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Expected installed system boot behavior

  • A working mechanism to create a user account must be clearly presented during installation and/or first boot of the installed system.
  • The system must boot to a log in screen where it is possible to log in to a working desktop using a user account created during installation or a 'first boot' utility.

Required applications

It must be possible to run the default web browser and a terminal application.

Desktop background

The default desktop background must be different from that of the two previous stable releases.


Working sound

The installed system must be able to play back sound with gstreamer-based applications.

Desktop panel

No core desktop component may crash on startup or be entirely non-functional.

Automatic mounting

Automatic mounting of removable media on insertion must work.


The installed system must be able to download and install updates with the default graphical package manager.

Update notification

The system must notify the user of available updates, but must not do so when running as a live image.

Desktop shutdown, reboot, logout

The desktop's offered mechanisms for shutting down, logging out and rebooting must work.

Required core applications

The core applications listed in the Workstation technical specification must all be present on the media and a default installed system.


Critical path translations

All critical path actions must correctly display all sufficiently complete translations available for use.

SELinux and crash notifications

There must be no SELinux denial notifications or crash notifications on boot of the Product media, during installation, or at first login after a default install.

Default application functionality

All applications that can be launched from the Overview after a default installation must start successfully and withstand a basic functionality test.

Default panel functionality

All elements of the desktop shell must function correctly in typical use.

Desktop keyring

Saving passwords to and retrieving passwords from the default keyring must work.


It must be possible to successfully print a typical document or picture on a supported printer connected via USB.


The proposed final Fedora artwork must be included and used as the background. All Fedora artwork visible in critical path actions must be consistent with the proposed final theme.


Applications using any of the GUI toolkits listed in the technical specification must all use the same theme, and that theme must be consistent in appearance across toolkits.