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Toronto, Ontario :: December 5-7, 2009 — General event owners: Paul W. Frields, Mel Chua

FUDCon Toronto is over.
For transcripts and notes from sessions, see FUDCon:Toronto_2009_Live. For blog posts and reflections from attendees, see FUDCon:Toronto_2009_Blogs.

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FUDCon Toronto 2009 - Google Map
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FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developer's Conference, an opportunity for all who contribute to or use Fedora to meet, learn, plan, and hack. This event is free and is open to everyone. To learn about what a FUDCon is like, you can view a video from the last North American FUDCon.

Event Details

FUDCon Toronto 2009 will be held at Seneca College, Seneca@York campus (map), from December 5-7, 2009 (Saturday-Monday). Saturday's activities start at 09:30 a.m. sharp. The hackfest activities on Sunday and Monday start at 10:00 a.m. sharp. For best results, arrive around 9:30-9:45 so you have time to get situated, find out where you want to go, and so on.


Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Registration is free and open to everyone.

Also, please indicate the following:

  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend, and follow the instructions at #Requesting funding (Closed). We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. We are no longer accepting funding requests
  • Put a V in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column VV. We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated!
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available.
  • If you are looking to share a room, mark an X in the "Roomshare?" column.

Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.

The Hotel Booked column values are: Y for Yes (booked); NA for Not applicable (local, or staying with friends); or blank for pending.

