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Fedora Council Video Meetings

The Fedora Council holds public video meetings on the second Thursday of the month at 1pm Eastern (TZ="America/New_York"). All members of the Fedora community are welcome to join in the conversation.

Upcoming meetings

Date Guest Topic
11 November none cancelled for the F35 Release Party
9 December TBD TBD

The FPgM manages scheduling the guests.

Wish list

Is there someone you'd like to see added to the schedule? Add them here!

Guest Topic Nominated by
TBD Diversity & Inclusion team
Mindshare committee Mindshare committee
TBD Ask Fedora
Matthew Miller Fedora Discussion
Brian Exelbierd What Red Hat wants from Fedora mattdm
David Kaufmann Fedora Security Team mattdm

Historical meetings

A complete playlist with the videos sorted from newest to oldest can be found here

Date Guest Topic
Feb 2020 Marie Nordin Introducing the new FCAIC
Mar 2020 Aoife Moloney Community Platform Engineering (CPE)
Apr 2020 Peter Robinson Fedora IoT
May 2020 Mark Pearson Lenovo
Jun 2020 Jan Beran, Daniel Mach, Jaroslav Mracek Modularity
Jul 2020 Rex Dieter Fedora KDE
Aug 2020 Vipul Siddharth and interns Fedora intern showcase 2020
Sep 2020 Marie Nordin et al Ambassador revamp
Oct 2020 Chris Murphy BTRFS
Nov 2020 Stephen Snow and Gregory Lee Bartholomew Fedora Magazine
Dec 2020 Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez, Efren Robledo, & Alex Callejas Fedora México update
Jan 2021 Tomáš Tomecek and Hunor Csomortáni source-git
Feb 2021 Ben Williams Respins SIG
Mar 2021 Máirín Duffy Fedora logo refresh
Apr 2021 Aurélien Bompard and User:Amoloney New account system
May 2021 Peter Boy Fedora Server revitalization
June 2021 Justin W. Flory, Victor Grau Serrat Is Fedora Linux the next Digital Public Good?
July 2021 Matthias Clasen & Allan Day GNOME 40
October 2021 Matthew Hodgson Matrix

Guidelines for presenters

The Council video meetings are an opportunity for you to showcase your work with the Council and the broader Fedora community. Although the meetings are largely conversational, it would help to have 5-10 minutes of prepared content to start with. Slides can be helpful, but aren't necessary.

You prepared content should include:

  • Who you are, and what you do in Fedora
  • What the presentation topic is, how it works, etc etc (including what sorts of roles are involved)
  • Your recent accomplishments
  • Blockers you face
  • How the Council could help you be more successful
  • Kinds of community help you could use