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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Talk Speaker(s) FAS ID Slides/Materials Recording Transcript
State of Fedora 2016 Keynote mattdm Slides Video Transcript
Introducing Fedora Docker Layered Image Builds maxamillion Slides Video
Fedora with Amazon EC2 Container Service Video Transcript
Fedora Workstation Next Steps
Localization (G11N) noriko Slides Video Transcript
A year managing the Italian Fedora Community Fale Slides Video
Getting new things into Fedora dgilmore Video Transcript
Introduction to Container Security tcameron Slides Video Transcript
Towards an Atomic Workstation Video Transcript
I contributed! But, what now? bee2502 Slides Video Transcript
The state of Fedora-Infra kevin, pingou Slides Video
Living on the edge: rawhide day to day kevin Slides Video
Low Hanging Fruits Hackfest
Hacking Koji for Fun and Profit Video
Packaging Chromium for Fedora Video Transcript
State of the Fedora Server Union mjwolf, sgallagh Video
How to use personal kanban for better organization Slides Video (no audio) Transcript
Python Packaging in Fedora pviktori Slides Video Transcript
Containers in Production Video Transcript
Copr: What's new? msuchy, clime Slides Video Transcript
OpenPOWER and Open Source, How to Succeed Video
Zanata - translation platform aeng Slides Video Transcript
The Kernel Talk labbott Slides Video
Application Containers and System Services hhorak Slides Video
Fedora Magazine and what it teaches us about users pfrields Slides Video (no audio) Transcript
Electronic/Robotics with Nodejs Video Transcript
Fedora Council Update & Town Hall
Fedora SWAG eischmann Slides Video
Fedora's MirrorManager - now and the future adrian Slides Video
Ensuring ABI stability in Fedora sinnykumari , dodji Slides Video
Fedora ARM state of the Union Video Transcript
Globalization audit of Fedora Atomic Video
Thoughts on Fedora and Arts lailah Video (no audio) Transcript
Scaling containers for profit
Mailman 3 and HyperKitty Video
University Outreach – New task or new mindset? jflory7, jonatoni Slides Video Transcript
Fedora sponsors msuchy Slides Video
Software Repository Management with Pulp ipanova Slides Video

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Talk Speaker(s) FAS ID Slides/Materials Recording Transcript
Radosław Krowiak Co-owner, Akademia Programowania
Continuous Integration and the Glorious Future Video
Desktop security, keeping the keys to the castle misc Video Transcript
GNOME Software: You'll Never Guess What Happens!
Kirk, McCoy, and Spock build the future of Fedora mattdm
Fedora in the Classroom jdieter Slides Video Transcript
How to start a Fedora movement in a new country Video (no audio)
Modularity: Why, where we are, and how to get involved Transcript
Secure Automated Decryption Video Transcript
This is how we test Fedora now pschindl Slides Video
What's Fedora's alternative to vi httpd.conf? Video
Bringing Developers into the Flock bex dustymabe Slides Video Transcript
Do you ship SELinux policy for your product? lvrabec, mgrepl Slides Video
Factory 2.0 ralph Slides Transcript
Fleet Commander: large desktop deployments for F24 Video Transcript
Integrating a Modular System: How Cockpit does it Video
Don't Destroy Your Machine with Development Video (no audio) Transcript
Nulecule - Packaging multi container applications Slides Video
Docker in Production ttomecek Slides Video
IoT on Fedora Transcript
Using Fedora Atomic as workstation puiterwijk Slides Video Transcript
Diversity Panel: Building an inclusive community amsharma, marinaz, riecatnor, jonatoni, mattdm, bee2502 N/A
Living on the edge: Using rawhide day to day kevin Slides Video
Progress on Enterprise Fedora Desktop abbra, rishi Slides Video Transcript
Testing Bleeding Edge Development Kernels pcmoore Slides Video Transcript
Bugyou: Report bugs automatically from fedmsg Video
Pagure: Past, Present and Future pingou Slides Transcript
Rebases done easily with rebase-helper Video (no audio)
OS-level testing with openQA Video
Diversity - women in open source amsharma Slides Video Transcript
How we took care of spam puiterwijk Slides Video Transcript
Realtime IRC chat on Fedora Hubs sayanchowdhury, rtnpro Slides Video
State of Raspberry/Pi in Fedora Video (no audio) Transcript
Minimizing modules with Insim Video (no audio)
Redefing how we deliver Fedora Video Transcript
Testing containers using Tunir kushal Slides Video
Continuous security management via OpenSCAP Daemon Slides Video

Thursday 4 August 2016

Talk Speaker(s) FAS ID Slides/Materials Recording Transcript
Lightning Talks Transcript
Building A Fedora Containers Library
Hands on building the Fedora Kernel
Automation Workshop
Hackfest: Fedora Docs Learn and Hack bex Slides
Meet your FAmSCo! cwickert, gnokii, giannisk, mailga Transcript
Fedora Badges Workshop
One library to rule them all: unbundling workshop
OpenShift on Fedora
CommOps Workshop jflory7, bee2502 Slides Video
Infrastructure workshop
Building Modules Workshop
G11N meetup
PRD Workshop
Design Clinic
Fedora Loves Python churchyard Slides

Friday 5 August 2016

Talk Speaker(s) FAS ID Slides/Materials Recording Transcript
Ansible best practice working session misc
Bodhi Hackfest
Fedora Security Lab fab Slides
Write AppStream metadata for add-ons
Fedora Budget Workshop jzb Transcript
Fedora Hubs Meetup/Hackfest Transcript
101 - Poster & Infographic Design
Taskotron: Create automated, package-specific test
What we do for Docker image test automation
Server SIG Pow-Wow
Haskell SIG meeting
Wallpaper Hunt