Badges have been printed.
Changes to the table below will not be reflected on the name badges. You are still welcome to sign up and participate -- you can create a handwritten badge at the event. FUDCon is free of cost for everyone.
# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Comments Hotel booked Extra line for badge
1 Paul W. Frields XXL Clint Savage Canadians are cute, they spell things funny. :-) Y stickster
2 Andreas Thienemann XXL Felix Kaechele Y \o/ ixs \o/
3 Tim Burke M bpeck
4 Bill Nottingham XL sure Y
5 Chris Tyler XL We spell funny, eh? NA Seneca College - ctyler - @chris_tyler
6 Peter Jones L pjones
7 Peter Robinson L sdziallas Y Fedora Mini, Moblin and Sugar
8 Dennis Gilmore XXL spot dgilmore - Fedora, SPARC and more
9 Anthony Green XL
10 Andrew Overholt V M You mean neighboUr, Paul :P NA
11 Kevin Fenzi XXL Looking unlikely that I will be able to attend in person. Will see folks on IRC!
12 Paul Wouters V M Local event for me, ask me for local information NA
13 Elliott Baron XL
14 Kent Sebastian L
15 Jonathan Deni M
16 Mel Chua S Diana Martin overholt, stickster: n7r? mchua
17 Michael Ploujnikov M I'm a meatatarian and I live close enough to drive to the event. Plouj
18 Máirín Duffy V S --- I'll be bringing a portable usability lab :) mizmo, designer
19 Ian Weller FUNDED $475 conditional on adding running a user track to plans L Bert Desmet Y Fedora Wiki Czar
20 Adam Miller FUNDED (FAMNA) XL John Rose Y
21 Steven Parrish FUNDED $240 XXL John (J5) Palmieri Everything's a go Y SMParrish - KDE SIG, Triage
22 Clint Savage $ XXL Paul W. Frields Possibly coming early and staying long to save money Herlo
23 Tom "spot" Callaway V XXL DGilmore I'm not your buddy, buddy. Y ·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>
24 Ray Acayan XL
25 Mike McGrath XL toshio I can't wait to see America Junior! Y
26 John Rose L Adam Miller inode0
27 Yaakov M. Nemoy helpful M Xavier Lamien will be nice to go back to the US for a bit, even if it's canada Y loupgaroublond
28 Jeroen van Meeuwen L Roommate: Lydia Bossers (#66)
29 Fryderyk Supinski XL
30 Roland Grunberg L I'm not your buddy, friend
31 Charley Wang S I'm not your friend, guy
32 Brian Shim S I'm not your guy, buddy
33 Jon Stanley X XL Matthew Daniels jds2001/@jds2001
34 Sebastian Dziallas FUNDED $500 L Peter Robinson Y sdziallas
sugar labs
35 Xavier Lamien X S Yaakov Nemoy Y
36 Scott Sullivan L GTALUG Point of Contact, Great to have FUDcon in my own Backyard! NA
37 Toshio Kuratomi M mmcgrath Y
38 Jon VanAlten XL
39 Dan Walsh XL Dave Malcolm
40 Ben Boeckel X L Rob Escriva mathstuf — KDE SIG
41 Matt Domsch XL Arriving YYZ 5pm Friday, Departing YYZ 5:30pm Monday. Y mdomsch, Dell
42 Dave Malcolm M Dan Walsh Y
43 Boris Chao L NA Seneca College CTY Student - BoChao
44 Luke Macken M Yes Y
45 Andrew Smith none NA
46 Deepak Bhole M NA
47 Martha Benitez L
49 Pam Chestek M Y
50 Jeff Johnston M
51 Chris Lumens L sharing w/ dcantrell Y
52 David Cantrell XL sharing w/ clumens Y dcantrell, anaconda
53 Jean-Francois Saucier L Yes
54 Matthew Daniels FUNDED $700 M John Stanley Just got to make it back for that Tuesday morning final...
55 Adam Jackson M William Jon McCann/ Christopher Aillon
56 William Jon McCann L Adam Jackson/ Christopher Aillon
57 Rex Dieter FUNDED $500 XL Luya Tshimbalanga Y rdieter - KDE SIG
58 Aaron Seigo FUNDED $150 V S UPDATE: Unable to attend
59 Pascal Calarco FUNDED $120 conditional on FWN in zikula workflow deliverable XL Staying w/family in Toronto Most interested in mizmo's UI Inkscape session, the OLPC/SoaS and mchua's teaching open source sessions; I'd like to learn how to contribute to packaging and had talked to mchua about possibly contributing to font packaging that mizmo would like help with; I plan on participating in the Fedora Insight hackfest to tweak FWN and other content there as well as the Ambassador Event activity; It would be great if I could get some money to offset car rental costs, which are estimated to be about $120; if I can't get that, $50 to help offset gas would be great; also happy to rideshare up with someone from the midwest going by northern Indiana or pick someone up in MI on the way NA
60 Kerry Taylor XXL Free as Beer!
61 Lydia Bossers S Roommate: Jeroen van Meeuwen kanarip's girlfriend
62 Rajith Attapattu M
63 Christopher Aillon XL William Jon McCann/ Adam Jackson
64 Howard Johnson XXL Y merlinthp
65 Stephen Smoogen V XL sure Happy to going to a country where they spell things correctly.
66 Seth Vidal V XL No
67 James Laska L I like chicken Y
68 L. Skoworo XL
69 Ivan Avery Frey XL
70 Jaroslav Reznik XL Brennan Ashton Y jreznik - KDE SIG
71 Justin M. Forbes XXL sharing w/ crobinso Y
72 Will Woods V S
73 Andy Lindeberg S
74 Rod MacPherson L Willing to drive for carpool from Oshawa (Sat. only). NA
75 Denise Dumas M
76 Bill Peck L tburke
77 Jarod Wilson XL jkeating They don't often let me out, so beware...
78 David Humphrey L NA humph - Seneca College - Mozilla
79 Mohammed Morsi L huff driving from syracuse ny via I90; first fudcon, looking forward to it Y Mo
80 Jesse Keating XL jwilson funding through management No I will not tag your build.
81 Bernie Innocenti Coming from boston, hotel needed V M Simon Birtwistle Looking for funding
82 Karlie Robinson xl Todd, Clay and Quin Robinson Am coming from Rochester NY - just 3 hours from Toronto and can possibly be a carpool coordinator for folks traveling through western NY. (as in crossing the border in the Niagara region) y
83 Cole Robinson M w/ jforbes Y
84 Kyle McMartin XL NA
85 Bert Desmet funded plane ticket L Ian Weller see my profile page :) Y @biertie -
86 James Bowes L NA
87 John Poelstra L Y @poelcat
88 Hugh Redelmeier S Local NA
89 John (J5) Palmieri S Steven Parrish Y
90 Brennan Ashton FUNDED $266.01 M Jaroslav Reznik I am a student that has been involved for a while, I would very much like to attend the event and meet people I have been working with. I will be getting in early Sat and leaving Mon late, I cannot afford the hotel right now. (Brennan, your hotel will be covered.)
91 Adam Williamson V M Y adamw - QA Monkey
92 Simon Birtwistle X (Flight From Europe/Hotel) M Bernie Innocenti
93 Remy DeCausemaker XXXL Chez Lmacken Y
94 Sarah Lumens M
95 Mohamed Aden V V L I am student from Seneca who is attending in a software building, packaging and testing course. So, I am highly appreciated to attend this event to meet people from whom I am sure that I will learn more about how to contribute to packaging and all sort of things related to software building, packaging and testing. NA
96 Arlene Daniel L NA
97 Adam Hilts M NA Seneca College
98 Ben Konrath V M NA
99 Curtis Taylor L Was a student at Seneca@York. Interested in tech events. Would appreciate meals NA
100 Felix Kaechele X L Andreas Thienemann Y heffer - German Ambassador
101 William Cohen L NA
102 Diana Martin X L Mel Chua NA
103 Tom Wisniewski XL NA t0mmyw
104 Benjamin Kreuter x v L Will share a hotel room
105 Andrew Ross L
106 Thomas Fitzsimmons M
107 Todd Robinson xxl Karlie Robinson Y
108 Aaron Clark XL Local Fedora User, this opportunity is too good to pass up NA Ophi - Fedora User
109 John 'Warthog9' Hawley XL Linux Foundation - Chief Administrator. NOTE: Flying into YYZ on AC756 arriving 2041 on Dec 4th. - how do we get from YYZ -> Hotel? (long distance cab would be particularly expensive right?) Leaving via VIA Rail, need guidance on how to get down there (40K from hotel)
110 Ahmad Nassri L NA
111 Alex Vlahopoulos XL Seneca College CTY Student
112 Josh Stone XL
113 Stan Cox L
114 Rob Escriva L Ben Boeckel rescrv — CHASM, RPI
115 Brandon Lozza XL eh? NA
116 Hassan Assiri XL NA
117 Luya Tshimbalanga L Rex Dieter First ever FUDCon participation. First journey in three years since Libre Graphic Meeting 2007 Y finalzone - Design Team
118 Mark Wielaard XL
119 John Selmys V L NA
120 Bob Boyczuk M NA
121 Feroz Hyder L NA
122 Peter Wierzbicki V M NA
123 Dave Lehman L X
124 Raymond Chan M NA
125 Mark Eamiguel NA
126 David Clarke NA
127 Marc Lima NA
128 Alfred Liu NA
129 Sami Wagiaalla NA
130 Austin Acton S N NA
The "130" mark
Registration for FUDCon Toronto 2009 continues below this point. However, this is where we can no longer guarantee extra freebies for everyone. You are still welcome to sign up and participate -- FUDCon is free of cost for everyone.
131 Andrew Petersen NA
132 Felipe de Oliveira S N I want a t-shirt =[ NA
133 Mike Martin XL NA
134 FrancescoCrippa XL Availabe to share Y
135 David Huff L mmorsi Y
136 Louis Daly M NA
137 Jonathan Steffan XL Y
138 jesus m. rodriguez XXL N Y
139 Othniel James L NA
140 Abdolreza Sakhapour XXL NA
141 Ashraf Mirza XXL NA
142 Peter Liu NA
143 Bello Sulaiman NA
144 Alex Venafro NA
145 Magz Bautista L NA
146 Nikita Pchelin XXL NA
147 Tiffany Antopolski M NA
148 Ryan Lortie L NA
149 David Smith L
150 Craig Easton
151 Patrick Ian XXL Welcome to my city T-Dot O-Dot NA Jerome W
152 Jordan Cwang XXL
153 Jerilyn Edginton S NA
154 Fardad Soleimanloo XL NA
155 Jason Spiro NA: not attending FUDPub no T-shirt please NA
156 Dmitry Khaliapin XL NA
157 Anatoliy Kostyuk M NA
158 Brett Vangina L NA
159 Todd Westacott L NA
160 Leon Mez L NA
161 Behdad Esfahbod S NA
162 Maxwell Groves M NA
163 René Jr Purcell M Jean-Francois Saucier NA
164 Steven Liang M NA
165 Mohak Vyas V L NA
166 Nestor CHAN M NA
167 Adam Holt XL NA
168 Houssam Haidar XXL NA
169 Leigh Honeywell S NA
170 Greg DeKoenigsberg
171 Minoo Ziaei S NA
172 Colin Walters M
173 Matthew Shalno xxl
174 Max Spevack
175 Frank Ch. Eigler L
176 Shawn Starr S Please, no snow! NA
177 Fabrice Bautista XXL NA
178 Sean Kerner L NA
179 Hugh Gamble S NA
180 Gustavo Garcia M NA
181 Sim Brigden XL NA
182 Ghazaleh Manavipour S NA
183 Yoram Rostas L NA
184 Milton Paiva Neto L Shawn: for no snow, you have to ask Chris Tyler, he is the only one who can set the flag to "nosnow" :-) NA mpaiva - Former LUX@Seneca
185 Gregory Masseau M NA
Badges have been printed!
Names added below this line will not appear on the pre-printed badges. You are still welcome to sign up and participate -- you can create a handwritten badge at the event. FUDCon is free of cost for everyone.
186 Kelly Brown XL NA
187 Anton Verevkin L NA
188 Bill Thanis L NA
189 Gordon Chillcott L NA
190 Ivan Duplantie XXL NA
191 Kyle Briggs L NA
192 Andrew Volasko M NA
193 Kris Mastoropoulos S NA
194 John Fluck S NA
# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Comments Hotel booked Extra line for badge

