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Why T-shirt for contributors

In order to reward people who contributed to the release 19 (Schrödinger's Cat), ambassadors discussed about the gift for their job.

This gift is a "thank you" T-shirt.

Teams involved

Involving all the Fedora teams is required for establishing the people that can get the T-shirt. There are a lot of T-shirt available, so for most people the chance to get one is real.

Obviusly the event owner of the scheduled events should get one as well.


Team Contact Contacted by Criteria Candidates Done Notes
Board Gabriele Trombini None Robyn Bergeron

Rex Dieter

Major Hayden

Garrett Holmstrom

John Rose

Nick Bebout

Eric Christensen

Jaroslav Reznik

Peter Robinson

Michael Scherer

No answer from Bergeron, Dieter, Bebout, Scherer.

Reznik already gets one.

FESCo Gabriele Trombini None Kevin Fenzi

Bill Nottingham

Toshio Kuratomi

Marcela Mašláňová

Peter Jones

Josh Boyer

Tomáš Mráz

Miloslav Trmač

Stephen Gallagher

No answer from Nottingham.

Mráz, Trmač already get one. Mašláňová doesn't wear T-shirts.

FAmSCo Gabriele Trombini None Christoph Wickert

Jiri Eischmann

Clint Savage

Nick Bebout

Alejandro Perez

Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera

Truong Anh Tuan

No answer from Bebout, Kurera.

Wickert, Eischmann already get one.

Design Sirko Kemter/ Gabriele Trombini Best Artwork/Most Involved Máirín Duffy

Charly Kühnast

María Leandro

Sirko Kemter

Harald Hoyer

Hylke Bons

Ryan Lerch

Alexander Smirnov

Jennifer Kotler

Checkmark.png done
Documentation Pete Travis Gabriele Trombini commit for the docs in git repos and availability Pete Travis

Jarod Smith

Jaromir Hradilek

Petr Bokoc

Stephen Wadaley (stephenw)

John McDonough

Ben Cotton

Jack Reed

Jaroslav Škarvada

Important.png done
Engineering and Packaging Tom Callaway Francesco Vollero To Be Done Important.png not yet contacted
Infrastructure Kevin Fenzi Gabriele Trombini Contribution quality and quantity/Availability Ralph Bean

Patrick Uiterwijk

Matt Domsch

Will Foster

Matthew Galgoci

Shaun Johnson

Marketing Ruth Suehle Francesco Vollero To Be Done Important.png not yet contacted
Quality Kamil Páral Francesco Vollero Top contributors F19 QA statistics (wiki matrices, bugzilla, bodhi) and important external help Andre Robatino -- not interested

Robert Lightfoot


Thomas Gilliard

Vojtěch Boček

Reartes Guillermo -- no reply


Shawn Starr

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

Chris Murphy

Reindl Harald (hreindl)

Igor Gnatenko -- duplicate

T.C. Hollingsworth

Kalev Lember -- picked up in person


Piotr Drąg -- duplicate

Ankur Sinha

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson -- picked up in person

Checkmark.png done
Release Engineering Dennis Gilmore Gabriele Trombini Contribution quality and quantity Dennis Gilmore Checkmark.png done
Translation Noriko Mizumoto Gabriele Trombini Coordinator most involved Team, best Translator nominated by his coordinator and helpful people Noriko Mizumoto

Piotr Drąg

Geert Warrink

Peter Tibor Borsa

Zoltan Hoppar

Eduardo Mayorga Téllez

Claudio Rodrigo Pereyra Diaz

Roman Spirgi

Hedda Peters

Fabian Affolter

Christopher Meng

Gérard Baylard

Dominique Bribanick

Rajesh Ranjan

Yuri Chornoivan

Diego Búrigo Zacarão

Jérôme Fenal

Yaron Shahrabani

Kato Tomoyuki

Hajime Taira

Checkmark.png done
Websites Robert Mayr Gabriele Trombini Number of commits on F19 branch Robert Mayr

Kévin Raymond

Checkmark.png done
KDE Dan Vrátil Gabriele Trombini Contribution Quality and Quantity/Important Project Daniel Vrátil

Kevin Kofler

Alexey A. Kurov (nucleo)

Martin Briza

Lukas Tinkl

Jan Grulich

Than Ngo

Checkmark.png done
GNOME Jiri Eischmann Rui Matos

Milan Crha

David Tardon

Checkmark.png done
Secondary Architectures Dan Horák Gabriele Trombini To Be Done Important.png mail sent 21/06/2013 - no reply
SIGs Various Jiri Eischmann Relevant SIGs Matthew Miller/Cloud Important.png not yet contacted
Mattdm address ok
Event Owners Various Gabriele Trombini Event Listed in Events, in Release Parties & announced in ML Ambassador William Moreno/Release Party F19

Jon Archer/Barcamp Blackpool

Djelloul Bouida/Fedora 19 Release Party

David Ramsey/Akihabara "Electric City"

Nguyen Nang Thang / Release Party F19 Da Nang

Nguyen Ha Duong / Release Party F19 Hanoi

Truong Anh Tuan / Release Party F19 Can Tho

Alick Zhao / Release Party F19 Beijing

Cheng-Chia Tseng / Release Party F19 Taipei

Nilesh Vaghlea / Fedora Release 19 Release Event With NICM MCA college

Christoph Wickert / Release Party F19 Berlin

Oussama Kheireddine Nehar / Release Party F19 Hassi Bahbah

Gent Thaci / Release Party F19 Prishtina

Nikos Roussos / Release Party F19 Athens

Patrick Uiterwijk / Release Party F19 Amsterdam

Jon Archer / Release Party F19 Blackpool

Igor Gnatenko / Release Party F19 Moscow

Jiri Eischmann / Release Party F19 Brno

Miro Hrončok / Release Party F19 Prague

Hoppár Zoltán / Release Party F19 Budapest

Gianluca Sforna / Release Party F19 Perugia

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas / 2nd Hackerspace Natal Meeting

Alejandro Pérez;Luis Bazan;Abdel Martinez / Release Party

William Moreno
Neville A. Cross / Relese Party

Rubén Guerra / Release Party

Eduardo Echeverría / Release Party

Dan Mashal / Release Party F19 San Jose

Checkmark.png done
Owners in Event list today 30/07/2013 - any RP after this date depends on the number of T-Shirt left
systemd Various Jiri Eischmann Who contributed to downstream systemd in F19.

Vaclav Pavlin

Lukas Nykryn

Lennart Poettering

Harald Hoyer

Michal Sekletár

Michal Schmidt

Kay Severs

Checkmark.png Done
T-shirts given to contributors at systemd hackfest in Brno.