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Denis Arnaud

I first installed RedHat (version 5, in 1998) with Oracle 8, when that latter was delivered on Linux for the first time... on a small Pentium-based computer with 600MB of disk and 64MB of RAM, hence proving to my hierarchy that Linux was ready for professional use. I started to be involved in the Fedora building process by translating documents and package descriptions, and have become a packager in 2009.


Activities within Fedora

Packaging with Docker Images


  • Pristine Boost packages on EPEL:
    • Boost 1.75 on EPEL 9
    • Boost 1.66 on EPEL 8
    • Boost 1.53 on EPEL 7
    • Boost 1.41 on EPEL 6

Boost Releases in Fedora

Helper tools for Boost building on Fedora Rawhide

Modularized Boost

Projects on Copr

Bringing and maintaining a few packages to Fedora

Scientific Spin

Translations (into French)

A few quick links on Fedora packages (to ease my maintenance tasks)

  • Full list of packages waiting for a reviewer here.




Specific packaging procedures

Ongoing tasks

ZeroMQ CVE issue

CMake change - 2020-08

CMake 3.17 on EPEL 8

Upgrade of RE2

Some references, as provided by Marek Milkovic (alias metthal) and Lukas Vrabec (alias wrabcak):

A few statuses:

Rebuild of dependent packages
  • Fedora 30:
repoquery --whatrequires re2 --tree --recursive

Completed tasks


Please note that this comment was generated automatically. If you feel that this output has mistakes, please contact me via email (
Your package (rmol) Fails To Install in Fedora 33:
can't install python3-rmol:
 - nothing provides needed by python3-rmol-1.00.4-2.fc32.x86_64
If you don't react accordingly to the policy for FTBFS/FTI bugs (, your package may be orphaned in 8+ weeks.
P.S. The data was generated solely from koji buildroot, so it might be newer than the latest compose or the content on mirrors.
P.P.S. If this bug has been reported in the middle of upgrading multiple dependent packages, please consider using side tags:


The task has been given up, as neither Jon nor I have bandwidth for it.

May 2020 - Do not link with libpython3.8+

July 2019 - Python 3.8 for Fedora 31

Testing and mass rebuild of packages is happening in COPR. You can follow these instructions to test locally in mock if your package builds with Python 3.8:

Material for Reviews

Tracking of Package Requests



Require a repository for a new package
fedpkg request-repo boost1.73 1828059
Specific guidelines
Package testing
Package updating
Package renaming
Package retiring
Build Side Build Targets/Tags
Compositions / Collections
Package information pages (and database)

Hacking on Fedora/RedHat/CentOS


Virtualisation / Cloud Computing

Cloud SIG
Cloud solutions submitted to Fedora
Amazon (EC2)
Create Vagrant Images
imagefactory --debug base_image --parameter generate_icicle false tdl-ppc64le.xml --file-parameter install_script f22-rc3-base.ks


repoquery --requires --recursive --output=ascii-tree pkgname

Brainstorming Section about Packaging

Layered build scripts for package maintainers

Using Git Work-flow for Packaging

References on Status of Packages

Obligatory Einstein quote