Requesting funding (Closed)

Requests for funding are now closed.

Bus Travel

A bus has been arranged for attendees from the Boston and Westford MA areas. In order to make sure we'll be all set at the border, passports will be required to board the bus.

Sign up sheet
If you intend to ride the bus, you need to sign up on the bus riders list!
Date Time Details
Friday, December 04, 2009 -- Boston to Toronto
04 Dec 09:00 FUDBus picks up at Boston Alewife T station. Meet in front of the Dunkin Donuts.
09:15 FUDBus departs Alewife and travels to the Red Hat office in Westford, MA to pick up more riders. Meet in the lobby.
10:00 FUDBus arrives at Red Hat.
10:15 FUDBus departs no later than this time from Red Hat for the FUDCon hotel.
22:30 FUDBus approximate arrival time at the hotel.[1]
Tuesday, December 08, 2009 -- Toronto to Boston
08 Dec 09:30 FUDBus departs the hotel in Toronto for Westford, MA. Meet in the lobby.
21:30 FUDBus approximate arrival time at Red Hat in Westford.
21:45 FUDBus departs for Boston Alewife T station.
22:30 FUDBus arrival at Boston Alewife T station.
  1. The hotel staff has been advised that a bus will be arriving late, with a substantial number of passengers to check in.

Bus Wardens

Mel Chua has agreed to act as one of the "bus wardens" for the trip, to make sure that everyone who gets on the bus in Massachusetts gets off the bus in Toronto, and vice versa. Other volunteers are welcome. The bus wardens will also ensure that the driver and passengers are kept informed of travel times, passenger needs such as stops, and other useful information.

Stephen Smoogen volunteers to be bus warden, as does Ian Weller.

Air Travel

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is served by most major carriers.

Alternately, you can fly into the Toronto City Centre Airport (downtown) from Boston, Chicago (Midway), New York (Newark), Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Thunder Bay, or St. John's via Porter Airlines. Rates are fairly good, e.g., $95 each way to/from Boston, plus taxes.

From most US locations, it is significantly cheaper to fly to Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) and then take a low-cost bus carrier such as Megabus (under $20 each way)

Border Crossing

  • Information on entering Canada including documentation requirements and restrictions on firearms and other possessions.
  • Information on entering the USA - note that US citizens now require a passport or other approved documentation to return to the USA regardless of the mode of transportation.
  • If you plan on taking a plane to the US and then riding the bus to Toronto, you may need special documentation and a transit visa. Consult the appropriate authorities in the USA and Canada well in advance of travel!


Lodging will be at the Hilton Garden Inn Vaughan. The nightly rate for a single or double occupancy room (1 king/2 queens) is CA$105 before November 13. (Note: if you did not make reservations before November 13 and would still like to receive the group room rate, please contact Paul Frields (stickster), Mel Chua (mchua), or Chris Tyler (ctyler) on #fudcon-planning on freenode -- the hotel has offered to extend the group rate for any additional registrations, but this must be done through the group sales coordinator rather than through the web site).

