CalcForge packages as possible into Fedora itself.

Adam Miller (maxamillion)

  • Mission Statement: Want to look towards the future without a biased or premeditated agenda, want to help cater to the Fedora community at large continuing to drive innovation.
  • Past work summary: Packager, xfce SIG member, unofficial Security Spin contributor, Ambassador (Verification) and anything I can find time to contribute to.
  • Future plans: I would like to increase my contributions as well as my efforts to promote Fedora to users and potential contributors.

Bill Nottingham (notting)

  • Mission Statement: I plan to represent the Fedora community in FESCo with an eye towards maintaining the quality and standards of the Fedora distribution, including features, testing, release engineering, and so on.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 1998, developer on Red Hat Linux since 5.1, Fedora contributor since its inception, FESCo member, Fedora board member, Release engineering team member, and assorted other roles.
  • Future plans: Continue to make Fedora the best freely available distribution anywhere.

Jens Petersen (juhp)

  • Mission Statement: Promote Fedora i18n, quality and stability for users.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 2002, worked on RHL 8, 9, and all Fedora releases. Lead the Fedora I18n Project and Haskell SIG. Also involved in the Fonts SIG.
  • Future plans: For F12 I would like to do Features/YumLangpackPlugin. Help improve Fedora development process quality.

Andreas Thienemann (ixs)

  • Mission Statement: Helping to keep Fedora focused on technical excellence, while trying to keep politics at bay. Further I'd like to improve the support for non-Desktop use cases, e.g. the Server SIG.
  • Past work summary: I've been a long time Linux user and have been involved in Fedora from the beginning on. I've been mainly doing packager work in Fedora and EPEL and maintain a small set of about 60 packages. Lately I've been spending more time on QA however, specifically testing anaconda and init-related tools. Related to that, I'm contributing to Dracut, the initrd rewrite.
  • Future plans: Try to minimize the weekly "frank exchange of ideas" on devel-list by keeping policies sane. This should improving the necessary communication between developers. Another important issue to me is to keep Fedora's goals consistent and to define what and for who Fedora actually is.

Seth Vidal (skvidal)

  • Mission Statement: New old blood is good. I've been away from fesco for quite some time and I think I can help keep fesco focused.
  • Past work summary: Red Hat employee since 2007, developer on Yum, createrepo - pretty much all of the *repo* tools. Fedora Board member until F11 and early FESCo member and various and sundry other roles.
  • Future plans: Work on repository checking tools to refine what gets released to users before it gets too far to pull back.

Ian Weller (ianweller)

Christoph Wickert (cwickert)

  • Mission Statement: Improve packaging quality and enforce higher standards for better cross desktop interoperability. Try to reduce the dependency bloat to make sure Fedora does not become too fat, so it still can be used on older or smaller hardware like Netbooks or the OLPC without too much pain.
  • Past work summary: Fedora's Handyman: Long time contributor, packager, sponsor and ambassador. Currently maintaining all Xfce Goodies, the Xfce core packages (together with Kevin Fenzi), the LXDE desktop (official F-10 feature) and some other stuff. All together more than 100 packages. Did some artwork (Nodoka for XFWM4, Sugar for XFWM4 and OpenBox). Attended several events and helped organizing them. Also contributing to LXDE and OLPC upstream.
  • Future plans: Improve communication between the different bodies in the project and make decision-finding more transparent to all contributors. Take care of new contributors and support them wherever needed. Continue to promote Fedora as an ambassador and by doing one event every month and by giving more talks. Encourage cooperation with the upstream projects I'm supporting.

David Woodhouse (dwmw2)

  • Mission Statement: Work to make Fedora as good as it possibly can be. With a particular focus on portability and smaller systems such as netbooks and OLPC.
  • Past work summary: Kernel developer. RHL contributor since the mid-1990s, Fedora since it started. Red Hat employee 2000-2008, now at Intel Open Source Technology Centre.
  • Future plans: Promote the development and use of Fedora wherever possible.


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