Breakfast buffet vouchers will be available for CA$6 each (regular price $14.95) during check-in.

Hack Room

Suite 316 at the hotel has been set aside as a hospitality suite/hack room/social space for Saturday through Monday evenings. The Hack 'n' Snack will be held here.

Ground Transportation in Toronto

The FUDCon campus location is well-served by public transit -- over 1700 vehicles a day stop at the adjacent transit loop. For more information:

  • Toronto - TTC website - MyTTC trip planner
  • Southern Ontario - GO Transit -NOTE: GO doesn't seem to have any buses or trains stopping at the York Campus on Sat.
  • York Region, North of Toronto - including the Hilton Garden Inn hotel - YRT/VIVA

For specific transit instructions between the campus, hotel, airports, and coach terminal, see FUDCon:Toronto 2009 Transportation.


Parking in the Student Services parking garage adjacent to Seneca@York is abundant but costs $14/day.

Parking at the hotel and FUDPub is free.


Campus: The Seneca@York campus has wireless networking (802.11b/g) and web authentication information will be available at registration. Wired access will also be available in some rooms (bring an ethernet cable) to reduce load on the wireless network.

Hotel: Wireless access (802.11b/g) is available in all public areas and guest rooms; wired access is also available in guest rooms. No authentication is required.

Packing List

  • Passport (if from outside Canada)
  • Laptop with 802.11b/g wireless.
    • Extension cord (and North American power adapter, if from outside NA).
    • Ethernet cable (for hotel and/or hackfest).
    • In Firefox, select "about:config" and set the value of network.dns.disableIPv6 to true to work around an IPv6-timeout-before-IPv4 problem.
  • Credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or small amount of Canadian cash. (ATMs are common, ones operated by banks generally have lower service fees).
  • Your presentation slides or anything needed for the hackfest.
  • Casual clothes for the event.
  • Warm clothes for outdoors.
    • Temperatures are currently a few degrees above the historic average, just above freezing. No significant snow yet but it could come anytime.
    • Warm coat, mits, scarf/tuque recommended, especially for Skating.
  • Optional: Skates (or rent them at Nathan Phillips Square).

If staying at the hotel:

  • Optional: swimsuit, gym clothes.

Cell Phones

If you live outside of Canada, call your cell phone service provider and add their International or Canada-specific rate plan add-on - it may save you a lot of money. For Sprint, the call rate drops from $0.59/min to $0.20/min for voice calls. Sprint drops from $0.03/KB to $0.002/KB for data. For AT&T the rate is $20/MB if you don't have a pre-paid data plan.



Tracks for Saturday
Based on the currently proposed technical sessions we have designed two tracks. While these session topics are confirmed the actual time may vary. Remember FUDCon is for you and you are free to attend the sessions of your choice. These are just our recommendations.
  • Track #1 - For those new to Fedora
    • Session #1 - How to install Fedora - Bert Desmet
    • Session #2 - How to add & remove software in Fedora - Bert Desmet
    • Session #3 - How The Fedora Project Works - Ian Weller
    • Session #4 - Everything you could want to know about LVM - Chris Tyler
    • Session #5 - Running Rawhide - Clint Savage
  • Track #2 - For those looking to contribute to the Fedora Project
    • Session #1 - Effective Bug reporting - Steven M. Parrish
    • Session #2 - Fedora QA: What we do, and how you can help - Adam Williamson
    • Session #3 - Getting Started in the Fedora Community - Yaakov Nemoy & Bert Desmet
    • Session #4 - Introduction to Packaging - Yaakov Nemoy & Rex Dieter
    • Session #5 - Designing UI Mockups in Inkscape - Máírín Duffy

General schedule

Scheduling on Saturday
Technical sessions on Saturday are 50 minutes in length followed by a ten-minute break. There is a one-hour break for lunch, and an additional 30 minutes after the last session for people to converse or blog, before the final wrap-up session.
Saturday, December 5, 2009
Time Event
0930 - 1045 Orientation, BarCamp pitches and scheduling
1100 - 1150 Sessions block 1
1200 - 1250 Lunch
1300 - 1350 Sessions block 2
1400 - 1450 Sessions block 3
1500 - 1550 Sessions block 4
1600 - 1650 Sessions block 5
1730 - 1800 The Highly Esteemed Fedora Project Leader's World-Famous State of Fedora Address!
1900 - 2300 FUDPub
Sunday, December 6, 2009
1000 - 1800 Hackfests
Evening Skating
Monday, December 7, 2009
1000 - 1800 Hackfests

Technical sessions - Saturday

Refereeing for technical sessions
Note that this FUDCon, technical sessions may be referred or decided by panel or other means. However, we do require material for all sorts of experience levels, so do not worry about competition. Simply propose something you think would be of interest to attendees.
Technical sessions
ANYONE can propose a session, including you. Just pick a topic near and dear to your heart and propose it here.

For Audience Level, indicate whether your talk is appropriate for a beginner, intermediate (current skilled contributor), or expert level.

Session Name Description Audience Level Owner
Fedora's update user experience A chat about how we can improve the update experience for Fedora users. Current Fedora Contributors; Intermediate knowledge Jon McCann & Chris Aillon
Effective Bug reporting The what and why of bug reports Beginner and up Steven M. Parrish
OLPC, Sugar, Sugar on a Stick and Fedora Oh My! How Fedora contributes and how you can help Beginner and up Steven M. Parrish & Sebastian Dziallas
How I Got Started with PyGTK SSIA, a gentle introduction to tools and making sense of toolkits. Helpful to know a little about Python, but not strictly required. Beginner Paul W. Frields
Eclipse and You An introduction to the Eclipse SDK, the CDT, Mylyn, and the Eclipse Linux Tools project Beginner and up Andrew Overholt
Designing UI Mockups in Inkscape PDF Inkscape is the ultimate UI mockup creation tool. Learn some tips, tricks, and suggested workflows to create awesome mockups in it. Beginner and up Máírín Duffy
Design Eye for Frightful UIs PDF Do you need a design eye for your frightful UI? Are you a developer or maintainer of a free & open source application and are not sure where to start in improving your application's usability or how to get design help? Learn some of the basics you can do on your own to improve your application's usability, and also learn what kind of prep work will make it easy for designers to help you before you approach them. Intermediate and up (emphasis towards devels) Máirín Duffy
Fedora Electronic Lab in Action: The Moxie Experience So Far This talk will provide an accessible introduction to rolling your own Linux-capable microprocessor from scratch using only the Free Software tools provided by Fedora and modern FPGA technology. This talk will be based on the presenter's experience with the Moxie project, and no special knowledge of electronic design will be required to enjoy (although a sense of wonder and adventure is mandatory!). Beginner and up Anthony Green
Teaching Open Source We'll have a session related to and Fedora's involvement in it, and how this can help you build capacity in your project or bring real-world learning into your classroom (or both!) Placeholder description until we figure out exactly what that is. ;) Beginner Mel Chua
Bootstrapping Puppetmanaged Puppetmanaged can be used to manage your entire IT toolchain, from provisioning with cobbler to managing puppet itself. Come learn how to deploy your entire infrastructure from a USB stick. (Pending success at work, namely, if a actually finish this in time) Intermediate - Advanced Yaakov M. Nemoy & Jeroen van Meeuwen
Puppet Common Modules Why, and how to create modules for Puppet that you can share. Advanced Jeroen van Meeuwen
Secure Virtualization Why you should be afraid of virtualization. Intermediate Dan Walsh
What is SELinux trying to tell me? This talk covers the four causes of SELinux errors. Intermediate Dan Walsh
Sandbox Introduction to the SELinux Sandbox including Sandbox -X Intermediate Dan Walsh
Silverblu Minks and Titleist Golf Balls The intersection of trademark reality and trademark law in open source All Pam Chestek
Panel Discussion: Developers and Sysadmins: How to work together Fedora Infrastructure has about an even mix of Programmers and System Administrators. Listen to their experiences on how their views conflict and how they work together despite their differences. Bring questions! beginner and up Toshio Kuratomi
Lawyering for Fedora The differences and similarities between serving as in house counsel for a traditional business enterprise and the Fedora Project All Pam Chestek
Metrics: The difference between problems and measurements Some real world problem solving from Fedora Infrastructure Intermediate Mike McGrath
Yum in F12 and F13 Changes/additions to yum in the F12 and those planned for F13. Allish Seth Vidal
System configuration tools overview and future I'd like to talk about s-c-tools, what we have, cleanup, Policy Kit porting and future of system configuration in Fedora. It could be hacksession too. Intermediate, more developers oriented Jaroslav Reznik
AMQP Messaging for Fedora Developers Right now within the Fedora infrastructure we are setting up AMQP brokers in order to provide unified messaging across all of our services. Come to find out what AMQP means for Fedora and how developers and users will benefit. This is an introduction to the concepts of the AMQP protocol and how we intend to utilize it in Fedora. It will be of interest to coders and admins alike. Intermediate and up (though a beginner might find the introduction and Fedora specific parts interesting) John (J5) Palmieri
Kernel - misc, other, bonghits... What's new in F-12, and what's projected for F-13 All users. Kyle McMartin
AutoQA - What, where, and how? An update on the AutoQA project, and a look into the future. All packagers Jesse Keating
Deltacloud - open source cloud management An intro to the world of cloud computing and the Deltacloud project, a free / open source, vendor-independent, cloud management framework/API Beginner and up Mohammed Morsi
Fedora graphics future Plans and possibilities for the graphics stack All, emphasis on admins and developers Adam Jackson
GIT for Developers how can I use GIT efficiently? Beginner-up Bert Desmet
Installing Fedora How to get started using Fedora Beginner Bert Desmet
Getting Started in the Fedora Community How to join the Fedora community - getting a FAS account, using the lists/IRC/Planet/FWN Beginner Yaakov Nemoy && Bert Desmet
How to Add and Remove Software in Fedora Using RPM, Yum, Presto, PackageKit, and the other bits that make software management on Fedora a snap Beginner Bert Desmet
Using LVM How to use LVM effectively, including snapshot backups, filesystem resizing, and disk migration Beginner Chris Tyler
Configuring Fedora Networking Basic configuration of Fedora networking in common residential and small office scenarios, including PPOE, wireless connection sharing, system-wide NM configuration. Beginner Up for grabs / You know you want to!
Intro to Packaging How to become a packager Beginner-Intermediate Yaakov Nemoy, Rex Dieter
Running Rawhide How to run the "next" release of Fedora, now. Beginner-Intermediate Clint Savage
Sound in Fedora How to effectively use sound in Fedora, including setting different levels for different apps, switching streams between devices, and using inputs. Beginner Up for grabs / You know you want to!
Mirroring Fedora for Fun and Profit! or at least to save money on bandwidth. Targeting system administrators at companies and schools, we'll discuss how to set up a Fedora mirror, get registered in MirrorManager, and watch the bits fly by. Intermediate Matt Domsch, Fedora Mirror Wrangler and MirrorManager author.
AMQP/Qpid on Fedora - The definitive guide A step by step introduction on how to set up a low latency, scalable messaging infrastructure. Topics covered includes how to get the bits, client API's, configuration, tuning & troubleshooting and how/where to get help if needed. Recommended for folks planning to attend Jesse Keating's 'Get on the BUS' and John (J5) Palmieri's 'AMQP Messaging for Fedora Developers' Intermediate and up Rajith Attapattu
Edge Programming Fedora is developed in a style that has been described as "edge programming" -- features are developed by individual projects, then combined to form a complete system. This style is being researched as a software engineering strategy for future software systems that will be developed over the next decade; the first such system is the medical records system being pushed for in the USA. The research on edge programming has implications for Fedora and similar projects. Anyone Benjamin Kreuter
Getting started with IPv6 Use Fedora services and other cool stuff over IPv6. Learn how to deploy a simple IPv6 setup for small home/office networks. Beginner-Intermediate Felix Kaechele
Being Present - a Beginners Guide to FLOSS Outreach in Education While somethings require luck and timing, nothing happens unless we make an effort to be present when people are gathering. In this presentation we'll cover techniques you can use while we discuss actual events. Answering the question... How did one seemingly random meeting result in Rochester Institute of Technology students being some of the first to receive FOSS development course work as part of their formal education? Beginner Karlie Robinson - or how we can change the world one distro & user at a time. Making more, and better, use of network resources to help with mirroring and distribution. Start with an intro & demo of, what's available w/ respect to Fedora. Moves to problems we have, what Fedora can do and a general discussion about what more we can do with this new tool. All welcome, all input good. Beginner on up John 'Warthog9' Hawley
Hacking with Fedora Community, Moksha, and TurboGears2 Learn about the new real-time collaboration platform that we've been building, how we're building it, and how you can help make it better. Advanced Luke Macken
DXR and Dehydra An introduction to the dehydra static analysis and DXR code navigation tools. Programmers from beginner on up. Chris Tyler and David Humphrey
Observe your Fedora system with SystemTap Ever wondered what your Fedora system is doing? Want to get a general overview of what your system is doing? Or dive deep into applications, java processes or the kernel without needing to stop or interrupt anything? SystemTap is the tool of choice for complex tasks that may require live analysis, programmable on-line response, and whole-system symbolic access. SystemTap can also handle simple tracing jobs. Learn how to setup SystemTap, what ready to run scripts there are, and how to tailor your probes to specific applications or kernel usage patterns. Users and Administrators William Cohen Mark Wielaard Frank Eigler
How I got the best job in the world, and how I (nearly) lost it by forgetting my tickets I was hired by Red Hat to be Mike McGrath's and Ricky Zhou's helper on Fedora Infrastructure. It is the greatest systems administrator job one could ask for.. but the learning curve can be rather hard to get. This is how to not lose your mind or your job if you get this some day in the future. System Administrators from beginner on up. Stephen Smoogen
Fedora QA: What we do, and how you can help An exciting & informative guide to getting involved with ensuring and improving the quality of Fedora. Also, free beer All levels Adam Williamson
What's the Latest with GDB There has been a lot of GDB development recently. This talk will illuminate many of the features added to GDB lately as well as collect some feedback on how things can be improved futher. All levels Sami Wagiaalla
How to extend your application to improve observability with Systemtap SystemTap can observe on multiple levels, from kernel, libraries, applications, java to database transactions. To help your users to get a better view what your package is doing you can add tapsets and static markers. Learn how to rapid prototype observability of your application through tapsets with function and statement probes (on any existing binary) and how to add high-level (zero-overhead) markers to your package sources that tell users about everything important, passes, transactions, service starting/stopping, etc. Developers and Packagers William Cohen Mark Wielaard Frank Eigler
Fedora and Amazon EC2, Where do we go from here The Amazon EC2 cloud is a great platform for users, developers, and organizations needing scalable access to server resources. Unfortunately Fedora 8 is the latest supported release available there. How do we get this current, keep it current, and why is it important? Developers and Users Justin M. Forbes
All you ever wanted to about OpenJDK .. and then some A lot of work happens between an upstream OpenJDK drop and it going to users as an rpm. This talk will focus on all of the things that the OpenJDK team does -- the testing, patching, building, etc. The talk will also focus on the team's efforts on items like Shark/Zero (non x86/x86_64 ports), JigSaw integration, SystemTap support, WebStart/Plugin, etc. All levels Deepak Bhole
Who is this anthropologist and what does she want with me? A meet and greet + discussion about anthropology, my research for Fedora, and the benefits of this research for the community, your groups, and you. All levels Diana Harrelson Martin
Integrating with Cobbler Strategies for integrating your project with Cobbler. Covering the API, language bindings, and different ways of integrating with Cobbler. Intermediate jesus m. rodriguez
State of Text Rendering If you hate your fonts, or if love them, if you don't know what Unicode is but willing to learn, if you are into typography, or internationalization, this talk is for you. Behdad is to blame for everything font, text, and Unicode related on Fedora's default desktop, and here's your chance to boo him on the stage! Come hear about FreeType, fontconfig, Pango, automatic font installation, and oh, the new HarfBuzz. I'll tailor my content for the audience. Beginner and up Behdad Efahbod
AutoQA and You A look at Fedora's new AutoQA system, including its history and design, how QA is using it to solve the Broken Rawhide problem, and how we're going to use it to keep broken packages out of the repos. We're also hoping to hear about tests you want to add, and discuss how people might add tests for their packages. Intermediate Will Woods
Package and update flow for maintainers You just became a packager, or like me, you have maintained several packages for years, but you don't do this as your day job. Things change and documentation is scattered. What systems do you need to use? What tools are there to keep track of your tags, packages, branches, updates, abi changes. What are all these different package queues and how do you keep track of these? I dont have all the answers, and still find myself lost on too many occasions. I hope this talk will attract some junior and senior packagers to try and make a "package life cycle" diagram for packagers or perhaps some additional tools to assist with Fedora's package flow New and experienced Packagers Paul Wouters
Secondary arches Go over where we are, what the road blocks are and whats still to do. This will be followed up with a hackfest to work on some of the issues. Anyone who wants to run Fedora on non intel hardware Dennis Gilmore
EPEL for RHEL 6 Somewhere over the rainbow exists RHEL6. When should we start building for it? what will we branch. will we do a mess rebuild? or ask maintainers to branch and build themselves. there is lots we can do to make sure that EPEL is ready to go when things start to show up. Any existing packager interested in EPEL Dennis Gilmore
KojiMaven A talk on what kojiMaven is how it could help Fedora what we would need to to to be able to use it. wiki page describing KojiMaven People interested in making Java on fedora easier to use Dennis Gilmore
Wiki syntax A review over the idiosyncrasies of MediaWiki syntax. AKA "MediaWiki for Non-MediaWiki People." Beginner and up Ian Weller
Replace dist-cvs with git My plan for replacing CVS and improving developer workflow along the way Developers interested in future source control plans Jesse Keating
CHASM A project to add cryptographic hashing and peer to peer networking to software archive mirroring. Developers of Python and Mirror maintainers. Ben Boeckel

Hackfests - Sunday & Monday

Where are these hackfests?
See FUDCon:Toronto 2009 Sunday schedule.
Session Name Session Leader General Plan Prerequisites, if any Where?
Zikula hackfest Mel Chua Migrate FWN to zikula. This weekend. We're going live, baby. None. Rm. 4
FUDBus HackFest Clint Savage Hack on fedora-event-splash, or other interesting things. Nothing really specific atm. Wifi on Bus from Boston to Toronto, might be to and from? Rm. ?
FUDBus Topics Toshio Kuratomi Hack some packagedb code, stabilize 0.5.x, work on Python3 Guidelines Rm. ?
Packaging Guidelines Reorganization Toshio Kuratomi The packaging guidelines are hard to navigate. We need to reorganize them so that packagers and reviewers can easily find what they're looking for. I (and any other Packaging Committee members that are present) would like to have a brainstorming session with other packagers to come up with problems. Then sit down with people from the Documentation Project to work on reorganizing the pages to address those issues. Small room and a whiteboard Rm. ?
Fedora Event Splash Clint Savage Ambassadors need some good tools to help recruit attendees at conferences, LUG activities and other useful events. F-E-S plans to be a portal to this sort of need and will provide a front end for each conference for attendees to get more information about groups to join, etc. In addition, integration into Fedora Community to help manage the new recruits, mentorees, etc. Rm. ?
Fedora Eclipse plugins Andrew Overholt & Elliott Baron Elliott has written the basis for koji and bodhi integration with Eclipse. We need to update these, write tests, verify usability, and generally polish and plan for the future. This will be a great opportunity to see how easy it is to hack on Eclipse plugins and will be an excellent alternative to the command-line for new packagers.
Rm. ?
Yum miscellaneous Seth Vidal Since it is what I'm always doing I'll probably be working on yum and the related tools(yum, yum-utils, urlgrabber, createrepo, preupgrade). Anyone is welcome to come along and ask questions on how to write their own tools using the yum/createrepo/etc apis. Since this is over 2 months away I have no idea what I'll be working on. comfort in python Rm. ?
Eclipse SystemTap script integration Charley Wang & Roland Grunberg Charley and Roland have been working on an API for adding SystemTap user-space scripts for launch via Eclipse. The API is set up to handle real-time or post-script processing on any C/C++ project in the Eclipse workspace, and we're working on easily accessible Zest integration. This is a fun opportunity to play around with Eclipse plugins and stap scripts at the same time!
eclipse-pde installed
SystemTap installed
eclipse-cdt installed
Rm. ?
No Frozen Rawhide Jesse Keating Come help us hack on the next generation development processes for Fedora. Knowledge of our current development processes Rm. ?
Get on the (Message) BUS! Jesse Keating We're going to hack on a message bus for Fedora infrastructure. Comfort in python, some knowledge of qpid/amqp Rm. ?
Get rid of CVS! Jesse Keating I'm always thinking about ways to replace CVS with something better, I welcome a discussion on this. Knowledge of dist-cvs, and hopefully some other SCM Rm. ?
Sugar Desktop Sebastian Dziallas Hacking, packaging and testing the Sugar Desktop implementation and getting it to rock for F13. Plan- & Progress-making for SoaS included. More to come. None specifically, knowing what Sugar is can't really hurt, though. Rm. ?
Fedora Mini Peter Robinson A review of where Fedora Mini is at the moment including the state of Moblin. Moving Fedora Mini forward in F-13 and beyond! Will cover what people what it to be, where they see it going ,who wants to do what. Merging with Fedora sugar/olpc as there's too much overlap not to. Supporting gnome mobile, moblin and other small device groups to help attract them. What is required to support the ARM platform as that's where the 'mini' devices are headed in some part None specifically but not to conflict with the Sugar/SOAS sessions. Rm. ?
Fedora Community / Moksha Luke Macken Hacking on new app/widget ideas, fixing bugs, teaching, etc. Python, and ideally TurboGears2 Rm. ?
Bodhi Update System Luke Macken Hacking on Bodhi v2.0, new features, fixing bugs, learning, etc. Python, and ideally TurboGears2 Rm. ?
SystemTap Static Probes Mark Wielaard Frank Eigler William Cohen Systemtap allows event tracing of programs when they have static probes inserted. This allows for tracing specifics of an application on a higher level that is meaningful to the application user so they don't have to know the exact source code details for tracing what is happening. We want to go over the packages in the SystemTap Static Probes feature list. But everybody is encouraged to bring their package and hack together to make it more observable. Having followed the Technical Session on How to extend your application to improve observability with Systemtap would be good. Rm. ?
Campus Ambassadors John Rose Integrate ideas from students and faculty about how to be an effective campus advocate as well as to develop a plan to involve the marketing team in the development of supporting materials. Students, faculty, marketing folks, others interested welcome. Rm. ?
AutoQA Depcheck Will Woods Designing and hacking on the AutoQA stuff needed to keep packages with broken deps out of the live repos. Python, knowledge of Yum/RPM depsolving, and someone who knows the Bodhi/Rawhide repo push process Rm. ?
Secondary Arches Dennis Gilmore work on syncing builds, updates, tags, between primary and secondary kojis. making it all just work. Python, Ideas and desire. Rm. ?
Koji Dennis Gilmore write a fas auth plugin for koji. work on other koji improvements Python Rm. ?
Python 3 Dave Malcolm Can we port your Python package to Python 3? Python Rm. ?
virt_web Mike McGrath Continued work on virt_web, a libvirt frontend - Python Rm. ?
CHASM Ben Boeckel and Rob Escriva Futher design and implementation of CHASM Python Rm. ?
gcc/ld-changes Charley and Roland Changes to ld that may affect you! UnderstandingDSOLinkChange. Currently in Room E. Packages that use C/C++ Rm. E
Session Name Session Leader General Plan Prerequisites, if any

Other Scheduled Meetings

Session Name Session Leader General Plan
Project Board F2F Paul Frields As many members of the Fedora Board as possible will gather face to face for discussions about the previous term's work, elections, and the road ahead for the Fedora Project.
Usability Testing Máirín Duffy Come check out our open source portable usability lab and help us out by running through a quick usability test. We'll be running tests on Fedora Community and the upcoming redesign.
FESCo F2F Jon Stanley A face to face FESCo meeting, providing opportunities for a highly focused FESCo meeting
Session Name Session Leader General Plan


Logging everything at FAD EMEA via IRC was a complete success. It enabled us to integrate people better in the conversation flow without being present. I (Yaakov Nemoy) want to do this again for FUDCon on a larger scale. If we include the streaming audio and video solution we had in Boston last winter, we can cover as many bases as possible. In order to cover as many sessions as possible, we need a few things:

  • Volunteers - Yes, You. If you're not planning on doing too many sessions, volunteer to show up with your laptop and fingers ready for typing
  • A/V Equipment - Let that inner nerd shine
  • Bandwidth - Can we make sure we can get the QoS guarantees we need to keep the a/v flowing smoothly?

The planned structure at the moment is to provide one irc channel per room. We can name them after the actual rooms, so it's easy to see the traffic based on the posted schedule. This has the added advantage of enabling people to participate in more than one session at a time.

If you are willing to volunteer, please put your name on the list below

Name Help you're willing to bring
Yaakov Nemoy Coordinating the effort and IRC logging
Mel Chua Livetranscribing sessions I'm present in; also willing to sort/clean-up wiki notes afterwards (on the FUDBus ride out).
Ian Weller Wiki cleanup on the FUDBus home sounds awesome.
Bert Desmet Livetranscribing sessions I'm present in; also willing to sort/clean-up wiki notes afterwards. + I can bring a standard webcam, and use my laptop to stream
Pascal Calarco Livetranscribing sessions I'm present in; also willing to sort/clean-up wiki notes afterwards. I also can bring a standard webcam, and use my laptop to stream
Matt Domsch Video conversion and posting. Need other people to bring video cameras.
Adam Miller IRC logging and any other tasks that I may be able to help with as they are presented.

Social Events

Saturday, December 5


Following the day of technical sessions, we'll be moving the fun to Dave and Buster's. We'll provide food, pool and snooker tables, and non-alcoholic beverages for the first 130 registrants (up to the "130 mark" in the pre-registration table). There's also a full bar available for those so inclined, and a midway full of other entertainment options!

Sunday, December 6


On Sunday 6 December after the day's hackfest sessions, we will be taking a group down to Nathan Phillips Square (in front of Toronto City Hall) where there's an outdoor skating rink. Skate rentals are available for something less than $10. We will take the TTC (bus -> subway) and it will cost $2.75 each way. Exact change or over payment is required for the TTC.

After skating, we will head to The 3 Brewers pub/restaurant which is about a 10 minute walk from Nathan Phillips Square. Everyone is responsible for covering their own costs. In case anyone is hungry before/during skaing, there are trucks adjacent to the rink which serve fries, hot dogs, burgers, etc. The trucks will only accept cash.

In order to enable travel directly downtown from campus, arrangements have been made for laptops to be securely stored at Seneca (with options for delivery to the hotel hack room Sunday night or pickup at campus Monday morning).

Monday, December 7

Hack 'n' Snack

On Monday 7 December, there will be appetizers in the hack room/hospitality suite at the hotel from 8-9 pm, courtesy of the Hilton Garden Inn. This will include a selection of bruchetta, melon and prosciutto, cheese platter, crudite platter, and finger sandwiches.